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Lowering high blood pressure: tips and advice

  1. Too high blood pressure, about 15% of the Dutch population has high blood pressure. Researchers expect that a third of all adults worldwide will soon have high blood pressure. What is blood pressure? What can we do against high blood pressure? Tips for lowering blood pressure. Advice to change the diet so that the blood pressure goes low. Advice for controlling blood pressure.

What is blood pressure?

  1. The blood has to flow through the body, through the arteries. The heart squeezes to pump blood through these arteries. The pressure placed on these arteries is blood pressure.

What is top pressure?

  1. The top pressure of blood pressure is when the heart is contracting. Blood pressure is highest here.

What is negative pressure?

  1. The depression of blood pressure is when the heart relaxes. Blood pressure is lowest here.


  1. Blood pressure fluctuates, in everyone and in young and old. The blood pressure value will be lower early in the morning and late in the evening, while the blood pressure will be slightly higher in the afternoon. Blood pressure will rise during movement but also when the mood changes, for example due to anger.

Big problem

  1. Researchers at the American Tulane University in New Orleans expect that one third of all adults worldwide will have high blood pressure by the year 2025. Experts expect that having high blood pressure will cause greater problems. Causes of a rise in blood pressure are:


  1. Having too high a blood pressure can have various causes:

Wrong lifestyle: unhealthy living

  1. The main cause of high blood pressure is our wrong lifestyle. These wrong living habits need to be addressed if we want to lower blood pressure :)

Blood pressure lowering agents

  1. Often the results with regular antihypertensive drugs and also homeopathy for high blood pressure are disappointing, with a few exceptions. In some cases, slightly elevated blood pressure-lowering drugs can have some positive effect. Without an adjustment and an improvement in lifestyle and eating habits, blood pressure will not drop sufficiently. Never stop taking antihypertensive drugs without consulting your doctor!

During pregnancy

  1. The pregnant woman with high blood pressure must do something about the high blood pressure: a life-threatening situation can arise if the blood pressure is really too high, both for the mother and the baby. No matter how horrible, but in some cases the pregnancy must be terminated if the situation is dangerous for mother and child due to the high blood pressure. During pregnancy, the pregnant woman's blood pressure should be lower than normal. Normally a blood pressure of 120/80 is, the blood pressure during pregnancy rises around 140/90 measures are really desirable!

Do it yourself

  1. What can we do ourselves to control the blood pressure and to prevent it from rising excessively high? How can we prevent high blood pressure?

Eat healthy and use less salt

  1. An American study, the DASH study (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) has shown that a diet rich in:


  1. Some tips to lower blood pressure:


  1. Some advice for anyone who would like to keep blood pressure under control:

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