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The positive influence of sun, sea and beach on our body

  1. Who doesn't like to go to the coast to relax? It is sometimes a hassle to look well and nicely tanned, but it is in any case a pleasant experience. Besides a nice tan, the beach offers countless benefits for our health. For example, it helps against acne, smoothness of the skin, dandruff and many other ailments. Whether you are looking for the beach, salt water, sun or sea food, going to the coast is certainly more practical than a visit to a spa. Plus, it will also save you a lot of money.

The salt water

  1. It is generally known that seawater is good for health due to its high salinity, but is this actually the case now? Two-thirds of every human body is made up of water and the only mineral that we can take ourselves is salt. So we all have elements from seawater in our system, so how can swimming in salt water still add value to our body?


  1. First of all, seawater is a perfect treatment for acne and semi-permanent scars. The salt in seawater provides excellent curing, clearing, and cleansing of the skin. The sodium chloride helps to cleanse the skin and works effectively on mild acne. Instead of using harsh chemical products that can damage pores and cause scars, head to the coast for a few days for a sea salt treatment.


  1. Salt water has a healing effect on cuts and ulcers. The salt water is a cleanser and removes toxins from the skin. In addition, it will also cause pus to dry up. This is also the reason why salt water gargling is highly recommended. When you go into salt water with a wound, it will sting for a while but once you are out of the water the pain will diminish very quickly.

Hair Care

  1. Salt water can also function as a shampoo. You have probably noticed that your hair is very dry after swimming in salt water. This is because the salt from the sea strips your hair of all oils and fats. If you have a particularly oily scalp, salt water is a great way to get those unnecessary oils out of your hair. Bathing in sea water also gives extra volume to your hair. The salt will also cleanse hair from built-up chemicals caused by conditioners, hairspray, gels, and other products.


  1. Finally, your fitness will be maintained by swimming in the sea. This is perhaps the most conventional of all the other benefits listed. When swimming in the sea, you use the muscles of your shoulders, arms, legs that you will not use when performing other activities. That is why swimming is often recommended as an alternative to fitness. Even just treading water will burn calories at a rapid pace.

The sand

  1. Of course you will find sand everywhere on a beach. We walk through it, we dig ourselves in, we build sandcastles. Where now what is the impact of these small grains on our body?

Scrubbing agent

  1. Perhaps the most important benefit of sand is its natural exfoliant. Have you ever noticed that the sole of your feet is extra soft after leaving the beach? This is because you have been walking around in sand all day, which causes the house to peel off. While sand is not recommended for facial skin, it does offer an ideal alternative to chemical exfoliants for your legs, feet, arms, and trunk. Scrubbing with sand removes dead skin cells from the body making it feel softer and allowing your pores to breathe better. [! 194091 => 1130 = 512!] Condition

  1. Walking in the sand helps you keep fit. It is much more difficult to advance on a stand than on a paved surface because sand reacts inconsistently and the grains are constantly moving under your feet. You will burn up to 50 percent more calories by walking on sand.

Blood circulation

  1. Everyone has probably buried themselves in the sand before, just because you liked it. You certainly did not realize then that this has a positive effect on your body. Namely, it increases the general resistance, blood circulation and metabolism of the body. Due to the weight of the sand, your body will have the impression that you weigh more, so it will have to work harder. This will increase heart rate and metabolism.

The sun and heat

  1. We all love to relax under the warm rays of the sun, but this activity can also work positively on the mind and body.

Vitamin D

  1. It is a known fact that people do well to spend at least half an hour a day in full sun. The light from the sun stimulates the body's production of vitamin D, which is necessary to reduce the risk of heart attacks, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's and depression. In addition, vitamin D also increases the immune system, reduces acne and is an aid in the fight against type II diabetes. For elderly people, vitamin D is also essential to drastically reduce the risk of certain cancers.

Sense of happiness

  1. Spending a few hours in the sun every day also makes you happy. People who spend little time in the sun are nine times more likely to develop depression.

Physical health

  1. The sun will also make you look better. Sunlight stimulates the production of melanin in the skin, making you look beautifully tanned and radiant. It also lightens the hair, but important care is recommended here to prevent the sun from damaging your hair.


  1. Finally, the heat causes your body to perspire, which leads to better blood circulation and metabolism. Sweating is healthy because it allows the body to secrete unnecessary toxins and also ensures cooling.

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