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The healing power of green banana

  1. Green bananas have healing power that yellow bananas do not. Green bananas are not really tasty, but you can eat them. In this case, green banana means: the unripe yellow banana that is normally consumed as a snack fruit. An unripe banana can taste quite dry. Green bananas have medicinal value for people with type 2 diabetes mellitus. They also have medicinal properties for stomach ulcers. These are scientifically established activities.


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  1. Why do we use Latin in science? A short answer is: so that we know for sure which plant it is. One of the bananas we are talking about is Musa sapientum. There are many different types of bananas.

General information

  1. Sometimes unripe fruit is healthier than ripe fruit. Flour or powder from unripe, green bananas is a newcomer in the supplement world in 2015. It has only just been investigated. Many supplements are developed from the fact that they are a waste product, such as mango peels and apple peels. However, green bananas are not a waste product. You have to grow them specially. The banana tree only blooms once. That is why the choice is: do I want to eat yellow, ripe bananas or dry smaller green bananas to make banana powder? That is why the green banana powder is still quite exclusive.

Nutrients green bananas

  1. In 1993 researchers from Sri Lanka conducted a study of the phytonutrients of green banana flour. The researchers believe it is a nutritious flour that can be a valuable substitute for other flours. It contains many polysaccharides. These multiple sugars are more difficult to break down and do not increase the blood sugar level. In addition, it contains a lot of potassium and vitamin C. It is also a natural vegetable source of protein, fat, fiber, cellulose and lignin. A Finnish study was published in 2015. A study had been done on the absorption of iron. There appeared to be no difference in the absorption of iron from ripe banana or unripe banana, the researchers saw. It is to be expected that the same is true for all other nutrients.

Anti-inflammatory leucocyanidin

  1. In 1998 English researchers identified the flavonoid leucocyanidin as an anti-ulcer agent in the green banana. One could not fail to immediately produce a synthetic form of leucocyanidin, which, according to the English researchers, also turned out to have anti-inflammatory effects.

Green banana powder against metabolic syndrome

  1. Brazilian research from 2014 shows that green bananas regulate blood sugar better. In the study, subjects had to take green banana powder every day for 45 days. It turned out that blood sugar was better regulated. The researchers had expected a decrease in body weight, but this turned out not to be the case. Sugars were digested faster and the subjects' blood pressure had also dropped somewhat to healthier heights. Green banana powder has a regulating effect on blood sugar levels and blood pressure. The researchers recommend it for metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes or diabetes mellitus.

Banana flour paste

  1. Brazilian researchers succeeded in 2012 to make a paste based on banana flour. Green banana flour was used. This pasta is gluten free. Therefore it is an alternative for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. People with other bowel diseases such as leaky bowel syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn's disease can also benefit from it.

Banana flour against stomach ulcer

  1. In 1984 a study was done in which the stomach lining of rats was damaged by giving them aspirin. It turned out that when the rats were subsequently fed green banana flour, the inflammation in the digestive tract recovered more quickly. However, ripe bananas have not been shown to be effective. The aspirin had given the lab animals a stomach ulcer, something that can also happen in humans. It turned out that the stomach ulcers healed faster in the rats that ate banana flour. Unripe bananas were used in the study. According to Indian research from 2011, it works well for stomach ulcers and stomach infections. They made use of the knowledge that leucocyanidine has an anti-ulcer effect. New cells were created faster. More mucus was secreted of which it had a protective effect and the mucus became firmer in structure, so that the ulcer was protected from the outside world and the healing process could take place effectively. Nigerian researchers added in 2013 that the healing effect could also be due to an increased cytoprotection or protection of the cells against toxic substances.

Unripe banana flour, good for the intestines

  1. Brazilian research from 2012 concludes that unripe green bananas are a useful supplement that may help with digestive problems. It is seen that there are more antioxidants in the digestive tract when green bananas are eaten. Eating green bananas is recommended to prevent inflammatory bowel disease. These inflammatory diseases can eventually lead to celiac disease and leaky bowel syndrome. The study used unripe, dried dwarf banana flour.

Eating and drinking tips for green banana powder

  1. Green banana powder is a supplement. But because it is natural you can simply add it to existing food. You can also use it to create a new recipe. Have you ever thought of a milkshake with green banana powder flavor? Or do you like a combination with regular banana powder? Here are a few more culinary ideas for this dried and powdered fruit:

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