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Which pasta is healthy?

  1. Coincidentally, this article will be about one of my tastiest dishes. Actually they are several dishes, but I love everything with the ingredient pasta. With fish, vegetables, meat, etc. You can not think weird enough if I have eaten it once and I really like all kinds of dishes.

  1. Unfortunately I can't eat it every day (I certainly did if I could), but too much pasta can't always be good for your health.

  1. In fact, there are also types of pasta that are not good for your health in advance. In this article I'll give you some facts about pasta!

  1. Just a quick remark, on the right in the picture is my favorite dish: Pasta bolognese!

What is pasta?

  1. Have you ever asked yourself what pasta actually is? Pasta is (when talking about pasta) another name for Italian noodles. Most known types of pasta are:

  1. Those 5 types of pasta mentioned above are poor and top 5 of the most famous. In total there are more than 20 different types. There are a maximum of 8 pieces in the supermarket. Do you want to try the rest? Then you will be able to contact the local specialist or plan a trip to Italy.

  1. Over the years thousands of different recipes have really sprung up on how to make a dish with pasta. It can actually be combined with everything we do: with fish, meat, vegetables, etc.

  1. How is it made?

  1. Pasta is made from hard grains (wheat) that can be formed in many different ways. Hence, there are also many different types of pasta. Sometimes water is also used in the production of pasta, but real pasta does not contain water and this is certainly not used in the production process!

  1. 2 kinds of pasta

  1. In principle there are only 2 types of main paste from which the other types are made.

Pasta is not unhealthy ???

  1. I assume that everyone has tasted pasta at some point, so I will not tell you what it tastes like! People think that you get fat when you eat a lot of pasta. This is, of course, complete nonsense. A normal portion of cooked pasta for me means 100 grams and will work out at about 350 Kcal. This of course depends on the type of pasta!

  1. The thing that can make you fat is the various additions such as profiteroles, cheeses, pesto and you name it! These are the very things that can make pasta "bad"!

  1. For example, if you add some vegetables to pasta it will be a good and balanced meal!

  1. You can make pasta unhealthy

  1. A fresh pasta with tomato sauce will be very good for you because it provides you with enough energy through the tomato sauce and good nutrients such as anti-oxidants. So don't fill it up with “liters” of fat cheese sauces, for example!

Which pasta is healthy?

  1. As mentioned above, pasta is not bad in advance. Whole grain pasta based on whole grains really gives you even more good nutrients! The pasta varieties based on whole grains are rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants, good fiber and lignans!

  1. The weekly consumption of pasta (whole grain pasta) has proven to be a good addition to your diet and will accelerate the development of healthy heart and blood vessels, it prevents cancer and has a very good effect on digestion!

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