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The healing power of fresh dates

  1. Fresh dates are even healthier than dried dates. Moreover, they taste a little less sweet because dried dates are almost too sweet. Fresh dates can help people who have diabetes, cancer or obesity. Fresh dates are also very good for pregnant women; it helps facilitate childbirth. In addition to fresh dates, the leaves and seeds of the date palm are also healthy and used for medicinal purposes.


  1. General information Date naming History of use of dates Date seeds Date as medicine Low glycemic index Nutritional value of dates Dates for type 2 diabetes mellitus Anti-inflammatory effect Good for giving birth to a child Antibacterial effect

General information

  1. There are more than 200 varieties of dates. The date is an important part of the daily menu of Arabs. Dates are part of the staple diet in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the entire Middle East. It is a widely sold food crop to millions of people around the world. In the Netherlands we know the dried date better than the fresh date; it is available all year round. The fresh dates are only available in the good season. It has a beautiful yellow ocher color and is predominantly round in shape. Fresh dates are a lot healthier than dried dates.

Date naming

  1. In Latin, the date palm is called Phoenix dactylifera. The last part of this name comes from a compound of the Greek words daktylos, meaning date, and fero, meaning to bring forth. The phoenix is ​​a mythological bird that lived in the Arabian desert for 600 years to die at one point and then rise from its own ashes. If you squint at a date palm at a distance, you can recognize a bird shape; its wide feathery leaves resemble the wings of a bird.

History of date use

  1. Dates have been cultivated since at least 7000 BC. The oldest evidence of dates cultivation is found in Mehrgarh in Pakistan. Dates were already eaten in Mesopotamia. In ancient Egypt, women use the pollen from date palms to become more fertile. Related to this is that the date is an Egyptian hieroglyph and it means "month." The date is an important fruit in Islam. During Ramadan, the fast is often broken by eating dates. For the Jews, the date is one of the seven sacred fruits.

Date seeds

  1. The date seeds offer healing power, just like the fruit. Nearly 12 million date palms were counted in Egypt in 2006. A by-product of the date, the seeds, is commercially interesting to use. Since date seeds are not sold without a scientific background that can prove that they are medicinal, date seeds have been thoroughly researched. In Egypt more and more often a coffee substitute is consumed based on the powder of date seeds. Scientific studies have shown that date seeds have liver-protective and kidney-protective effects. They also support digestion. In addition, date seeds have anti-cancer properties. The healing power of date seeds has been amply discussed in an Egyptian meta-study from 2012. A meta-study is an overview study based on several dozen other studies.

Date as medicine

  1. Fresh dates are a rich source of antioxidants and cancer-fighting agents. Fresh dates are healthier than dried dates. Fresh dates contain substances that are powerful free radical scavengers, according to a study conducted at the University of Kuwait in 2002. Another study from Saudi Arabia, a meta-study published in March 2014, says about dates as an antioxidant, anti-cancer agent, anti-diabetic drug and anti-inflammatory agent. The antioxidant effect also helps prevent diseases. Antioxidants trap free radicals that cause inflammation at the cellular level or low-grade inflammation that can lead to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Low glycemic index

  1. Dates contain a lot of sugar, but it still has a low value, measured on the glycemic Index. It used to be thought that dates were roughly equivalent to sweets and were just as bad. Dates are said to cause diabetes. Based on the latest insights into the nutritional value of fresh dates, this fact is easy to deny; Dates are a medicinal form of food, according to one of the findings of an American study from 2012. Dates are an excellent sugar substitute in, for example, a porridge. In addition, fresh dates can make an important contribution to overall human health.

Nutritional value of dates

  1. Researchers from the US showed in 2006 that dates contain thirteen flavonoid glycosides of quercetin, apigenin and luteolin. There are also many procyanidins in dates. These substances are strong antioxidants or free radical scavengers. The date also contains p-coumarid acid, ferulic acid, sinapid acids and flavonoids. Date fruit also contains carbohydrates, minerals, dietary fiber, vitamins, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, polyphenols, carotenoids, steroids, saponins and amino acids.

Dates against diabetes mellitus type 2

  1. Date fruits and extracts of dates can counteract diabetes, according to several studies. It is not yet known exactly what dates work, but there is a good chance that dates will stimulate the pancreas to release more insulin. Insulin ensures that the blood sugar level does not show too many peaks and troughs. In addition, there is fiber in dates. Fiber retains the sugar in dates for longer during digestion, so that the sugars reach the blood more evenly. This ensures a more even course of the blood sugar level. The chance of getting all kinds of complications from type 2 diabetes mellitus, including diabetic retinopathy, can be reduced with dates. In addition, the antioxidant effect of the date can prevent the worsening of diabetes. Research also shows that the body weight of obese diabetics can be reduced by eating dates.

Anti-inflammatory effect

  1. Dates can stimulate the growth of cytokines, a substance important for the immune system. In this way dates have an anti-inflammatory effect in humans. Inflammation at the cellular level can lead to diseases such as diabetes, cancer and obesity. Furthermore, a study has shown that dates can help with swelling of the feet, which is also caused by inflammation. .

Good for giving birth to a child

  1. Research shows that dates make giving birth to a woman easier and less painful. Giving birth to a child can be a painful affair. When women regularly eat dates four weeks before giving birth, bringing a child into the world goes a lot more smoothly, according to Jordanian research conducted in 2011.

Antibacterial effect

  1. The leaves and pittem of the date palm have a striking antibacterial effect. They can combat a range of pathogenic bacteria such as E. fecalis, F. oxysporum, Fusarium sp., F. solani, A. alternata, Alternaria sp and K. pneumonia and E. coli. The seeds of dates are especially good at counteracting the negative side effects of methylprednisolone.

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