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Organic Shea Butter Against Eczema

  1. Good skin care is extremely important, especially now that winter is approaching. In the winter period, many people with eczema suffer from additional complaints because the skin needs extra protection against cold, sweat that cannot evaporate and dirt that remains in the clothing.

  1. I have experience with this myself because I myself have a very dry skin and a correct moisture balance is necessary. Now came across an interesting article about the wonderful properties of shea butter and eczema and decided to investigate further whether it really works against eczema.

  1. Now there are dozens of products on the market, but not every shea butter is equally good I found out. Very important is that you buy 100% organic shea butter because non-organic doesn't work nearly as well to moisturize your skin.

  1. The best shea butter is fresh and sourced from Africa and is made from nuts that grow there. It is an old product and the inhabitants there also use it to protect themselves from the warm climate.

Operation of Shea butter (video fragment):

  1. Great for dry skin

  1. For people with dry skin and eczema, the product is great because it is completely organic and keeps the skin supple and moist. In addition, the effect lasts for several hours and if you suffer from eczema it is very annoying to constantly have to reapply an ointment.

Below are some of the benefits of shea butter:

  1. Because shea butter is extremely greasy, your face may have problems at first and you may have to get used to it. This of course depends on each person, which is why it is wise to first apply a layer on your legs, neck and arms, because the skin is thicker there. Also be careful with an allergy to nuts and therefore test thoroughly before applying too much!

Scientific research on shea butter against eczema

  1. In the meantime, ointments with shea butter as an ingredient have also been scientifically tested for the effect against eczema. In this study, the participants first had to stop all treatments they were currently undergoing to regain the eczema as it naturally occurred to them.

  1. Then they were allowed to use the ointment from shea butter and other ingredients. This study showed that this helped to reduce the eczema complaints within 2 weeks. In this study it was an ointment that also contained other ingredients, such as salt and vitamin B. These can therefore also be indicated as a cause for reducing the eczema complaints. Still, the addition of shea butter is remarkable and substantiates the claim that it can certainly be good for people who suffer from eczema.

  1. Also in another study in which an ointment with shea butter extract was tested, results could be seen after 4 weeks in reducing eczema complaints. In this case, the ointment helped 75% of the people who used it. That's 3 out of 4 people who have benefited from this ointment in which shea butter extract was added.

Finally ...

  1. To treat your eczema as well as possible, it is important not to rely solely on ointments. The skin can also be protected from the inside against eczema complaints. Having a healthy diet with as few foods that cause inflammation as possible is important. This means that you eat as little added sugars as possible and as few trans fats as possible. Because of this it is often important to stop snacking and snacking.

  1. Instead, eat more vegetables, fruit, nuts and fish. These ingredients generally have an anti-inflammatory effect, which is only good for eczema. Probiotics can also influence the immune system in such a way that it is less likely to identify the wrong cells as the enemy.

  1. The shea butter is definitely an ingredient that you can use to treat your eczema. It is important to use the butter correctly. If you want to build purely on the finer, it is important to use 100% organic shea butter. Always test this on a small area of ​​skin first and then wait 24 hours to see if it is still a trigger for your eczema.

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