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The healing power of vinegar for physical discomfort

  1. Vinegar is a liquid that is formed when fermented products become acidic due to bacteria. This creates a liquid called vinegar. Vinegar can not only be used as a seasoning, but can also be used for various ailments and disorders. It is a good working disinfectant and prevents bacteria and fungi. We also know it as a cleaning agent, but vinegar has many more powerful effects.

Different types of vinegar

  1. There are different types of vinegar all over the world, but not every vinegar is available everywhere. In the Philippines, for example, they make vinegar from sugar cane, while in Thailand they make vinegar from coconut. In China and Japan they make vinegar from glutinous rice and water, so you have red, white or black rice vinegar. This vinegar has been used to flavor their stir-fries for thousands of years. In other parts of the world they make vinegar from potatoes, nuts, dates, honey and berries. Closer to our country we know wine vinegar and sherry vinegar again, these are made from grapes. Apple cider vinegar is also well known. The white vinegar, which we know as a cleaning agent, is made from grains.

Vinegar or vinegar

  1. Vinegar and vinegar are often confused with each other, but there is a difference. Vinegar contains more than four percent acetic acid, while this is not the case with edik. Edik therefore contains less acetic acid and is therefore milder and less predominant than vinegar. Edik is very popular in the professional kitchens of our country because dishes using edik do not have to be sweetened with sugar to get the sour taste.

Cleaning vinegar

  1. The acids of vinegar dissolve lime and fats. If you want to use vinegar to descale something, such as a coffee maker, you can use vinegar. But it is best to use the white vinegar for this, because it contains almost three times as much acetic acid than normal vinegar. You cannot use cleaning vinegar for consumption. You can also use white vinegar as a cleaner.

What else can you use vinegar for

  1. In the First World War, vinegar was already used to clean the wounds and to disinfect materials. Vinegar works very well against bacteria and fungi, which is why vinegar also helps very well with fungal infections. Vinegar also works well on the hair and skin. For example, you can use it as a hair rinse agent, so that the last bits of shampoo or conditioner get out of your hair. It also works very well against dandruff and itchy scalp. Rinsing your hair and head with vinegar will soothe the skin. Vinegar is widely used in cooking as a dressing in salads, often the vinegar is mixed with oil and other spices. Vinegar is a basic ingredient for making mustard. Environmentally friendly agriculture also makes extensive use of vinegar to control weeds. The strong weed field thistle is very sensitive to vinegar and with a mixture of five percent vinegar added to water, the field thistle can be completely controlled.

Physical discomfort

  1. Vinegar can also be used for physical complaints and discomfort. Vinegar is known for its anti-fungal and antiseptic properties and can therefore be used for all kinds of ailments, such as:

Using vinegar for hemorrhoids

  1. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in and around the anus and can cause complaints such as itching and pain. Vinegar can be used to combat these complaints. Dip a cotton pad in pure vinegar and gently press the cotton pad against the anus, this will soften the itching. In case of irritation around the anus, it can sting something, but it is not harmful. Vinegar has an antiseptic effect, so this cannot hurt. The use of vinegar immediately reduces itching and pain.

Vinegar calms the stomach

  1. You may suffer from gastrointestinal disorders because you have a shortage of stomach acid. You can change this by taking a teaspoon of vinegar every night after a meal. If you have too much stomach acid, this is not recommended.

Using vinegar against sunburn

  1. Because vinegar evaporates quickly, it has a cooling effect. That is why vinegar is very nice if you suffer from sunburn. Preferably use apple cider vinegar, it reduces pain and helps to prevent blisters and peeling. It's possible that pure apple cider vinegar can cause a negative reaction. Therefore it is useful to dilute the apple cider vinegar with water. The distribution is then 1: 1. You can also apply compresses soaked in diluted vinegar to the affected skin. Leave the compress on the skin for 15 minutes. You can also add half a liter of vinegar to the bath water.

Bacteria and fungi

  1. Because vinegar is against bacteria and fungi, it is a very good remedy against warts, but also against bacteria that occur in the ear, for example. To do this, make a mixture consisting of two equal amounts of rubbing alcohol and vinegar and drip it into the ear. If you have athlete's foot, soaking your feet in a warm vinegar bath helps.


  1. Because vinegar has a pungent odor, this odor predominates and ensures that other unpleasant smells disappear. Vinegar removes cigarette smoke from clothing and adding vinegar to the rinse water can remove sweat odor from clothing. If you dab your armpits with vinegar, it can also get rid of the sweat smell here.

Lime nails

  1. Lime nails are nails that are affected by a fungal infection. It often starts with a white or yellowish spot and after a while the nail can become thicker and sometimes crumbly. Vinegar works very well against fungus in the fungal nail. To combat this fungus, you can rub the nail with some vinegar twice a day. With this method it takes a bit longer for you to see results, but you should see improvement after a month. Or you use a foot bath with vinegar. Make a bowl with water and vinegar, the division is 1: 1 and let your foot soak in this for half an hour a day. Do this for at least a week. You can see results after a week.

Pricks and Stitches

  1. After an insect bite you often have an unpleasant, painful feeling. You also get this if you sting yourself on a nettle. You can combat this by smearing the area with vinegar. The effect of the toxins that enter your skin is greatly reduced by the vinegar and the pain goes away. Vinegar also helps with itchy hives. You often see sorrel, plantain or ground ivy in the vicinity of nettles. These plants have the same effect as vinegar.

Vaginal yeast infection

  1. The candida fungus is the most well-known fungus that causes a vaginal yeast infection in women. The acidity of the vagina is disturbed by this fungus and causes complaints such as itching, redness and pain. You can use vinegar to combat these complaints. It immediately relieves the itching and pain and ensures that the acidity of the vagina is brought back into balance. You can apply vinegar in several ways:

Make your own vinegar

  1. You can also make vinegar yourself with the basis of cider or wine. By already adding a dash of vinegar, you start the acidification process. Just make sure to use sterilized jars and kitchen utensils to avoid bacterial contamination. Homemade vinegar can be kept for months, but then it must be kept well in closed bottles or closed bottles.

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