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How healthy are meat substitutes?

  1. Personally, I really like a nice piece of tender meat. I like meat very much, yet I know I cannot eat this every day. Too much meat is not good for you on many fronts. High cholesterol levels can cause problems with blood pressure, resistance seems to be reduced and in addition, a high-fat diet increases the risk of cancer in the colon and colon. Eating meat twice a week is perfect for me. The rest of the week I eat fish, chicken or tasty salads with nuts, for example. Anyway enough about this.

  1. For people who cannot keep their hands off meat, they have discovered something new, the so-called meat substitute. Does it taste just as good? Is there the same in it? Is it healthier than meat? These are the questions I'm going to answer in this article.

How do meat substitutes taste?

  1. I can read something on the internet that meat substitutes actually taste like meat. But before I confirm this I would like to test it myself. Last night I bought a meat substitute in the AHÂ (one of the well-known brands) and started testing it. The color, smell and shape of the meat substitute are almost indistinguishable from the real thing! I thought this was quite strange, had never tested a meat substitute.

  1. When you know that you don't eat meat, it will certainly taste different, not much but the taste certainly differs. I had also tasted a real piece of meat that night and now the difference was evident.

  1. Don't you know it's a meat substitute? Then I chances are that you too, just like the advertising man, do not know that you do not eat meat, but a meat substitute.

What's in Meat Substitutes?

  1. This is the most important part of the article. There are many different meat substitutes. Below are the most well-known basic ingredients of vegetarian sausages, burgers and cutlets:

  1. The most important part of why people eat meat substitute is because they think it's full of protein. Then it is automatically healthy, right?

  1. The basis of almost all meat substitutes is some form of SOY

  1. It does contain proteins, but it is not the standard protein. In most cases, it concerns rehydrated soy proteins. This means that water was extracted from it in an unnatural way and then added back to it. Hmm, this seems like a non-natural process.

  1. Do you only eat meat substitute because of the proteins it contains? I'm sure there are plenty of healthier alternatives! No rehydrated soy protein for me!

  1. It also contains sugars and other foods that I would not welcome. Yes, I have added sugar to meat substitute.

Is it healthier than normal meat?

  1. It may taste just like normal meat, but there are plenty of reasons why I won't take it. First of all, I don't like the rehydrated soy protein at all. There are other alternatives.

  1. For more information about soy products and their dangers, read the article below.

  1. Dangers of soy, beware

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