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Trends in lip makeup: from ultra-durable to volumizers

  1. Making your lips beautiful has been part of our culture for no less than 5000 years. Fortunately, a lot has happened since the time we smeared red carmine beetles on our mouths. Volumizers, 3d lipsticks, ultra-durable lip color ... the cosmetics world is on the move. An overview of the possibilities, product tests, and Maybelline's make-up artist Justin Henry speaking!

Glossy but durable

  1. Shine especially gives your lips that coveted fullness. Gloss is available 'natural' or with subtle color. With gloss you cannot touch up your lip contour like with lipstick. Gloss also requires more maintenance than lipstick. Although the latest formulas last longer and run less, lip gloss eats or kisses off faster.

A mix of lip gloss and lipstick

  1. A new development is the smart 'mix' between lip gloss and lipstick: a cross between the shelf life and coverage of lipstick and a glossy volume effect. Juicy Wear (Lancôme), for example, lasts three times as long as regular lipstick, sheds less, but also moisturizes and shines. First you apply the base color, then the topcoat for fixation and a sparkling 'vinyl' shine effect. But there is more. Smile Deep Lipstick from Biotherm is glossy but keeps for hours and moisturizes.

Glossy with glitter

  1. Glossy Splash Intense (Biotherm) contains reflective shine particles and intense Metal Fusion Pigment. Dior Addict Ultra Shine provides an extra-glossy mirror effect, with or without glitter, thanks to light-reflecting pigments, and Watershine Diamonds Liquid (Maybelline) contains sparkling light-reflecting diamond particles. Our test verdict: a beautifully intense gloss effect. Juicy Tubes Pop (Lancôme) is also very hip, with tingly fresh menthol, candy flavor and glitter. A few more options: Glam Shine (L'Oréal), and Dior Addict Lip Fluid, which conditions, colors, smoothes and adds shine.

Special effects: three-dimensional

  1. Exciting news: 'three-dimensional' lips. Stands for: extra depth and shine effect, so your lips are fuller and more vibrant. Often a metallic ingredient causes color and shine to change with every movement of your mouth. So that 'it' hangs on your lips… You can take 3D lipstick or gloss, or go for the 3D effect yourself. And here's how: apply your favorite shade of lipstick, but use little or nothing in the center of your mouth. Fill in the centerpiece with a lighter (pearlescent) color, such as Golden Rose from the Forever Metallics series (Maybelline). Blur the transition with a lip brush. Possibly a dot of transparent gloss in the middle and you have them: exciting, full, shiny 3D lips! A few product suggestions: Liquid Diamonds 3D (Maybelline), and Effet 3D from Bourjois.

Kissproof (but for real!)

  1. After years of empty promises, it's over with traces of lipstick on your glass or your lover. We tested it ourselves with Invincible Kiss Proof from L'Oréal. Eating, drinking, kissing or even rubbing your hand: no trace, it only disappears with remover. Although the latest formulas keep your lips smoother and softer, kissproof can be less pleasant for dry lips. It is not 'greasy', and for optimal effect, no lip balm should be used underneath. It is true that a lip softener is added for use over the color. Always use! Good results from our test include Lipfinity (Max Factor), Forever Lipcolour (Maybelline). Do you want a brand that is extra affordable and that keeps its distance from animal testing, even abroad? Then the long-lasting lip color from Etos is a good choice. Equally less durable but also competitively priced, the Hema long-lasting lip color turned out.


  1. Without scary silicone, but fuller lips? Which also sparkle excitingly? Try a volumizer. Stimulating ingredients stimulate blood flow and plump up your lips. A glossy effect enhances this. Especially volume lip gloss Lip Venom by Duwop is hugged to death by celebs. Britney Spears and Naomi Watts use it natural, Mandy Moore, Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Aniston color. Why? Duwop's Lauren Hilton: 'It's very spicy, with ginger and cinnamon. It's strong stuff, but almost addictive! ' Funny rumor: it is used as an aphrodisiac, or aphrodisiac. Our test: if you go through life with a thin lip, Lip Venom is a godsend: even without lipstick your mouth is redder and fuller. The tingling is constantly reminding you of your lips. Some like that, some rather annoying. It is a pity that it wears off after an hour or so. More products to try for volume: Full Volume Lipstick from Rimmel (Kate Moss uses the red shade "Screamer)," Perfect Lips (DA drugstores).

Trend: pastels

  1. Maybelline's makeup artist Justin Henry belongs to the New York 'incrowd' and makes celebs like Josie Maran, Alicia Keys, Naomi Watts and Kylie beautiful. Justin: 'Pastels are big news, for spring and summer! Forever Lipcolor from Maybelline therefore comes with beautiful pastels. Peach pink is soft, feminine and wearable. Lips are soft, fun and transparent. Pastels are flattering on all skin tones. Gloss stays hot. Especially semi-matte gloss, such as Watershine Gloss. Lip lines are not really 'big' anymore. You do not mask, but emphasize your natural beauty. I also see that trend with my celebrity clients in LA and NY. Wearable, not too intense. Also consider a 'no-lip' look with nude colors such as beige. So, the trend is a simpler, clean but very feminine 'lip look' where you can emphasize your eyes extra. '

Indispensable: lip pencil

  1. A lip pencil can do more than you think. For example, you correct or emphasize (subtly!) Your lip contours with it. Hollie Marie Combes sculpts her slightly narrow lips with a lip pencil from the Body Shop. If you want to change the shape of your mouth yourself, first make the 'surface' neutral with foundation and powder. Never go outside the 'flesh line' with the pencil, that is the tangible edge where your lips merge into your facial skin; this way you avoid the dreaded Pipo de Clown effect. Do you want a night out with a funny Japanese geisha mouth? Start a line very narrow at the corners of your mouth and end overly heart-shaped in the middle, on the so-called 'cupid's bow'. With lip pencil you also make your lip color more durable. First color in completely with lip pencil, then the lipstick over it. The lip pencil immediately forms a barrier against lipstick smudges. Scarlett Johansson uses Duwop's 'Reverse Lip-Liner' for this.

Lip Psychology

  1. Believe it or not! If your mouth is narrow, it indicates a straightforward, precise character, according to 'lip psychology'. A full mouth means generous disposition, while a wide mouth would indicate gluttony… it's just what you believe!

Take care

  1. If your lips are full of skin and chapped, even the most beautiful lipsticks will not make you 'kissable'. The trusted Labello stick is available natural or in subtle colors, with gloss or glitter effect. Prefer something more luxurious? Lancômes Primordiale Lèvres nourishes and makes your lip contour fuller and more beautiful. Budget tip: nut or mango flavored lip butter from the Hema, or just that jar of petroleum jelly from the bathroom cabinet. Celeb makeup artist Henry of Maybelline's gives this tip: Before applying, massage your lips with a damp cloth. This improves circulation, removes dead skin cells and optimally prepares for lipstick and gloss.

Sexy Facts

  1. Seducing lips, that's well known. But why actually? Well… it is said that your lips are reminiscent of your 'second mouth'. Need we say more? And, the University of Louisville did research, and what turned out? Full, pink or red lips enhance your sexual appeal like no other. With lipsticks you imitate a natural process. Because if you feel attracted to someone, your lips will 'blush', as it were. And that attracts men like honey bees! No wonder we want full, pink or red lips!

The box of tricks

  1. If you bought a lipstick, but the color turns out to be too intense, apply a lot of lip balm before applying, or a thin layer of gloss (yes, for the lipstick). A narrow mouth becomes even narrower in dark and red tones. Mother of pearl and shine, on the other hand, makes for fuller. Don't have a volume-giving lip product at hand? Massage your lips with a slice of lemon, it will make them redder and have better circulation. A habit among harem women from (luckily) days gone by ... Tip from celeb makeup artist James Kaliardos: mix your favorite lipsticks, for a surprising result! Also very creative: colored gloss over a contrasting color lipstick. For example pink gloss over red lipstick. Amazing!

Celebrity design!

  1. The celeb-design lipstick is very hip. For Cosmeticsalacarte, where Kate Moss is a fan, Danii Minogue designed a candy pink lipstick. Sophie Ellis Bextor of course opted for striking flamingo pink and Stones daughter and heavy rock chick Leah Wood designed the neon pink shade with blue (!) Shimmer. Knowing more? Check out the London site Not cheap, but then you also have something. And it makes a difference that the English Pound is nice and low.

Want to test it?

  1. Common beauty blooper: You don't test lipstick on the back of your hand, but on your fingertips. Color and relief are most similar to your lips there.

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