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The healing power of chickpea powder

  1. Chickpea flour is a healthy product. There are many proteins in it, which makes it ideal for people who want to build muscle. In addition, chickpea flour also has medicinal properties. The body is better able to regulate blood sugar when you eat chickpea flour. This is already noticeable after one serving. Those are some interesting facts about this flour, a very healthy product that will be in your cupboard for the first time, after reading about all its culinary and healthy properties.


  1. General information chickpea flour Naming Chickpea powder contains proteins Chickpea powder is gluten free Chickpea powder and blood sugar Similarities with pea flour Make chickpea powder yourself Chickpea flour as a milk powder substitute Some other facts Good for the intestines Eating and drinking tips chickpea flour

General information chickpea flour

  1. Chickpea powder or chickpea flour is not a new product. It has a long tradition in Arab culinary history. That makes it all the more strange that its health effects have barely been studied. Yet something is known. Chickpea flour appears to be just as healthy as pea flour; the first studies indicate that.


  1. In science we use Latin names. The Latin name of the chickpea plant is Cicer arietinum. In English you will find this type of flour under the name gram flour, garbanzo flour, besan or chickpea flour.

Chickpea powder contains proteins

  1. Chickpea flour is rich in proteins. If you want extra protein in a tasty and healthy way, you can think of pancakes with chickpea powder as flour. Proteins are the building blocks of the muscles. When you go to the gym, it is important to eat extra protein. Then the muscles build up better. Chickpea flour is a harmless and natural way to get your protein. Pea flour and nuts are also suitable for a protein-rich vegetable diet.

Chickpea powder is gluten free

  1. Chickpea flour is a gluten-free flour. You can mix it with other flours to make a nice bread. You can even use only chickpea flour. It fits into a diet for people with celiac disease. Incidentally, German researchers say that bread containing chickpea flour has a different structure and moisture.

Chickpea powder and blood sugar

  1. Australian researchers saw in 2005 that chickpea flour has a blood sugar leveling effect. In the study, the participants were not ill. A group of 12 participants was given regular bread and another group was given bread with chickpea flour. It turned out that the latter group showed fewer spikes in blood sugar. The researchers hope that more scientists will investigate this phenomenon so that more definitive conclusions can be drawn from the findings.

Similarities with pea flour

  1. In 2015, little research has been done into chickpea powder and its health effects on humans. Much research has been done into the effects on pea powder. The studies that have been done show, just as with pea powder, that it is good against diabetes mellitus and as a whey substitute for protein. It also applies to both products that it is good for the intestines.

Make your own chickpea powder

  1. Chickpea powder you can make yourself. It's not difficult. You can make it in an electric coffee grinder. It takes a while. That is why you can simply grind it in a kitchen mixer and leave it on for a long time. If it is a powder you can turn off the mixer. You can collect the powder in a drum or jar.

Chickpea flour as milk powder substitute

  1. Mexican research from 1987 shows that you can make an excellent milk that is lactose-free with chickpea flour. The researchers just thought that it should be made with an extra amino acid; methionine. Then the chickpea milk would work well in malnourished children with lactose intolerance. You can easily make chickpea milk yourself by boiling the flour with water and letting it cool again. Realize that it is never good to use something daily, for months on end. Alternation with rice milk, almond milk or oatmeal milk is recommended if you want to make your own vegan milk.

Some other facts

  1. Polish research from 2015 reports that when chickpea flour is added to baked goods, less acrylamide will be produced. Chickpea flour is so healthy that in 2005 researchers recommended using it as a supplement in Third World countries where there is malnutrition.

Good for the intestines

  1. Australian research from 2007 reports that chickpea flour activates intestinal peristalsis, just like pea flour. The researchers think that the high fiber content of chickpeas is related to the improved intestinal peristalsis. Some participants also report that their feeling of satiety lasted longer if they ate bread with chickpea flour. These two facts together mean that chickpea flour is good for the gut. It can be recommended in people with constipation. Sometimes obesity is related to constipation; chickpea flour or pea flour is extra recommended for them.

Eating and drinking tips chickpea flour

  1. Chickpea flour has been used in Arab cuisine for centuries. You can do anything with it. You can basically use it as a substitute for flour. It's just a lot healthier than flour. Try making sauces, gravies and pancakes with this flour. You can also use it for sweet pastries. It is also a flour that you can use to make soups thicker. Below are many more chickpea flour tips.

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