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Coconut oil against candida infection

  1. A fungal infection is one of the most common conditions worldwide. The symptoms are not always obvious and they can be very different from person to person. Yet there are many natural means to stop a yeast infection.

  1. An example of a very strong natural remedy for fungal infection is coconut oil. I briefly discussed the effects of coconut oil on candida in a previous article.

  1. But following a question I decided to write a more extensive article about it, as there are still some uncertainties about the effect of coconut oil.

  1. When you are diagnosed with a yeast infection, treatment is started with drugs to kill the excess candida in the body. Although this method of treatment is effective, many people experience unpleasant side effects and there is no guarantee that candida will stay away.

  1. The result is that you have to undergo regular treatment and still suffer from fungal infections.

  1. Very remarkable is that a fungal infection is a disease of the Western world. In countries where a lot of coconut is present in the diet, there are remarkably few people with fungal infections. This is because coconuts are full of anti-viral and anti-fungal agents.

  1. However, getting rid of a fungal infection is not as easy as it may sound. Especially when there is candida overgrowth, where the balance in your body is completely disturbed.

  1. The most important thing is to restore the balance as soon as possible and to strengthen the good bacteria in your body.

  1. Coconut oil can help you with this because it is packed with anti-viral and anti-fungal agents. This strengthens the good bacteria and weakens the bad bacteria.

  1. This is because coconuts contain caprylic acid and this attacks the candida yeast at the cellular level by disrupting the cell membrane. This is the same effect that drugs have on a yeast infection!

  1. Video Clip

  1. Below an interesting video clip of Dr. Joseph Mercola explaining the benefits of coconut oil and good fats:

  1. One misconception about coconut oil is that it is full of bad saturated fats.

  1. It is true that you have to be careful when eating saturated fats, but those are the saturated fats from animals!

  2. It is true that you must be careful when eating saturated fats, but those are the saturated fats from animals!

  1. Not all saturated fats are the same, which is also the reason that coconut oil does not cause any problems. According to some researchers, coconut oil is healthier than olive or linseed oil. The reason why this is stated is because the fats in coconut oil are composed differently.

  1. The saturated fats from dairy and animal products are many times worse for the body because they directly affect your cholesterol levels. But coconut oil has no effect on your cholesterol, making it a healthy type of fat!

  1. In fact, it protects your heart and lowers your cholesterol!

  1. You are not supposed to take too much coconut oil. It is recommended to take a maximum of 3 tablespoons per day and start with 1 teaspoon so that your body can get used to it first.

  1. If you suffer from a yeast infection it is important not to take the full amount immediately because you run an increased risk of the so-called candida that off symptoms. This means that you are reducing the candida in your body too quickly, which can make the symptoms even worse. Candida is needed in our body in small amounts!

  1. The best way is to gradually reduce the amount of candida yeast in your body until the balance is fully restored.

  1. A good tip is to use coconut oil for example in your salad, on a sandwich or during cooking. This way it is not difficult to get enough of the healthy fats.

  1. You may also have a fungal skin infection. This form of yeast infection is uncommon and may well indicate candida overgrowth.

  1. Then it is best to get checked by a doctor, because candida overgrowth can be very dangerous for your health. A good tip is to put a little coconut oil on the skin where you are bothered.

  1. The ingredients of coconut oil kill the candida immediately and you will experience an improvement. Of course start slowly and increase the amount slowly.

  1. When you buy coconut oil, you have to pay close attention to the quality. Not every coconut oil is equally good and therefore vigilance is required. It is best to look for virgin or extra virgin coconut oil (organic coconut oil) that is not hydrogenated.

  1. This means that the coconut oil is made in the same way as the well-known and good olive oil brands. You have to choose a product that is cold pressed from FRESH coconuts!

  1. The cheap oils are made from dried coconuts instead of fresh ones and you simply shouldn't have them because they contain a lot of bad and unhealthy fats. So if you buy coconut oil you have to take a critical look at it otherwise it will do more harm than good!

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