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Meat substitutes: bean curd, tofu, quorn, falafel and seitan

  1. No meat food two days a week and you make a significant contribution to the environment. But what are meat substitutes now?

Meat guide

  1. The meat guide - designed in a credit card format that easily fits in your wallet - contains information about animal and environmental friendliness per type of meat. Handy for the supermarket. Organic ground beef, for example, scores high in terms of animal friendliness, but less so when it comes to environmental pollution. With chicken it is exactly the other way around: this type of meat scores high in terms of environmental pollution, but again low on the animal-friendliness rankings.

Meat substitutes

  1. To accommodate both the environment and animal welfare, meat restriction is recommended. If you go twice a week

Bean curd or tofu

  1. Tahoe or tofu: is a kind of cake made from boiled soybeans.


  1. Tahoe and tofu originate from Asia. It was used 2,000 years ago for both its nutritional value and the many ways you can use it. It was first produced in Europe around 1880. Tofu is the Chinese name, tofu the Indonesian.


  1. There are plenty of tofu / tofu recipes. A nice site is


  1. Tahoe and tofu are for sale in just about every supermarket. It is also available at Indian and Chinese Asian shops.


  1. Quron is Is a vegetable product, it contains a specific kind of fungal protein.


  1. In the English village of Marlow, researchers discovered an organism growing in the ground. Researchers developed this mycoprotein and turned it into a product accessible to the consumer. Quorn has been an authorized product since 1985.


  1. On you will find a large number of delicious recipes for dishes with quorn


  1. Quorn is available in most major supermarkets and health food stores.


  1. Seitan is a high protein product. It is also called wheat meat. It is made from wheat gluten and often supplemented with herbs such as bay leaf. The additions of herbs give seitan a nice spicy taste. it is low in calories and fat and very rich in protein.


  1. Seitan has centuries of history. At first it was mainly eaten in China, Japan and Russia. It has also been available in the Netherlands for about fifteen years.


  1. Seitan can be served with rice, spaghetti or macaroni. Like meat, you can also bake and roast it.


  1. Seitan is for sale at the better-equipped health food stores.

Ready to go

  1. In recent years, many ready-made meat substitutes such as vegetable burgers and cheese soufflés have been for sale in the supermarket. The products have greatly improved in terms of taste and structure. Worth trying.


  1. Falafel consists of fried balls of chickpeas or broad beans. that doesn't sound very attractive, but it is delicious.


  1. Until about ten years ago, falafel was mainly eaten in the Middle East. Nowadays a falafel sandwich is for sale at many Turkish or Moroccan snack bars.


  1. On you can find delicious recipes for falafel.

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