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The pros and cons of nicotine gum

  1. Quitting smoking is not easy for most people. Motivation and good preparation are important to make your attempt a success. There are also nicotine substitutes that can help you quit smoking. This article discusses the pros and cons of nicotine gum.

About nicotine and addiction

  1. Fabrics Nicotine is a highly addictive substance found in the tobacco plant and in dried tobacco. Although there are at least 4000 substances in tobacco smoke, nicotine appears to be one of the most addictive substances in the cigarette.


  1. Nicotine has both a narcotic and an addictive effect and gives a kind of 'intoxication' that many people soon cannot do without (think they can). But by taking in this substance less and less, the addiction circle can be broken.

Nicotine Substitutes

  1. With nicotine replacement products, the aim is to reduce the need for nicotine by taking an increasingly lower dose of the addictive substance. The nicotine is in different amounts and strengths in the substitutes. Some examples of these substitutes are:

Nicotine gum, what exactly is it?

  1. Chew Nicotine gum, as the name implies, is chewing gum that contains a certain amount of nicotine. This amount is released slowly during chewing and is thus released to the body. The intention is that the withdrawal symptoms during quitting smoking are less than when you quit cold turkey. This makes it easier to quit smoking.


  1. By using nicotine gum your body still experiences the effects that nicotine gives. This makes the (physical) withdrawal symptoms easier to tolerate. The intention is of course that you need less and less nicotine per day. The number of dragees and / or their strength must therefore be reduced in order to eventually become nicotine-free.

Light and heavy

  1. Nicotine gum comes in two varieties: 2 mg (for the lighter smokers) and 4 mg (for the heavy smokers). It is available in various flavors such as mint, licorice and citrus. In the Netherlands there are two brands of nicotine gum: Nicorette and Nicotinell.

Benefits of nicotine gum

  1. Dosage As with any product, there are pros and cons to using it. The biggest advantage of nicotine gum is that the dosage can be determined by yourself. Anyone who feels a great need for smoking can take a gum and chew it endlessly.


  1. It is also easy to determine the number of mg taken per day. This makes it easy to create a phase-out schedule. Furthermore, the chewing gum :)

Disadvantages of nicotine gum

  1. Addictive Of course, the use of nicotine gum also has disadvantages. These differ from person to person. A major disadvantage of the gum is that it can be addictive on its own. Some people cannot keep up with the gum and continue to use it all day or for too long.


  1. After all, there is nicotine in the chewing gum and the body - as a smoker - really does not want to do without it. So keep this in mind during use! Furthermore, the chewing gum has a number of other drawbacks. Nicotine Gum:


  1. The list of advantages and disadvantages of using nicotine gum is not exhaustive. So always consult the package leaflet before use. The general practitioner, employees of the pharmacy or chemist can also provide more information.

Price and sales points

  1. Freely available Most pharmacies sell nicotine gum, although this gum is available without a doctor's prescription. The chewing gum can also be bought at the local drug store or supermarket and of course also online.

Various prices

  1. The price of the chewing gum depends on the strength and the number of dragées in the package. For nicotine gum of 2 mg (pack of 12 pieces) you pay about € 3.70

  2. The price of the chewing gum depends on the strength and the number of dragees in the package. For nicotine gum of 2 mg (pack of 12 pieces) you pay about € 3.70

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