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Red pepper, tasty and healthy

  1. The chili or red pepper is actually a collective name for the elongated chili peppers. It is almost impossible to imagine the kitchen without them, and yet people are also reluctant to do so. Be cautious because the red pepper may take away the flavor in the dish, precisely because this pepper is so hot. This is not necessary, because you can process the red pepper in a dose in a dish and, moreover: the chili or red pepper is very healthy.

Origin of chili or red pepper

  1. The origin of the red pepper is Central America. It is the Spaniards, Portuguese and Dutch who have ensured that we can now find the peppers all over the world. This pepper comes from the genus Capsicum from the nightshade family (Solanacaea). The tomato also belongs to this group. The peppers are grown in all kinds of colors, including the sweet Dutch red, green, yellow or white pepper.

Body response to red pepper

  1. Provided the pepper is very healthy, it can also be addictive in a way. If you are used to eating chilies, something without it can soon be too bland. The capsaicin * stimulates the heat senses in the mouth, giving you the idea that it is hot. The body's response is for the brain to secrete endorphins, after all, it looks like a "burn" in your mouth. You then get a pleasant and comfortable feeling.

Health aspects of red pepper

  1. Antioxidant action In addition to vitamin C, the red pepper also contains vitamins A, B 1, B2, B3 and B6. Furthermore, the red pepper also contains beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, zeaxanthin, lutein and cryptoxanthins. They have a strong antioxidant effect. The minerals contained in the red pepper are: manganese, iron, potassium and magnesium.


  1. The red pepper has a lot of vitamin C. Even more than in the orange. The vitamins ensure that a cold or sinus inflammation can stop fairly suddenly. In fact, eating the red pepper regularly can largely keep colds at bay.

Heart and blood vessels

  1. The vitamins A and C present and the bioflavonoids keep the blood vessels elastic, as it were. Cholesterola deposits on the blood vessel walls can thus be prevented. So no arteriosclerosis. Furthermore, the red pepper is good for the heart in connection with TAG (Triacylglycerol). This plays an important role for the metabolism.

Diabetes type 2

  1. If you eat peppers on a regular basis, your body needs less insulin after meals to lower blood sugar.

Disadvantages of red pepper

  1. Although there are many good substances in the pepper, it is not good to overeat them. Your body itself indicates how much it can tolerate and therefore does not argue. Eating too many peppers can cause stomach problems. If you think you've taken too much, try to neutralize it by eating some yogurt.

Red pepper slightly softened in the dish

  1. Omelet / pancake Most people eat red pepper because of the hot flavor that comes out when it is processed through a dish, but it can also be a bit milder. For example, if you take out the seeds and, for example, cut the pepper crosswise and use it in an omelette or savory pancake.


  1. A few rings of red pepper (with or without seeds) in a soup, immediately gives the soup more body. You don't have to use much of it to get that great taste. It is an excellent seasoning for vegetable or chicken soup, for example. If you are making a dish for several people and if the recipe refers to the number of people the meal is for, halve the amount if desired. You get the spice of the pepper, but not that - for some people - excess.

Red pepper facts

  1. The well-known pepper spray, which is sprayed in the eyes of an opponent, is made from very spicy peppers. In China you get peppers as a car driver. According to the government, it is a good way to stay awake. In the colonial era, reluctant servants were smeared on the genitals with pepper. Green chillies are unripe red chillies.


  1. The red pepper is very healthy and tasty, use the pepper as you like it and it is manageable for you. If you are easily afraid of too much, halve the amount of the recipe. Don't let the pepper rule your food, but enjoy it.

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