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Milk and Acne

  1. Is there a link between drinking milk and acne? This is not something new under the sun, if you ask a dermatologist or doctor, it is stated that acne is not caused by too many dairy products. Yet more and more research is emerging to prove the opposite.

  1. From my own experience I can say that drinking milk is not wise if you suffer from acne and have to stop immediately because of the hormones present. In this article, I'll dive deeper into dairy products and acne. It must be said that dairy products are not necessarily bad and that you should pay particular attention to the source and quantity.

  1. This is because milk comes from a pregnant cow and is exposed to the hormones of a pregnant cow. These hormones stimulate a bodily hormonal response, causing MORE sebum to be produced and thus impurities to form in the skin more quickly. Combine this with an overproduction of sebum, clogged pores and you get more acne.

  1. Recent research has shown (American Journal of Dermatology) that people who drink a lot of milk are 44% more likely to develop severe acne. This number is not only pimples in teenagers, but also in adults. I regularly get reports from people who are reducing their intake of dairy products and getting better skin.

  1. Milk contains hormones for the benefit of milk production, so that the human body is also exposed to extra hormones! We are not actually designed for these hormones from a cow and this effect is enhanced in teenagers because of the hormonal changes already present in the body.

  1. To make matters worse, these growth hormones cause the skin to produce new cells more quickly, so that the old skin cells remain on the skin and can clog the pores. In addition, most milk also contains the following:

  1. Why? This is because most cows do not live in a good environment where such conditions occur much more quickly. Now you can also opt for organic fresh milk and of course this is a much better source! That is why milk that does not keep for a long time is a better option because antibiotics, bacteria and viruses are not or less present or are less harmful.

  1. I myself drink to a limited extent a glass of â € ˜â € ™ kefir â € ™ â € ™ (kind of buttermilk) or take some low-fat yogurt with oatmeal every now and then. Now I understand that it is better to leave milk whole, but I go very well on my plate with oatmeal and glass of kefir.

  1. The amount of dairy products depends on the degree of acne you have.

  1. In addition, kefir is made from organic milk and contains many of the good living bacteria for a healthy intestinal flora and you can drink to a limited extent if you suffer from acne. But it is better to avoid dairy products as much as possible and replace with soy milk or yogurt if you have a lot of acne on the skin!

  1. Regarding the amount of dairy products I have made a diagram below:

  1. Below the phases regarding milk production if you suffer from acne:

  1. The next logical question is of course is it not possible to get milk from a non-pregnant cow? This is possible, but a cow that is not pregnant does not produce nearly as much milk and from an economic standpoint is not profitable.

  1. That is why it is much more difficult to get such milk. In addition, most cows produce milk in a cycle and when the milk production decreases most of these cows go to the slaughterhouse for meat. That's the reality.

  1. There is certainly a link between milk and acne and is supported by studies. If you currently suffer from acne, I recommend that you avoid dairy products based on milk and replace it with soy. The myth that you are not getting enough calcium is false because, in addition to milk, a healthy, balanced diet also contains enough calcium and vitamins.

  1. Whole grain products, for example, contain a lot of calcium, and vegetables such as spinach too, and it just goes to show how important nutrition is to fight acne. If you are looking for a total solution to get rid of acne, I recommend that you check out my method or read more on my acne blog.

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