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Men's socks - which socks match my outfit?

  1. You may not expect it, but socks are an important part of your outfit. With this you can emphasize your personality or stand out from the crowd. If an outfit with accompanying accessories are coordinated, it even increases your status. In addition, it gives more self-confidence, so that you will also act accordingly. On the other hand, it is also the case that incorrectly chosen socks can bring your image down. This is certainly not desirable from a business point of view. Socks also have other functions. This way they protect the feet and absorb moisture.

Which socks match your outfit?

  1. There are many different types of socks. They are formal or casual. You wear formal socks with a suit, to business occasions. Casual socks are "casual socks". Formal socks are thin and often have a neutral color. Although socks with a striking design are also chosen. With this you can make a statement. Casual socks are, for example, sports socks, but also ankle socks are included.

Socks under a suit, what is and what is not?

  1. It is important to wear the right socks under a suit. The socks are extra visible because the trouser legs of trousers are shorter than those of jeans. As soon as you sit down, the trousers slide up and a piece of leg appears. That is not desirable! The socks must therefore not only have the right color, but also the right length. Choose socks that reach mid-calf.

Colors and designs

  1. Socks must match the suit. That means in the color of the trousers or a shade darker. It is better to choose socks in the same shade or slightly darker because lighter socks draw the eye. So do not choose socks in the color of the shoes. With a dark blue suit you choose, for example, dark blue or black socks, with an anthracite suit these are anthracite gray or black socks. Plain socks are the safest choice.

Which socks can you wear in your spare time?

  1. In your spare time you can choose socks that you like. Of course they have to match your outfit. Are you wearing shorts? Then long socks are not so nice. In that case, you choose ankle socks or sneaker socks. These socks are short, they reach the ankles or slightly below. They are not or barely visible, but you do benefit from the advantages. Socks absorb moisture and protect your feet.

Striking socks under long pants

  1. Under long trousers you can also opt for socks in a striking color or with a nice design. With a striking design you match the base color of the sock to the color of the pants. The basic color is the color of the sock without shapes and figures. Since the socks attract attention, the rest of the outfit stays calm. Also the shoes. Only choose striking socks if the overall picture is right. Otherwise it will soon look comical.

Sinking socks, what are the causes?

  1. A source of irritation, sagging socks. But why do socks come off? Firstly, socks can sag because the cuffs become less elastic over time. It is a form of wear and tear, which occurs after frequent wearing and washing. The socks are "out" and need to be replaced. In addition, socks can sag due to:

How can you prevent sagging socks?

  1. You can prevent sagging socks by paying attention to the quality. Good quality socks last longer and they are made of better materials. They have a nice fit and are neatly finished. The socks close well around the ankles. The price does not always say everything. Cheap socks don't necessarily have to be bad. Buy socks in the right size, neither too tight nor too loose. With ankle socks you pay attention to the sturdiness of the collar. Silicone edges around the collar also keep the socks in place.

Why should you choose good quality socks?

  1. Good quality socks are more comfortable to wear and absorb moisture. They are made from soft, natural materials. Much attention has been paid to the finish. The socks do not slip and wear out less quickly. They don't look cheap either, which is why they are indispensable under a suit.

What materials are socks made of?

  1. Most socks are made of cotton, but wool is also widely used. Silk or cashmere socks are available for special occasions. Wool or cotton socks are very comfortable to wear.

The pros and cons of cotton socks

  1. Socks are often made of cotton, wool or a mix. Cotton socks absorb and insulate well, but the wearing comfort is less than wool socks. They also fade more quickly with washing. Synthetic fabrics are sometimes added to cotton. This makes the cotton stronger.

The pros and cons of wool socks

  1. Wool socks absorb more moisture than cotton socks. They insulate well. This means that the socks are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They also retain their beautiful color for longer. But wool does tend to wear out and wear out faster. That looks less neat. Sometimes wool causes skin irritations such as itching and itching. This can be somewhat prevented by opting for socks made of merino wool. Merino sheep have much more hair than regular sheep. As a result, the wool is longer, thinner and feels softer than regular wool. Sometimes wool is mixed with synthetic fabrics. Socks are also made from a mix of wool and cotton.

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