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The healing power of sweet potato flour

  1. Sweet potatoes can be found with an orange, yellow, purple or white color on the inside. The sweet potato powder that is sold is yellowish. Sweet potatoes are a tasty basic vegetable in the kitchen, but you can also use it in flour form. You can put it through a pie mix to add this extra health value. Sweet potato powder is good for the intestines and bones. There is a lot to be gained for researchers in finding out the exact medicinal value of sweet potato powder.


  1. Geographical location sweet potatoes Naming Nutrients Sweet potato powder in meat products Porridge mix for children Freeze-drying leads to a reduction in ingredients Good for the intestines Sweet potato powder good for the bones? Enjoy and stay healthy at the same time Eating and drinking tips sweet potato

Geographical location sweet potatoes

  1. The original geographic location of the sweet potato as a vegetable can be described as the Americas, Africa, Polynesia and Oceania. More precisely, this vegetable is traditionally eaten in Central and South America, Ryukyu Islands, Africa, the Caribbean and the Cook Islands. Hawaiians and Papuans, the inhabitants of the island of New Guinea, Indians of South America and Polynesians have all grown up eating sweet potatoes.


  1. Why do we use Latin in science? A short answer is: so that we know for sure which plant it is. Ipomoea batatas is the Latin name of the plant that produces sweet potatoes. We also say sweet potatoes. In Dutch we will more often say sweet potato flour to this product than sweet potato powder. In English they say 'sweet potato flour'. The word fries comes from the word 'batatas', but it is made from a completely different potato, from the nightshade family. The sweet potato plant comes from the bindweed family.


  1. Sweet potato powder contains many vitamins and minerals in equal amounts when you consider the RDA percentages. Only vitamin A stands out. There is much more to it. It is not good to take in too much vitamin A. Therefore, use this powder sparingly. In addition to vitamins, there are several flavonoids in sweet potato powder.

Sweet potato powder in meat products

  1. Indian researchers have successfully developed a method to replace fats in pork with sweet potato powder. Korean researchers also saw that the shelf life and texture of sausages can be preserved longer if 0.5% sweet potato powder is added to the mixture. That means that the antioxidants in this powder make the meat less likely to spoil.

Porridge mix for children

  1. A mix has been made from the sweet potato powder for making children's porridge. The porridge is naturally sweet and therefore pleasant for children, the researchers argue. The mix contains 50% soy flour, which is less healthy. It is not wise to feed your child with soy flour on a daily basis. That is too one-sided. There are many antioxidants in this mix, especially from sweet potato powder. A scientific experiment with breadfruit mix and sweet potato mix as a porridge mix has also proven to work well.

Freeze drying leads to a reduction in ingredients

  1. There is a lot of the beta-carotenoid beta-carotene in the sweet potato. Beta carotene is converted in the body into vitamin A. This vitamin A is contained in the powder. However, it is true that freeze-drying, a way of obtaining a powder, leads to a loss of ingredients. Japanese research shows that the polyphenols in this powder are not really destroyed by short cooking. It was true that fresh sweet potatoes contain more polyphenols than older, long-stored potatoes.

Good for the intestines

  1. Sweet potatoes contain a lot of antioxidants, researchers know. In their 2012 study, they write that, based on scientific research, sweet potato powder has the chance to grow into a powerful dietary supplement. The activity of the antioxidants in the intestines is significantly increased by this powder. Sweet potato powder has been proven to be good for the intestines. It is thought that this powder can become a nutraceutical. A nutraceutical is a nutrient with medicinal value. If a product is good for the intestines, it means that the entire digestion is improved. More nutrients are absorbed into the body when you eat this powder. That reduces the chance of contracting a disease.

Sweet potato powder good for the bones?

  1. In 2013 a study was published in China showing that moderate administration of sweet potato powder to rats leads to strengthening of the bones. If too much powder was given, it led to digestive problems. These had a negative effect on the condition of the bones. The researchers had fed sweet potato powder to rats for 6 weeks. This study shows that it is important to set a maximum dose for sweet potato powder.

Enjoy and stay healthy at the same time

  1. In India, a study was published in 2012 showing that mixing sweet potato powder with wheat powder produces highly acceptable biscuits. The researchers made a mixture in which they made 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% mixes with wheat flour. It turned out that people like to take the 50% cookies. That is good news. With sweet potato cakes we can enjoy and stay healthy at the same time.

Eating and drinking tips sweet potato

  1. Sweet potato powder can be added to a baking mix of bread, pancakes, muffins, pies, brownies, cakes and pastries. This is how you make something sweet and healthy, especially if you use sugar substitutes. Sweet potato powder can be used to make a drink. You can mix it with broccoli powder. The nice thing about the taste of sweet potato is that you can combine it with fruit and vegetable powder such as raspberry powder. You can also add this powder to a smoothie. Sweet potato powder can be added to a stew. This is usually very healthy, but it doesn't hurt to add some extra natural phytonutrients. Try adding a teaspoon of sweet potato powder to an omelette mix.

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