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15 signs your house is haunted

  1. You hear footsteps on top of the landing, knowing there is no one above. Doors slam shut by themselves. Things that you use faintly disappear and reappear in a different place for no reason. The kitchen light switches on by itself or there is a strange perfume in the air. These are some indications that it could be haunted in your home.

Unexplained noises

  1. Footsteps, knocking, droning, scratching noises. Sounds of things falling. Sometimes sounds are quite soft, but they can also suddenly be very loud

Doors and cupboards that open and close

  1. Very often this happens while no one sees it. Most of the time the person experiencing it hears the sound of doors opening or closing. Or you just walk out of the room to come back and see that your cupboards are open. It can also happen that your furniture is suddenly in a different arrangement, or completely different.

Lamps that turn on and off

  1. This incident is often not seen either. But it often happens that the lamp suddenly turns on, while you were sure that you had turned it off. This can also happen with televisions, radios and other electrical appliances.

Items that disappear and appear

  1. It often happens that you suddenly cannot find your keys, which you normally always have in the same place. You are looking everywhere but a little later they are back in place, while you were sure that they were just gone. It's like someone borrowed them quickly.

Inexplicable shadows

  1. Seeing transient shadows and shapes, usually seen from the corner of the eye. Most of the time these shadows have faint human shapes, but sometimes they are a bit smaller.

Feeling that someone is watching

  1. This is a common feeling and can be attributed to many things. The idea that you are constantly being watched, but when you turn around there is nothing or nobody. If you usually have it in a particular area of ​​the house, it could be a sign.

Weird animal behavior

  1. A dog or a cat can suddenly show strange behavior. Dogs may bark at something that is not visible, or suddenly refuse to enter a certain room. Cats often watch something moving around the room. Animals have sharper senses than humans, and many researchers believe their psychic abilities are higher than humans.

Slight psychokinetic phenomena

  1. Hearing a door open and close is one thing, but actually seeing it happen is another. Similarly, seeing a light go off and on again is greater proof that something inexplicable is really happening. Have you seen the radio turn on and off, or maybe your child's music toy starts playing for no reason? Windows and doors that lock and unlock again. Some people report that when they are in bed, they can hear or feel someone sitting on the bed.

Sense of touch

  1. The feeling that you are being watched all the time is 1 thing, but it can also happen that you have the feeling that someone or something has touched you. Some people feel something moving quickly or feel something against their hand or shoulder. It can also be a light nudge or a pat.

Cold and warm places

  1. Cold spots are seen as a classic example of haunted places. But any inexplicable change in temperature can be taken as evidence.

Unexplained smells

  1. The pungent scent of a particular perfume that you do not use yourself, or perhaps the scent of smoke while you are not smoking. It comes and goes and often hangs in certain places in your house. They can also be unpleasant smells that you cannot explain.

Flying or moving objects

  1. Your plates that slide over the table, paintings that fly off the wall, doors that slam shut and furniture that shifts. This all falls under the poltergeist phenomena.

Physical attack

  1. You get scratched, hit or pushed pretty hard, or get pulled. These shapes are rare, but are quite annoying.

Other tangible evidence

  1. Inexplicable texts / drawings on for example the walls or on paper. Hand or foot prints


  1. The manifestation of a spirit or entity. These incidents come in different forms. It may be because of a human-looking fog that appears. Or through something transparent that is increasingly taking shape. It appears gradually but can disappear very quickly, through the wall or while looking at it.

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