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Painful canker sores and the healing influence of blueberries

  1. Many people know that blueberries are extremely healthy and can have a healing effect on the body. However, its influence on the painful mouth ulcers is still not widespread. However, the blueberry contains substances that ensure that over time no more canker sores can develop in the mouth. However, most doctors do not have an answer to the question of how to prevent canker sores. Canker sores are the small, white inflamed spots in the mouth. They often develop on the soft flesh of the inner cheek, gum or tongue. Once you are susceptible to it, you will get an inflammation of it after each wound (due to a bite on the tongue or cheek, or damage to the gums) in the mouth.

The cause of painful canker sores

  1. If you pay close attention, you will notice that canker sores often arise from eating fruit, such as apples, with their skin, even if they have been washed so well. By accidentally biting the tongue or cheek while eating, which can cause a small wound, after a day or two the onset of a “blister” or “aft” can occur. This means that there are bacteria somewhere in the mouth or in the blood, which can regularly cause inflammation in the mouth if damaged.

Damage via a wound

  1. Via damage to the gums or other small cuts in the soft flesh of the cheeks or tongue, these bacteria can enter and cause inflammation. A painful bite to the cheek, tongue or lip can already cause damage. The skin of apples and other fruit is often washed, but it does not always remove the impurities or the tiny particles of the agricultural poison.

Painful mouth ulcers on the edge of the tongue affect talking and eating

  1. Some canker sores can become quite large. The most painful are canker sores that appear in the back of the mouth on the side of the tongue, making eating and talking almost impossible. In that case, some people only eat some yogurt, porridge and pudding, but leave all harder foods that require chewing. Salty foods also bite into the wounds and for example eating savory snacks will often also be a problem.

The treatment of canker sores by doctors

  1. Canker sores are often treated in health care by dotting them with tincture or by covering them with a “film”, which makes them less painful when eating and drinking. Dokter Vogel's resistance-increasing agent “echinaforce” can also be used to touch canker sores, which bite terribly, but after which the inflammation disappears a little faster. However, none of these remedies almost alleviate the pain.

Only the phenomenon is treated

  1. Treating canker sores also does not mean that new canker sores will no longer develop. In this way one only deals with the phenomenon, but not the cause. Apparently, medical science knows too little about canker sores to know how to prevent them. Yet it is not that difficult.

Eating blueberries daily as a remedy for canker sores

  1. Everyone knows by now that the blueberry is one of the healthiest foods, but the anti-inflammatory influence of these nutrients on canker sores is nowhere to be found. Still it works. Anyone who eats a portion of blueberries every day, and does not forget that a single day, will eventually only occasionally lose weight. Not only that, but often the body's general resistance also improves.

Do not expect any short-term improvement

  1. The only disadvantage is that it takes a while before you benefit from it and the canker sores stay away. This applies to most natural products. it may take up to six months before you notice that you get fewer canker sores than before.

Blueberries are scarce in winter

  1. In late autumn, winter and early spring, blueberries are often only available in specialist shops and also very expensive. There are two options for continuing to use blueberries. Wholesale blueberries are usually available in a frozen state all year round. They are not cheap there either, but they are less expensive than in the specialty stores and supermarkets.

Blueberry jam

  1. It is also possible to eat a sandwich with blueberry jam every morning. That is tasty and nutritious at the same time. Those jars of blueberry jam are also available in the shop all year round.

Canker sores can come back with reduced resistance

  1. You may notice that after an illness or an operation you get canker sores a bit more quickly, but you can do something about it by eating the blueberries every day. After all, together with the daily use of echinaforce and by eating varied food, the resistance can quickly be brought back to a better level. Even then, however, it will take time.

Sores on the outside of the lips and around the mouth

  1. The development of sores on and around the lips (a form of Herpes) can also be cured by eating blueberries daily or by blueberry jam and subsequently prevented. It takes some time and some discipline to eat blueberries or their jam every day, but after a few months you really notice a difference.

Rash with red bumps and purulent vesicles

  1. Certain rashes can also be remedied by eating blueberries. If you have a skin rash that keeps reappearing after a few weeks and that you cannot get the hang of, take it to the doctor first. However, rashes are often a difficult problem for him too and not easy to diagnose. Often you will receive ointments one after the other that will not help and will only make the skin thinner and more fragile. Do not continue with this for too long, but have yourself referred to a dermatologist on time.

Start with the healing blueberries yourself

  1. If your doctor doesn't know what the problem is and if he / she doesn't think the problem is bad enough to refer you to a dermatologist, try a course of blueberries. Even if you don't get good results from a dermatologist. Eating blueberries daily is better than waiting for another outbreak of the problem, and it often helps. It is healthier than the use of bacteria-killing tablets, for example, which disrupts the entire household of the intestines.

Bacteria-killing drugs are usually not the solution

  1. General practitioners sometimes give bacteria-killing medicines for a strange but annoying result, which they cannot identify properly. This kills all bacteria in the intestine. Not only the bad, but also the good bacteria, which are needed to process the food. As you can imagine, this will only cause further problems. It takes a long time for the intestines to recover from it, while the problem of the rash is usually still there.

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