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Rice: a healthy choice?

  1. The Dutch are of course real potato and bread eaters. Yet rice is also regularly on the menu. How do you make a choice between all those different types of rice and what is actually healthy?

  1. Rice is a grass species and, like all other grains, belongs to the grass family. Its Latin name is Oryza Sativa. Rice is rich in healthy nutrients such as fiber. Especially brown rice. In addition, rice is a source of multiple carbohydrates and rice contains proteins, B vitamins and minerals such as potassium and phosphorus. Because rice contains almost no sugar, fat or salt, it fits perfectly in a healthy diet. Worldwide, people eat 235 grams of rice per person per day, but in the Netherlands that is only 11 grams. We mainly eat long grain rice (indica). This mainly comes from the United States and sometimes from former European colonies such as Suriname.

Brown rice

  1. The brown rice around the rice gives the brown rice a nice full flavor. It is a source of fiber and is therefore the whole grain and therefore healthy variant of rice. One serving of brown rice contains 18 percent of the daily recommended fiber intake.

White rice

  1. If you remove brown rice from the fiber-rich husk, you are left with white rice. White rice is often processed further. To yellow rice or dessert rice, for example.

Pandan rice

  1. Pandan is from Thailand. The long grain rice has the nutty scent of the pandan palm and has a smooth, full flavor. This taste is created by the fact that young rice is soaked in an infusion of pandan leaves.

Basmati rice

  1. Basmati rice is grown in India. It is a long grain rice with a full, refined taste. Basmati means â € the fragrantâ € ™.

Yellow rice

  1. A white rice that has been colored with turmeric, also known as turmeric or turmeric, is called yellow rice. The turmeric gives the yellow rice a slightly bitter, peppery taste.

Dessert rice

  1. In general, dessert rice is made from broken white rice. The broken grain absorbs a lot of moisture quickly and has a shorter cooking time. Round-grain sticky rice is sometimes also used for dessert rice. This grain of rice also becomes soft and sticky after cooking: it absorbs a lot of moisture. Dessert rice is also called pudding or porridge rice.

Risotto rice

  1. In the Netherlands we also eat rice with a short grain: the japonico, better known as risotto rice. In Europe, this rice is grown in Italy, Spain and Greece. This round grain rice absorbs a lot of moisture during cooking. That makes it soft and creamy.


  1. Store rice in a cool, dark and dry place. Then it can be kept for a year. It is best to store opened packages of rice in closed storage containers. Light and oxygen make brown rice especially rancid quickly.

Inspiration for the kitchen

  1. Oriental rice salad Pilaf with salmon and broccoli Rice with broccoli, tomato and minced meat

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