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When superfoods become unhealthy!

  1. Superfoods are now an indispensable part of the Western food landscape. There is another beneficial powder for every mineral, and a different exotic berry for every vitamin. Often the benefits are grossly exaggerated, but fortunately they still do little harm.

  1. However, this is not always the case. There are indeed circumstances in which superfoods become unhealthy, especially if you eat a lot of them! We explain in today's blog why every miracle cure can have its drawbacks.

What are superfoods?

  1. The term superfood is widely used, but there is no clear definition for it. Usually something is said about relatively high concentrations of certain foods, such as vitamins, minerals or antioxidants. That's a pretty flexible limit, though, because what is a high concentration?

  1. The result is that anyone can call their products superfoods without any problems. This also applies to products whose health claims are considerably exaggerated. And even for products that have unhealthy qualities in addition to their healthy properties.

When are superfoods unhealthy?

  1. There are several situations in which superfoods can turn out unhealthy. Below we list the four main problems.

  1. Of course it is nice if a product contains a lot of a certain substance. However, many people see the label 'superfood' as a reason to eat as much of it as possible. And that is not such a good idea. There are enough substances of which an overdose is just as unhealthy as a deficiency. A few examples:

  1. Then there are superfoods that can create unpleasant side effects in certain situations. Sometimes this is because people appear to be allergic to it, sometimes because of an interaction with certain medicines. A few examples:

  1. And then there are the superfoods with ingredients that are unhealthy for everyone. Sometimes this is due to careless production, sometimes simply because the product is not that healthy at all. A few examples are:

One-sided eating pattern

  1. Finally, superfoods create the danger of a one-sided diet. Some people eat so many crazy seeds and fruits that the base is lost a little. And then you suddenly find yourself with a shortage of very normal vitamins and minerals, which you could have solved just by eating a few sandwiches now and then.

  1. To prevent superfoods from becoming unhealthy, remember that no single product can reverse an unhealthy diet on its own. Variety, sufficient fruit and vegetables and few unhealthy additives are your first priority. If you have that in order, the superfoods are usually no longer necessary!

  1. If you still want to use them, do so in moderation - and with an eye for the possible risks of overuse.

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