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Make vegetable chips from the oven!

  1. Time to post another recipe on the blog! This time we are not going for a sweet recipe, but for a slightly heartier snack: vegetable chips from the oven. Similar to the familiar potato chips, but a lot healthier. Well, it might take a little more effort than opening a regular bag of chips. However, we are happy to explain why it is well worth the effort!

Chips are unhealthy

  1. To start with just one reason: you simply don't want to eat regular chips. That's not even necessarily because it contains carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are not necessarily the enemy, whatever the countless low-carb blogs of the moment may have to say about it. Rather, the problem is that those chips are not just potato chips.

  1. This mainly concerns bits of potato with a lot of unhealthy frying fat, supplemented with large doses of salt and sugar. Some people still try to keep it 'healthy' by opting for light chips, but unfortunately that doesn't help much. The fats may have been replaced by more starch, but the amount of sugar and salt is still just as unhealthy.

Eat more vegetables!

  1. In short: every reason to look for a decent replacement. It is of course much better to make your own potato chips. That in any case saves a lot of vague and unnatural ingredients. However, there is a better - and often tastier - option: vegetable chips. That knife cuts both ways.

  1. First of all, it's just easier to make potato chips. That way you don't get stuck with something that 'isn't just like real chips'; it's just a tasty snack on its own. Plus, more vegetables is a great way to eat healthier for almost everyone. Vegetables are about the only food category with no drawbacks, and an incredible number of benefits.

Winter vegetables healthy

  1. In this recipe, the vegetable chips from the oven mainly use typical winter vegetables: parsnip, beetroot, carrot and sweet potato. The advantage of those vegetables is that they are firm. They therefore quickly get a nice bite when you prepare them as chips. In addition, they are of course just unbelievably healthy!

  1. Of course that does not mean that the above vegetables are the only types of vegetables that you can use to make chips! On the contrary: almost endless variation is possible. We've shared a zucchini chip recipe before on the blog. But pumpkin, for example, can also do very well.

  1. All in all, you can turn practically any vegetable into chips, as long as you can cut them into solid slices. Be careful not to cut the softer vegetables too thin! Zucchini, for example, still loses quite a bit of moisture - more than parsnips or carrots. For that reason it is wise to make the slices a little thicker.

Seasoning vegetable chips

  1. In this recipe we flavor the vegetable chips from the oven with just a pinch of sea salt. Very tasty, and the best way to approximate the taste of regular chips! However, there are many more options for seasoning the vegetable chips. You can make your own paprika chips with a good dose of paprika powder.

  1. Add a pinch of chilli or cayenne if you want to make it nice and spicy too! Another spicy option is to use curry, or go with some cumin and cayenne for a Mexican twist. Or what about Italian herbs, or rosemary and sea salt? You don't have to get bored with the same vegetables over and over again.

Vegetable chips from the oven

  1. Finally, one last point: the preparation. Deep-frying the chips is clearly not a slim way to prepare them. All that frying fat, no matter how healthy you make it, simply provides a huge mountain of calories. Not optimal if you try to limit the amount of energy you eat a little.

  1. For this reason, the oven is chosen in this recipe. However, there is another option: if you have an airfryer at home, you can use it too! It is a bit of experimenting with baking time and temperature, but it can yield very crispy chips!

Recipe vegetable chips from the oven

  1. 6-8 servings | 10 minutes + 15-25 minutes in the oven

  1. Tip: If the chips are not completely crispy after cooling or a day later, bake them for another 10-15 minutes in a warm oven at 175-200 (º). You can of course also start from one vegetable with this recipe!

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