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Is rose hip a superfood? The pros and cons

  1. The term superfood may be familiar to you. You can read this regularly on the blog and I am a big supporter of it! Fortunately, more and more superfoods are easily available in the supermarket and more and more people are using them!

  1. But I do think that the superfood stamp is put on foods too quickly. Today I want to talk about rose hip. Is this a superfood or not? We know that it has a number of positive effects on your health, but will it also be labeled superfood?

  1. I this article we try to find out!

  1. How we are going to do this is as follows. We are actually not going to do anything else than list the pros and cons of rose hip. We try to reach a conclusion through this clear overview.

What is rose hip?

  1. Rosehip is nothing more than the fruit of a rose. This fruit comes in different colors and shapes and this depends on the rose. The fruit contains seeds that are hard and yellow in color. This fruit is found all over the world except in Australia and has been used for a long time as a basic ingredient for jam and the drink we all know called Roosvicee!

Advantages and disadvantages of rose hip

  1. Rosehip in the news Occasionally, rose hip makes the news. Below a number of news items.

  1. Conclusion I think "rosehip" (in English) could also have the term superfood. In recent years, more and more research has been conducted and more and more discoveries are made. It may not be an ancient superfood, but this may be because it has never really been investigated how it affects the human body.

  1. How to eat?

  1. I used to always have to drink Roosvicee, but I didn't always like this. Now that I've written this article, I assume it will taste a lot better. Other ways to get rose hip is through jam (sugar free of course) or you can make your own tea.

  1. Not a superfood?

  1. Do you disagree? Do you yourself believe that rose hip is not a superfood? Then leave a comment below

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