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What's in a croquette and frikadel?

  1. These are perhaps the most bought snacks in the Netherlands: frikandellen and croquettes. Most people eat an average of dozens a year. Both snacks are therefore typically Dutch inventions! Despite this popularity, however, there are still a lot of tall stories surrounding both croquettes and frikandellen.

  1. It would contain the nastiest ingredients: tails, eyes, even brains… That's why people are often a bit reticent about it. Today we take a closer look at those ingredients. What's in a croquette? What's in a frikandel? And because we remain a health blog after all: how good (or bad) they actually are, and how do you make them healthier?

What's in a frikandel?

  1. Ask any passer-by what is in a frikandel, and you have a good chance that pig's eyes will pass by in the answer. In other words, the myth is firmly in it! However, its origin is unclear - it is absolutely not true. Under Dutch law it is not even allowed to process body parts such as eyes and brains in food.

  1. What does frikandel contain? Generally, it is a mixture of chicken, pork and horse meat. Usually the frikandel is filled with so-called residual meat â € “more about that in a moment. It also contains a spice mixture, which gives the snack its distinctive flavor.

What's in a croquette?

  1. Less strong stories circulate about the croquette. However, that does not mean that people have a better idea of ​​the ingredients! A fact that many people are surprised about is that a croquette consists of only about 15% meat. The rest of the filling consists of roux â € “butter and margarine with cream â €“ supplemented with extra whipped cream for more creaminess.

  1. The meat is finely cut in it and stirred through. In addition, the croquette naturally also contains the necessary herbs and spices. And finally, here is the firm breadcrumbs crust that keeps the snack neat in shape when fried.

What is residual meat?

  1. For both frikandels and croquettes, 'residual meat' is generally used. That may be a reason for all the crazy rumors surrounding the ingredients. After all, leftover meat doesn't sound very tasty - a bit like the inedible last bits left on an animal. However, that is not so bad. Rather, it is about the meat that remains after all the â € beautifulâ € ™ pieces have been removed.

  1. For example, a chicken has more meat mass than just legs, wings and fillets. Thanks to products such as the frikandel and croquette, about three-quarters of that remaining meat is still used. So it is not at all about dirty residues such as eyes and tails. In fact, this type of meat is an excellent way to reduce food waste.

Frikandel and croquette healthy

  1. Unfortunately, that does not mean that you have to eat the croquette every day. These snacks may be tasty - healthy is generally different. For starters, they are naturally fried, often in unhealthy oil. That already produces an annoying amount of bad fats. In addition, both snacks contain a lot of salt and usually also some added sugar.

  1. With the good nutrients it is also a bit disappointing. As mentioned, there is hardly any meat in a croquette, which means that the proteins are also not that bad. And the roux contains a good dose of extra calories due to the butter, margarine and whipped cream. Also for the frikandel applies: there are hardly any useful substances in it.

Make your own frikandel

  1. Fortunately, there is an easy solution: make your own snacks. Especially with frikandellen that is not that difficult at all. Moreover, you hardly need different ingredients for it. In this recipe we cut down on the meat a bit and add sweet potato to achieve the right consistency without all that breadcrumbs.

Make your own croquette

  1. Making croquettes is a bit more difficult, but that can also be healthier. In this case we add a surprising ingredient: chickpeas! This makes the filling without having to throw in large spoons of butter.

  2. Making croquettes is a bit more difficult, but that can also be healthier. In this case we add a surprising ingredient: chickpeas! This will make the filling without having to throw in large spoons of butter.

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