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What methods of hair removal are there?

  1. Depilation is the removal of unwanted hair growth. Unwanted hair growth can occur on all parts of the body. Almost all women depilate their legs and bikini line, especially in the summer. Men generally shave their beards. There are many different methods for removing body hair. This article wants to give a general idea of ​​the different hair removal methods and cannot be used as a guide on how to hair removal. Consult the packaging before use.

Why hair removal?

  1. Often people remove themselves because they do not like the hair they have. Hair removal is not something of the fashion trend in recent years, the Greeks, Romans and the ancient Egyptians already got rid of their body hair. Hair removal is often done because people find it more beautiful, from a hygienic point of view or erotic preferences. Sometimes it is also done because it is better for the sport one is doing. Swimmers, for example, experience less resistance in the water.

Methods of hair removal

  1. There are different hair removal methods, everyone has their own preference for a particular method. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with every method of hair removal. Also with one method the hairs stay away longer than with the other method.


  1. This is the most common method of hair removal. Shaving can be done in different methods, you can use shaving cream, dry shave, wet shave or shave with oil. In all cases you need a razor blade. When shaving with foam, you should first wet your legs (or wherever you want to shave) with water. After this, you can take some shaving cream from the can and rub it on your legs. The water ensures that the gel in the can foams more easily. If you want to shave dry all you need is a razor, this is especially useful if you don't have much time. It is good to apply a cream after shaving because your skin can start to look dry and flaky when dry shaving. You can, for example, wet shave in the shower or bath, you only use the water and a razor. You can buy oil in small bottles of which you only need a few drops. This is very useful if you go on holiday and do not want to take a lot of luggage with you, a small bottle fits more easily between your toiletries than a can with shaving cream. Shaving hair removal is painless unless you accidentally cut yourself with the blade. The disadvantage of shaving is that the hairs grow back quickly. The next day you can often feel the stubble again and the hairs are soon visible again.

Resins or waxes

  1. When waxing or waxing you use a sticky resin that you smear on the body part to be depilated. Then with a quick movement, using a strip that you put over the resin, you pull the resin with the hairs that stick in it from the skin. Because the hairs are completely removed from the skin, the hairs stay away for about 3 to 8 weeks during waxing. Just like shaving, there are different methods of waxing:


  1. Epilation is the pulling out of the hair, often using tweezers on small surfaces such as the eyebrows. Epilation can also be done with an epilator that pulls the hair out of the skin by means of a rotating head that grasps the hair. The hairs are pulled out of the hair follicle together with the hair root. It therefore takes about 3 to 6 weeks before the hairs become visible again. Because the hair follicle does not break, this is a temporary way of hair removal, but it is possible that the hair follicle is damaged and some hairs do not grow back. Waxing is also a form of epilation because it also pulls the hair out of the skin.

​​Electric epilation

  1. ​​The hair is pricked with a needle in order to reach the hair follicle. Subsequently, an electric shock is given in the hair follicle, which destroys it and prevents the production of new hair. This is a permanent form of hair removal. Because we work with an electric shock, the treatment is not painless. It is a time consuming job to puncture all hairs one by one and therefore multiple treatments will often be required.

Depilatory cream or depilatory mousse

  1. Apply or spray depilatory cream or mousse on the body part to be depilated and let it work for a few minutes. The structure of the hair is affected by a chemical reaction and you can easily rinse or scrape them off the skin after the exposure time. This method gives a slightly longer-lasting effect than shaving as it also removes the hair just below the surface of the skin. So the hair has a slightly longer way to grow back than when shaving. But this effect will only be a few days before the hairs are felt and visible again. Be careful not to let the product work for longer than stated in the instructions for use, as this can cause burn marks on the skin.

Body sugaring

  1. Body sugaring is like waxing because you also put a paste on the skin and then pull it off with hair and all. The difference is in the composition of the paste, it is made from sugar, lemon juice, water, gum arabic and other ingredients. This is where the name 'Body sugaring' comes from. The pasta is also cold and you cannot burn yourself. The skin feels soft and smooth after the treatment because the sugar acts as a kind of peeling, the sugar residues that have stuck to the skin can easily be washed off with a wet cloth or washcloth. Instead of a quick jerk to get all the resin off your legs, with body sugaring you make small short jerks on the paste called 'flicks'.


  1. With a laser beam, unwanted hair growth is lasered away. Laser light is a narrow beam of light of a wavelength that is very concentrated. The energy of the laser beam is absorbed by the pigment in the hair that goes to the hair follicle. This destroys the hair follicle and prevents the hair follicle from producing new hair. This treatment is most effective for people with dark hair and light skin because here the most pigment is in the hair and little in the skin. Blonde, red or gray hair has too little pigment to absorb the light and cannot be removed with this method. Having fair skin works best because otherwise the pigment in your skin will also absorb the light from the laser, which can be painful. Multiple laser treatments are required because the hair must be in the growth phase for the laser to work. The treatment is permanent but there is always a risk of hair regrowth. It is also possible that down hairs develop into stiffer hair, then an extra treatment is possible. Due to the stronger intensity of the light beam from the laser, the method is more effective but also more expensive than an IPL treatment.


  1. An IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment is very similar to a laser treatment. The difference is that instead of laser light flashes of light from a Xenon lamp are used. This is simply light in a strong concentration that is made up of several wavelengths. Furthermore, an IPL treatment, just like a laser treatment, is not suitable for all hair colors because of the pigment in the hair. Both IPL and laser treatments are relatively painless. The treatment will be more sensitive on more sensitive areas of the skin than on other areas of the skin.

Effectiveness of the treatments at a glance

  1. Not all treatments are equally permanent, with some hair removal methods the hair will be visible again within a few days, with others it will take a few weeks. Other methods are permanent. You can never be sure that the hair will stay out with the permanent hair removal methods. It is therefore better to speak of long-term hair removal than permanent hair removal.

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