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The sirtfood diet: 3 kilos of weight loss in 1 week

  1. The sirtfood diet book was released in 2016 by British nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten. The book includes 31 recipes based on 20 foods that, according to the two Britons, are full of nutrients that can activate sirtuins. This is a group of proteins that influence, among other things, the metabolism and strengthen the immune system. According to the authors of the book, following the three-week diet not only leads to weight loss, but also increases muscle mass. According to Goggins and Matten, the diet protects body cells and prevents inflammation and can even slow down the aging process. Many well-known top athletes apply this diet and the singer Adele has also lost a lot of kilos by following the sirtfood diet.

The sirtfood diet

  1. Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten The sirtfood diet was put together by the Britons Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten. Aidan Goggins is a pharmacist and has a master's degree in nutritional medicine. Glen Matten also holds a diploma in nutritional medicine and provides nutritional advice to well-known artists and top athletes. Both men have a great interest in nutrition and especially in strengthening the immune system by consciously eating certain foods.


  1. Sirtfoods is the name given by Goggins and Matten for certain foods that they believe can activate so-called sirtuins. Sirtuins, also called SIRT proteins (Silent Information Regulators), are a group of proteins that can influence the metabolism, protect body cells against inflammation and accelerate fat burning. According to the inventors of the sirtfood diet, eating sirtfood therefore leads to weight loss as well as to the improvement of the overall resistance of the human body. Seven sirtuins have been found in the human body, which are designated Sirt1 to Sirt7. According to Goggins and Matten, these sirtuins can be triggered not only by calorie restriction and exercise, but also by eating certain foods. They put together a top 20 food list, which they believe contains the most sirtuin-activating substances.

Weight loss of 3 kilos

  1. In a group of volunteers, members of a health and fitness center in London, Goggins and Matten conducted research into the intake of these nutrients and they believe that this produced striking results. According to the researchers, not only did a weight loss of more than 3 kilos in seven days occur in these people, but the intake also had a positive effect on their skin, sleep and their energy levels. In addition, there was no muscle loss in the volunteers, but muscle mass was steady or increased.

Sirtfood Diet Recipe Book

  1. Based on the positive research results, the duo decided to put together the sirtfood diet. After the launch of the book in 2016, it is now a much-discussed diet with many enthusiastic followers, including the singer Adele. In 2017 the accompanying recipe book will be released with 100 new sirtfood recipes.

The top 20 foods

  1. The 20 foods that, according to the diet's creators, are loaded with sirtuin-activating nutrients are:

The green sirtfood smoothie

  1. In addition to the set meal recipes, which are mainly based on these top 20 foods, the green smoothie is an important part of the sirtfood diet. This smoothie, with large amounts of sirtfoods, is drunk one to three times a day.

Two phases in three weeks

  1. The sirtfood diet is a three-week diet that consists of two different phases. In phase one, one can lose more than 3 kilos in one week

The first phase

  1. The first phase consists of seven days, in which the first three days only 1000 kilocalories are taken per day. These are obtained from three green smoothies and one set meal. From day four, the daily menu consists of two smoothies and two set meals with a maximum of 1500 kilocalories per day.

The second phase

  1. The second phase is the maintenance phase and lasts two weeks. During these two weeks, one may eat three regular meals (from the cookbook) and drink one green sirtfood smoothie. After these three weeks, you can eat normally again: preferably with as many of the top 20 nutrients as possible and one green smoothie per day to continue to benefit from the sirtuin-activating nutrients. The maintenance phase can also last longer than two weeks or, according to the authors, can be repeated from time to time to achieve the desired weight.

Advantages and disadvantages of the diet

  1. Benefits of the sirtfood diet An important advantage is that the sirtfood diet is not complicated and is also easy to follow for people with a gluten allergy and, with some adjustments, also for vegetarians and vegans. Also, almost all foods are available in the supermarket and these foods are full of vitamins, minerals and bioactive substances.

Disadvantages of the sirtfood diet

  1. A major drawback of the sirtfood diet is that, especially in phase one, there is a considerable reduction in calorie intake. Not only does this make the diet difficult to maintain, but extreme reduction in calories can also lead to physical complaints such as fatigue and headaches.

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