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The healing power of nettle seed

  1. You can harvest nettle seed. Many people say that you should not eat nettles if there is seed on them, but the seed of the nettle is very healthy. You can use this seed to press an oil, although that is a lot of work. You can also make tea from it. Some people advise to infuse it with wine, but that advice is not given here; wine is an alcoholic drink and is more avoidable from a health perspective.


  1. Prepare it yourself Oil in nettle seed Collect and dry nettle seeds Storage time nettle seed The healing power of nettle is well known Good for colitis Nettle seed, good for the liver Against pathogenic bacteria Nettle seed, free superfood Tonic or tonic

Prepare yourself

  1. The nettle seeds contain basically the same healing power as nettle, but in a more concentrated form. In addition, nettle seed has additional medicinal capacities. Nettle seed is rarely for sale in stores; you will have to prepare its oil or the dried nettle seeds yourself if you want to consume it.

Oil in nettle seed

  1. The Latin name of nettle is Urtica dioica. The dwarf nettle or the urtica urens is also widely used. Nettle seed consists of 10% oil. Therefore, it takes a long time to dry, or you need a professional drying machine. You can also squeeze an oil from nettle seed. This oil still contains all kinds of medicinal, active substances. You need an oil press to press nettle seed oil.

Collect and dry nettle seed

  1. You must only collect the seeds of nettle when they are green. In the Netherlands, this will be around July until a few months later. At some point they turn brown; do not collect these. You can dry green seed on a heater or in an oven at a low temperature. Make sure the nettle seed is completely dry, otherwise it may start to mold in a sealed container. Prefer to dry it a week longer to be on the safe side.

Storage time for nettle seed

  1. It is best to keep a closed jar of nettle seed for a year. After a year you can harvest new nettle seed. If you have nettle seed left over after a year, you could use this to make an invigorating bath. The same goes for nettle seed oil; you can also keep these for a year.

The healing power of nettle is well known

  1. The healing power of nettle is already known to many. Nettle root has been a medicine for an enlarged prostate for centuries. If a man has a little more difficulty urinating, this problem will disappear quickly if he takes nettle leaves or roots. Taking some nettle leaf daily can even prevent the man from having problems such as having to urinate at night, urinating excessively often and having a continuous urge to urinate. Nettle seed besides its positive effects on the urinary system, all kinds of other medicinal properties.

Good for colitis

  1. Nettle seed is good for colitis, according to scientific research done at Marmara University in Turkey in 2011. The researchers conclude that the antioxidant effect of nettle seed in combination with the anti-inflammatory properties Colonitis can reduce. In the study, rats were given an intestinal inflammation with the help of a substance and it was found that the rats that subsequently consumed nettle seed recovered the fastest. The metabolism of rats is very similar to that of humans.

Nettle seed, good for the liver

  1. Nettle seed is good for the liver. A Turkish study published in 2009 shows that nettle seed can counteract poisoning with aflaxatoxin. Aflatoxin is the substance in peanuts that makes some people allergic to it; the peanut allergy. It is good for aflatoxin sufferers to have a jar of dried nettle seed or nettle seed oil at home in case they eat something that accidentally contains aflatoxin.

Against pathogenic bacteria

  1. Nettle seed is good against all kinds of pathogens; these are pathogenic bacteria. Food can spoil and that can cause pathogens to develop. When food is processed with nettle seed, these pathogens are less likely to develop. Incidentally, in the research showing this, a study at Ankara University in 2013, the leaf and root of nettle were also examined; these were found to be even better than nettle seed at controlling pathogens.

Nettle seed, free superfood

  1. Nettle seed is both a food and a medicine. Don't be fooled: some superfoods are completely free! You only have to pick them in the wild. Nettle seeds provide energy and have adaptogenic properties. Adaptogens are substances that increase adaptability; they help you deal with stress and fatigue. Nettle seed also aids the healthy release of hormone glands. It is a remedy for kidney and adrenal problems, says the naturopath Susan Weed. Naturopaths see how patients recover from certain medicinal vegetables, medicinal plants or food. That is not scientific evidence but an experience based on a case description. Now it is true that more and more effects from natural medicine are confirmed by science.

Tonic or tonic

  1. In folk medicine, nettle seed has been used for centuries as a remedy for aging symptoms. You can eat nettle seeds without any problems. You can also make a tea from dried nettle seed. Because it contains all kinds of healthy vitamins, such as vitamin E and vitamin A, it is a strong antioxidant, along with dozens of phytonutrients, such as quercetin and kaemferol. In this way it can indeed counteract aging symptoms. Nettle seed is also good for the urinary tract, just like the leaves and roots. It ensures that waste products are removed from the body faster. This reduces the risk of diseases. Add to this the liver and colon supporting qualities and the folk medicine wisdom that nettle seed is a tonic or tonic, gets scientific backing.

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