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Tongue lumps: Causes of lumps on the tongue

  1. There are taste buds on the tongue that people can taste. In a number of circumstances people have to deal with bumps on the tongue. In most cases, the tongue bumps are the result of simple causes such as smoking, ill-fitting dentures and an allergy. In some circumstances, however, tongue bumps are the sign of a condition, such as an infection or very rarely even cancer. Tongue bumps are often accompanied by pain. Sometimes they also lead to problems with eating, talking, swallowing and tasting. In the vast majority of cases, temporary tongue bumps are present, but sometimes the bumps do not disappear or additional symptoms are present requiring medical treatment.

Canker sores

  1. The exact cause of canker sores (aphthous mouth ulcers) is unknown in October 2020. Risk factors are known such as ferriprieve anemia (iron deficiency in the blood), inflammatory bowel diseases (inflammatory conditions of the intestine) (such as the Crohn's disease), Behçet's disease, stress, smoking, hereditary factors and damage to the oral mucosa (for example due to poorly fitting dentures)


  1. Contact with an allergen (triggering substance) may cause an allergic reaction

Anemia (anemia)

  1. Anemia

Burning tongue syndrome

  1. This syndrome occurs during menopause and is characterized by a burning sensation


  1. A fibroma is the most common type of bump on the tongue. A fibroma is formed from connective tissue and is usually caused by mild trauma to the tongue (for example accidentally biting the tongue). The benign bump sometimes remains on the tongue for years and hardly changes shape. The doctor often opts to have the bump removed to prevent cancer


  1. Herpes Herpes is responsible for painful

Kawasaki syndrome

  1. The Kawasaki syndrome


  1. Cells in the mouth begin to grow excessively, causing thickened white patches along the mouth and tongue. Leukoplakia

Oral cancer

  1. If a tongue bump is still present after two or three weeks, it may be an early sign of oral cancer

Oral lichen planus

  1. The inflammatory condition (inflammatory condition) lichen planus


  1. Excessive smoking


  1. Stomatitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane in and around the oral cavity) is the result of poor oral hygiene

Trauma / Injury

  1. Tongue biting, tongue burning (for example, from eating something straight from the oven), or other traumatic injuries to the tongue may cause temporary bumps on the tongue. Tongue pain

Nutritional deficiencies

  1. Deficiency of certain vitamins (vitamin deficiencies

Alarm signs

  1. If the bumps on the tongue continue to enlarge and discolor, it is wise to consult a doctor immediately. If the tongue bumps have been present for several weeks, a doctor's visit is also necessary. If the bumps are on only one side of the tongue and the patient has no explanation for this, this is also a sign with which the patient should see a doctor.

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