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Raw foodism, eating uncooked food

  1. There has been a new trend in the field of conscious eating for a few years now; raw food. Literally translated, this means raw food or raw vegetables. Eating raw vegetables is not really new; Since the 1950s, several health experts have advised that eating ground vegetables is more effective for the body. Cooking causes the vegetable to lose nutrients.

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  1. Diet Vegetarian Animal proteins cause cancer Natural sweeteners Nut flour Medicinal foods Not warmer than 40 degrees smoothie Healing vegetable juices


  1. Raw food is creative food that tastes very tasty and pure. Vegetable juices, fruit juices, tasty sweet snacks and all kinds of healthy snacks are an important part of raw food. Incidentally, you can also partially include the raw food diet in your daily diet. It ensures that you do not get fat and that you get more enzymes, minerals and vitamins from all foods


  1. Raw food is vegetarian food. Raw foodists point out that there is a link between eating meat and cancer. All kinds of heart problems are most likely caused by eating meat. There are clear scientific indications for this. It is no secret that a healthy diet is good for the body and prevents diseases. Yet many people prefer to eat meat, chips and mayonnaise

Animal proteins cause cancer

  1. There are indications from scientific studies that animal proteins in particular contribute to the growth of cancer cells, as well as to many other common diseases in the Western world. Cancer is rare in areas where more vegetables are eaten; it is a real disease of prosperity. The people in the developing world who get cancer almost without exception belong to the wealthy class that has adopted a Western lifestyle. The China studies are described by Thomas Campbell and are the largest lifestyle study in the world. A clear and consistent link emerged showing that eating a plant-based diet reduces cancer prevention. In the Netherlands, Dr Moerman was a raw foodist avant-la-lettre. He only ate slices of apple and orange on bread

Natural sweeteners

  1. To make something sweeter, rawfoodists do not use refined sugar. Dried dates are naturally sweet; these can also be used to sweeten food. Raisins are sweet, as are all kinds of natural syrups such as maple syrup. Honey is a well-known sweetener, but it is not all vegetable! After all, many bees are put to work to make honey. Stevia

Nut flour

  1. To make raw food cakes or sweet snacks, nuts are ground into flour. The nuts are supplemented with date syrup, honey or thick juice or concentrated fruit syrup. Coconut is also a known sweetener. Coconut and nuts contain a lot of proteins and fats, but the good kind of fats that do not make you fat. Eating nuts actually lowers cholesterol. This is in contrast to eating animal fats or eating trans fats that are used in industry to prepare or fry products; that makes you fat. Other healthy protein-rich nuts include: sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pecans, walnuts and almonds

Medicinal foods

  1. A salad of grated raw carrots is extra good for the liver and kidneys, much better than boiled carrots. Because the liver and kidneys are stimulated, the body expels waste products faster. This increases general health and the waste products, for example, enter the skin cells to a lesser extent, so that the risk of eczema

Not warmer than 40 degrees

  1. Generally, coal grinding


  1. An example of raw food is the smoothie. There are thousands of smoothies with fruits and vegetables. The natural flavor of food is used to make a beautiful combination of ingredients. A smoothie is made in an instant. A number of fruits are put in the blender and combined with raisins and a few kinds of nuts. It is also possible to make a smoothie with spinach leaves, endive, broccoli

Healing vegetable juices

  1. It is important to eat a varied diet. Then the immune system becomes stronger and you get sick less quickly. But if you have a disease, you can emphasize certain ingredients. For example, those who have eczema can use extra grapes, sesame seeds and carrots in their food; this prevents eczema and other allergies because the liver removes waste products from the body more efficiently. Said nutrients stimulate the functioning of the liver. Liver problems can also be counteracted by eating extra chicory and beets. Cancer can be prevented by eating extra parsley, endive, kale and apple. Raw food is the ultimate prevention medicine and it tastes good as a vegetable juice.

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