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Ringing in the ears from ear infection: What can I do about it?

  1. The answer to this is YES. An inflammation of the ear can certainly cause the annoying ringing in the ears / head. Actually, this is an answer that is too simple and of course it requires an explanation.

  1. Not every ear infection results in ringing in the ears, a number of factors depend on this.

  1. First of all, the nature of the inflammation, the duration of the inflammation and also age play a major role in the development of tinnitus. In addition, an ear infection should of course never be underestimated, unless there are certainly complications in addition to ringing in the ears.

  1. Read in this (short) article all about the different types of ear infections and why this can cause ringing in the ears / tinnitus.

What is damaged by an ear infection?

  1. Let's start with the basics and explain what exactly an ear infection is. Where exactly does it hurt, and which part of the ear is damaged? The nasal cavity and the area behind the eardrum are connected to each other by the Eustachian tube. The picture below gives you a clear idea of ​​this.

  1. Something as simple as a cold can cause an ear infection. The Eustachian tube is intended to remove moisture, a cold will clog it. Because the air can no longer be discharged, potentially harmful bacteria get stuck in the middle ear.

  1. These will settle here and cause increased pressure on the eardrum. When the pressure is too high, it can start to hurt. This often disappears after a few days. However, if the complaints persist, it is important to go to the doctor immediately. The bacteria that are harmful (eg pneumococci / streptococci) can also cause a sinus infection!

  1. Not only can cause an ear infection of ringing in the ears, a cold can also indirectly provoke ringing in the ears.

  1. With an ear infection you can start to suffer from typical symptoms of ringing in the ears. Often the symptoms disappear together with the ear infection, but if the inflammation persists for too long you can continue to suffer from ringing in the ears.

  1. Often it is the elderly elderly people who have previously had a lot of ear infections that develop ringing in the ears. Due to permanent damage to the ear, eardrum and middle ear, you can continue to suffer from complaints in the long term. Often it is a combination of factors the “culprit”. In addition, previous inflammation may have been a factor in why you now suffer from tinnitus.

  1. Preventive treatment is difficult for an ear infection. This is because several factors can play a role. If you suffer from an ear infection, it is wise to treat the pain and inflammation as soon as possible. Drinking lots of water, reducing stress and taking painkillers can help.

  1. Read more: "Ringing in the ears and stress"

  1. If it is not over after a few days (3 days), please contact your doctor. He can prescribe antibiotics or possibly referral to the hospital.

  2. If it is not over after a few days (3 days), please contact your doctor. He can prescribe antibiotics or possibly a referral to the hospital.

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