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Top 5 products to avoid at the bakery!

  1. Do you regularly do your shopping at the bakery around the corner? Many people prefer to eat their bread and bakery products made according to traditional methods. After all, that sounds a lot better and healthier than that bread you get from the supermarket…

  1. The question is, is that correct? Is it really that much better to get fresh croissants from the bakery? Or do you also have to be careful what you do and do not buy? You probably guessed it - the latter is the case. Which products can you really better avoid at the bakery? We'll give you a quick top 5 in this article!

5. White bread

  1. White bread has a rather bad reputation for many people, and that is not unjustified. Yet it is certainly not in the top place of our top 5. What about exactly? Very simple: white bread in itself is not particularly unhealthy, but it can so easily be healthier!

  1. White bread does not immediately contain many bad substances. It also contains very few ingredients that are healthy. For example, one slice contains only 0.6 grams of fiber - versus 2.6 grams in wholemeal bread. With an RDA of 30 to 40 grams, that of course makes a lot of difference. Whole grain bread also contains more vitamins and minerals.

  1. Slice of white bread: 66 kcal

4. Gingerbread

  1. Thanks to handy advertisements, many people are convinced that gingerbread is quite a healthy snack. There are grains in it, isn't it? And it is traditional and therefore definitely responsible? Unfortunately that is very disappointing!

  1. To begin with, most gingerbreads contain a lot of sugar. This therefore causes a huge spike in blood sugar. Moreover, you can easily cut extra thick slices from it. If you then smear it with a lot of butter, then you can be sure that you are getting a lot of calories! That doesn't make it any easier to stay healthy. It is therefore better not to get gingerbread at home.

  1. Slice of gingerbread: 85 kcal

3. Cake

  1. Luckily, most people know that cake shouldn't eat it. Yet it is often still bought a lot. A pity, because â € traditionalâ € ™ cakes as you buy them from the bakery are packed with sugar. Also, like gingerbread, they only contain fast carbohydrates, which makes for heavy binges.

  1. It is therefore difficult to stop eating once you have started. And one last drawback: cake often contains extremely unhealthy fats. Especially the trans fats - partially cured fats - cause all kinds of health problems, for example for the heart and blood vessels. So rather bake a less sweet, but much healthier cake yourself!

  1. Slice of cake: 120 kcal

2. (Butter) croissants

  1. Do you eat croissants for breakfast every Sunday? Then it might be an idea to put that habit aside! When it comes to nutritional value, it is better to consider croissants as pastries. Per 100 grams such a croissant contains 500 calories!

  1. Add those thick blobs of butter and strawberry jam to that, and you understand that it can be a lot slimmer. In addition, croissants also contain trans fats and, surprisingly, sugars. The nutritional values ​​are also negligible. If you wouldn't normally eat a slice of cake with whipped cream for breakfast, we definitely don't recommend this.

  1. Croissant: 160 kcal

1. Treats with puff pastry

  1. At most bakers you will find those tasty sausage rolls (or sausage bread!) With puff pastry. Or how about other products with puff pastry such as fruit tarts, apple turnovers or a frikadel sandwich? All equally tasty - but also very unhealthy. Puff pastry consists of thin pieces of dough that have been thoroughly greased. So this involves an unbelievable amount of calories.

  1. In addition, puff pastry is full of trans fats, and as has become clear by now, you really want to avoid them. With one such sandwich you get a good portion of yes daily requirement within… You understand that these types of products do not make you much healthier.

  1. Sausage roll: 260 kcal

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