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Tips to make your quark tastier!

  1. Cottage cheese is one of those products that will help you a lot if you try to eat more protein. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not like the sour taste of this dairy product and therefore prefer to avoid it when they are in the supermarket.

  1. Does that sound familiar to you? Then that is a real shame, because you miss out on an easy and cheap source of good nutrients. Hopefully, these tips will make it easier to rate cottage cheese the appreciation it deserves!

Is curd cheese healthy?

  1. Quark is a very fresh cheese that is made by acidifying milk for about 24 hours using a rennet. The curd that remains when that mixture is sieved is stirred until it forms the smooth substance that we know as cottage cheese. The big advantage of this end product is that it is incredibly rich in protein: with every 100 grams of quark you get almost 10 grams of protein.

  1. Quark mainly contains casein, a protein that is slowly absorbed by the body. Many athletes therefore eat it before going to sleep: in this way the body has a constant supply of proteins all night long.

Buy the right kind of curd cheese

  1. To take full advantage of the health benefits of quark, it is very important that you buy the right varieties. First of all, it is better not to choose quark with flavors: often not only are a lot of unnatural flavors added, but also sugars or other unhealthy sweeteners.

  1. The fat in curd is also not as unhealthy as many people still seem to think. So whether you go for full-fat or low-fat cottage cheese depends on your goal and the rest of your calories and macros. So always check the ingredients list before making a choice.

Curd cheese making tips

  1. Cottage cheese is a popular lunch among athletes and dieters, but if you take it to work for example, it is wise to keep it cool until you it's actually going to eat.

  1. Lukewarm quark tastes a lot more sour than the properly cooled variant, something that is not pleasant if you are not happy with the naturally relatively sour taste of the product anyway. So always put it in the fridge at work, or simply don't take it with you if you don't have the option.

  1. The best way to mask the taste of quark, is of course to add other products. Lemonade syrup is very popular with many people, but it is certainly not healthy - a splash of concentrated sugar is not the best way to improve your diet. So rather go for some fresh fruit if you want a slightly sweeter taste, which also contains fiber and vitamins.

  1. Blueberries or strawberries are a good choice, but apple with cinnamon can also be very tasty. Nuts are also a good addition, as long as they are not toasted. Make sure you don't eat too much of this.

  1. Adding coconut is another way to make your quark more delicious. Coconut is not only extremely tasty, but it is also an important supplier of healthy fats that many people don't get enough of. With coconut, make sure you don't eat too much of it, because of its high fat content, it also contains a relatively large number of calories. For example, sprinkle a small handful of coconut grater over your curd cheese to make the taste a lot more pleasant.

  1. If you really want to hide the taste of quark as much as possible, you can always hide it in a smoothie or yoghurt drink. This way you get all the useful proteins, but you can add enough fruit and vegetables to largely get rid of the typical curd cheese taste.

  1. If you go for a real protein boost, you can even enrich the smoothie with protein powder, possibly with a taste that you like. Of course, pay attention to the quality of the powder, so that you do not counteract the healthy properties of the smoothie!

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