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The pros and cons of using Jacuzzis

  1. Of all the relaxation techniques people use, one of the most effective is the power of heat. Hot baths were used as far back as Roman times to help people relax or to relieve stiff or tense muscles.

  1. Today, the jacuzzi is one of the ways people use hot water as a relaxation therapy. Let's start by listing all the benefits that can come with this.

Relaxing the muscles

  1. So there is a long tradition in physiotherapy of using heat to help relax and heal muscles. The heat from a Jacuzzi works in the same way but on a larger scale. Even a short bath of a few minutes in a Jacuzzi can relax our entire body.

  1. This helps the body to repair itself if needed. An added benefit of Jacuzzis here is that they have massage heads that can massage specific parts of the body.

Accelerated heartbeat

  1. Heat also makes your heart beat faster. If your heart rate increases, your blood circulation also improves and your muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients. That way, body cells and muscles can recover faster from any injuries. It is also easier to create new cells. Better circulation of the blood ensures that your skin can regenerate more quickly so that you will also look healthier.

Sweating more

  1. Another advantage: it makes you sweat! What some may see as the only downside to a hot bath is actually very beneficial to your health. Sweating makes it easier for your body to get rid of toxic substances. And so a hot jacuzzi fits perfectly in a detox cure.

  1. Mind you, don't sit in a hot bath too long, as you risk becoming dehydrated if you sweat too much without drinking. Drink enough water before and possibly during a bath.

It improves your mental state

  1. Although a warm Jacuzzi can be very relaxing for your body, it sometimes seems to have the opposite effect on our mind. After a warm bath, many people feel sharper, more alert and fresher. The relaxing effect is likely to allow us to clear our heads better, so we are better equipped for the daily stress when we get out.

Speeding up your metabolism

  1. Last, but not unimportant benefit: your metabolism starts to work faster due to the heat. This also helps your body to get rid of harmful substances faster. And of course, an accelerated metabolism also helps when you're trying to shed some extra pounds!

  1. While a bath in a Jacuzzi is very relaxing and enjoyable, there are a few drawbacks and risks involved. They can be a source of certain bacteria and diseases, for example. Let's also list the main risks below.


  1. Legionella can spread through contaminated water droplets. Air conditioning systems and large hot water installations are a common source of infections. However, Jacuzzis are also regularly a source of contamination. The warm water causes users to sweat, which can be the cause of contamination.

  1. If the jacuzzi is not cleaned according to the rules of the art between two baths, the bacteria multiplies quickly and the contamination can become dangerous. It is no coincidence that public swimming pools and spas are subject to strict hygiene controls. You are of course responsible for this in your own jacuzzi.


  1. Cellulite is another common condition to watch out for. There is an increased risk of the bacteria entering your bloodstream when using hot tubs. Cellulitis leads to skin inflammation and an infection usually takes place on skin that has already been damaged, such as wounds but also insect bites.

Hepatitis A

  1. This is a disease that is often linked to a faecal (= feces) contamination. It's a very dangerous disease. You can contract them by swallowing contaminated water, for example in a jacuzzi. The disease is more common in the elderly. Some symptoms include: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and loss of appetite.


  1. Giardiasis is an intestinal infection caused by a parasite. If ingested, the parasite causes an infection that can spread to other people. Certainly public jacuzzis that are used by a lot of people run the risk of becoming contaminated by contact of the water with someone's glands.

  1. Absolutely try to avoid getting water in your mouth in these hot tubs because this is the way you could get infected.

  1. The next time you use a Jacuzzi, you may now know a little better what to look out for. Perhaps the private jacuzzi in your home isn't such a bad idea. But make sure that you maintain it properly and disinfect it regularly. This way you have all the advantages without the disadvantages!

  1. Your reactions to this topic are, as always, very welcome. Leave them here!

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