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Natural pain relief for osteoarthritis and arthritis

  1. Osteoarthritis and arthritis are unpleasant and painful conditions that can be remedied. In the first instance it is wise to fight the pain later by taking better food and unlearning some bad habits such as smoking and drinking. At the same time, you can start drinking anti-inflammatory green tea to help fight the infection yourself. Smoking and drinking are the main causes of osteoarthritis and arthritis, but eating white flour products, sugar, trans fats from margarine and nutrient-free food from cans and packages are a major contributor to these nasty rheumatic diseases. [! 164286 => 1130 = 3513!] Contents:

  1. Ice for inflammatory pain Cottage cheese wrap Essential oil wrap Black mustard Cabbage leaves Heilaarde Fight the causes Things that cause rheumatic symptoms Table nutrition against rheumatic phenomena More information

Ice for inflammatory pain

  1. An ice pack works for rheumatism. The grandmothers of our grandmothers already knew that. Cold prevents swelling and stops inflammation. However, it is only a stopgap that works temporarily. But it can relieve pain without regular painkillers with all kinds of nasty side effects. You can wrap ice cubes in a tea towel or hand towel. You can also put them in a plastic bag, so you won't get very wet. Nowadays there are all kinds of ice packs or cooling elements that you can put on a painful spot as a bag. You can put the ice on a painful area for 15 minutes twice, with a 5 minute break in between.

Cottage cheese wrap

  1. Another remedy from great-grandmother's home pharmacy is the use of a cold quark compress. In that case, it is not only the cold that helps but also some good substances from the cottage cheese. Apply the quark to a cloth and wrap it around the painful area. You let the cloth sit until it dries. Then you take the curd wrap off, put your dried pieces in the trash and the cloth can be put in the washing machine.

Essential Oil Wrap

  1. In older times it was always advised not to use a warm substance for osteoarthritis or arthritis. But nowadays people do use a hot cloth with some drops of essential oil on it. Always use natural essential oil as there are artificial, cheap and ineffective oils on the market. Ask for a natural product from your herbal or essential oil retailer. For a warm wrap of essential oil, use five drops of lavender oil, five of marjoram oil and five of rosemary oil.

Black mustard

  1. Black mustard has a stronger effect than white mustard. Black mustard is in fact related to the cabbage. Later you will see that you can also wrap parts of your body with cabbage leaves for pain. Mustard has an anti-inflammatory effect. You can mix warm water at 60 degrees with four tablespoons of black mustard and apply this to a cloth that you use as a compress. Your skin is meant to only touch the cloth, not the mustard itself, otherwise the skin will turn red. The compress is applied to the area, usually the joint, for about 15 minutes.

Cabbage leaves

  1. Cabbage leaves have an anti-inflammatory effect, just like mustard. Cabbage leaves can be used for rheumatic symptoms, but they are also good to use for bruises, wounds, scrapes, burns and wounds that are difficult to heal. Always use the largest cabbage leaves of a cabbage for a cover. If there are thick pieces on it, you can bruise them; in this way the active substances enter the skin better. You sometimes have to remove other compresses after fifteen minutes, but you can leave cabbage leaves all night. You sleep with it! To keep them in place, use a cotton cloth.


  1. Healing soil is for sale. You can even drink this earth for a healing effect. An external use of this earth, usually called healing earth, is to apply it to the skin. You make a mixture of water with the soil from the pack you bought. Use cold water. Apply it on the skin and cover with a cloth. After a while the earth has dried up; then it no longer works and you can throw it away. If you have a compost bin, you can put this soil in it or just scatter it in a garden.

Fight the causes

  1. So far you have only read external treatment methods in this article. Covers reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis and arthritis, although some covers such as cottage cheese, mustard and cabbage leaves have direct anti-inflammatory effects, it is wise to tackle the cause and fight arthrosis and arthritis through nutrition. However, the cause of arthritis and osteoarthritis is inside. It has to do with your habits and your diet. Toxins can cause rheumatic symptoms. In principle, the body will get rid of toxins, but if the liver and kidneys are overloaded, a number of toxins will accumulate in the body, for example in the joints. There, the toxins can cause inflammation that we call arthrosis or arthritis. It is therefore a good idea to keep the functioning of the kidneys and liver optimal so that you can get rid of these diseases. And once you are healed, you will be free from rheumatic symptoms for the rest of your life.

Things that cause rheumatic symptoms

  1. Smoking, tobacco smoke contains many toxic compounds that you will not notice for years because your body encapsulates the poison in fluid accumulations but at some point these accumulations become uncontrollable and the immune system can no longer fight the toxins, with especially because tobacco waste keeps accumulating until you stop smoking.

Table nutrition against rheumatic symptoms

  1. Seaweed Cinnamon Ginger Sunflower Seeds Wall Rosehip Bladderwrack Grapefruit Watercress Wheatgrass Artichokes Wild thyme Nettle Hop Dandelion Marjoram Alfalfa Fenugreek Black radish Celery

Further information

  1. There are many medicinal plants that work for osteoarthritis and arthritis. Here are a few of them. The nutrients listed in this table are supported by scientific research and are almost all included in Geert Verhelst's Large Handbook of Medicinal Plants. Rheumatic symptoms may be related to fluid retention. So read an article about diuretic fruit here so that you can get rid of fluid accumulations. It is most difficult to leave flour and white flour products standing; because there are very many of them. All kidney-stimulating medicinal plants help to remove waste products from the body. These wastes can cause rheumatic diseases; that's why kidney herbs help with arthritis and arthrosis.

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