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The healing power of orange peel

  1. Throwing away orange peels is a shame! You throw away vitamin C when you throw away orange peels. You can do all kinds of things with it in the kitchen. Orange peels are super healthy. Using orange peel ensures that you have an extra kitchen ingredient. You can use it in different ways.


  1. Orange peel is a product, not waste Eat orange peel Washing the peel Lots of vitamin C. Vitamins in orange peel Make your own orange peel powder How do you use orange powder? Make your own orange tea Orange peel against cancer? Orange peel for ear infection

Orange peel is a product, not waste

  1. Orange peels can be used by humans as a natural flavoring agent that has many nutrients. In addition, they can be used as animal feed, raw material for essential oils, raw material for pectin, for ethanol production and for fertilizing agricultural land. A scientific study from 2010 lists all these possible applications. Each of these uses shows that it is unnecessary to consider orange peels as a waste product; it is a product that has a range of possibilities.

Eat orange peel

  1. You can eat orange peel. It does require some editing. A relatively simple operation is to dry orange peel. You can dry it on the heating, in the sun or in a lukewarm oven that you just used to make a dish. Make sure to wash the peel well first to avoid contamination.

Washing the peel

  1. Use an orange that is fresh and has a nice colorful appearance, without all kinds of brown spots. Because oranges are grown using insecticides and pesticides, it is important to wash the peel thoroughly. It is much better to use organic or biodynamic oranges. The skins of almost all fruits often contain miniscule eggs that are invisible to the eye. That is why it is wise to wash them well. Some people don't completely trust the organic farmers and also wash organic fruits with the utmost precision. You can choose to soak the fruits in salt water for half an hour, then they will be removed faster and better from insect eggs, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and parasites. After washing, dry the oranges with a tea towel. Now they are ready to peel and the peel is ready to dry.

Lots of vitamin C

  1. 100 grams of orange peel contains no less than 226% of the RDA for vitamin C. Relatively more vitamin C in the peel than in the pulp of the orange! In total, there is twice as much vitamin C in the skin as in the pulp. Now you will say, "Yes, but who eats 100 grams of orange peel a day?" Hardly anyone does, but these data give a good indication of how healthy it is. Suppose you are making a dish that contains 10 grams of orange peel, then you know that it contains 22% of the RDI of vitamin C. In combination with everything else in a day you can check whether you are getting enough vitamin C. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant and prevents a variety of diseases. Many lifestyle diseases are caused by a lack of antioxidants and an excess of free radicals. Antioxidants fight free radicals.

Vitamins in orange peel

  1. There are vitamins in the peel of oranges. Vitamin A is contained in orange peels with 14% of the RDI. Pyridoxine or vitamin B6 contains 13% of the RDA. Vitamin percentages of 10% both apply to vitamins B1 and B5. Vitamins B2 and B11 with an RDA of 7% house 100 grams of the zest of oranges. The RDA percentage of vitamin B3 is 6%. Other vitamins in the peel of oranges have a RDI percentage lower than 5%.

Make your own orange peel powder

  1. Making orange paint powder is easy. There are two ways. The easiest way is to dry the skins. When they have hardened and dried, you can grind them into powder with a food processor, coffee grinder or blender. You can then keep them in a closed jar. Make sure the skins are completely dry before putting them in a jar. When they are still slightly wet, the contents can start to mold. So let them dry out well.

How do you use orange powder?

  1. Orange peel powder can be added to a smoothie, muesli, oatmeal and pastry or cookie dough. You can also provide a marinade with orange powder for a salad. You can also add orange powder to ice. Try making orange flavored ice cream yourself. The orange powder can also be used as an instant drink.

Make your own orange tea

  1. When you have dried orange slices you can use this to make tea. Dried orange slices give off more flavor than fresh orange. You can use dried orange in combination with black or green tea. Can also be used in a fresh fruit mix.

Orange peel against cancer?

  1. American research from 2007 shows that the risk of colon cancer in mice is much smaller when orange peel is eaten regularly. Among other things, it was seen that the tumors became smaller after eating a small amount of orange peel daily for 9 weeks. The researchers suspect that substances in orange peel induce cancer cells to apoptosis; the death of a cancer cell. Other US research from 2007 shows that apoptosis also occurs in human breast cancer cell lines. In this study, the scientists believe that polymethoxyflavones are responsible for the anti-cancer effect of orange peel. One of these substances is nobiletine, which has long been known to have anti-cancer properties.

Orange peel for ear infection

  1. In 2012, a Chinese study was published using animals to test how orange peel essential oil can help with middle ear infections. The Chinese researchers conclude that the oxidative stress caused by a middle ear infection is reduced after the use of a few drops of essential orange peel oil. For middle ear infections, it is already known that it is effective to put a few drops of organic coconut oil, sunflower oil or argan oil in the ear. Orange peel oil has the added benefit of having an antioxidant effect. It prevents all kinds of inflammation.

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