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Review: Smart Cooking Spray from Body Fitshop! - Our opinion!

  1. Many people who want to lose weight struggle with fat. On the one hand, you do need some, and they are often useful in the kitchen. On the other hand, they also contain quite a few calories! So it is better not to take more of it than necessary.

  1. One of the ways to avoid a high fat intake is to use a Smart Cooking Spray. With that you can dose shortening much better. But what is a good spray? Today we will discuss those of the Body Fitshop!

What is a Smart Cooking Spray

  1. The idea of ​​a Smart Cooking Spray is very simple. When cooking and baking it is often helpful to grease oven dishes, pans, grills and other tools. Many people use lumps of butter and large shoots of oil for this. That quickly yields hundreds of extra calories.

  1. By spraying the oil instead, you save a lot of energy. The Original Smart Cooking Spray from Body Fit, for example, only supplies 2 kcal per spray. With a small amount of oil your pan or dish will be greased well.

Advantages of Smart Cooking Spray

  1. This saving of calories is the most important advantage of the Smart Cooking Spray. Even if you need a little more sprays, you can simply dose much better than with a whole bottle of olive oil. Especially if you often bake or grill, the total difference in energy can quickly increase.

  1. In addition, the Smart Cooking Spray also delivers healthy, unsaturated fats. Only 6.5 g is saturated per 100 g. That is less than, for example, olive oil. The Smart Cooking Spray is therefore better for the heart and blood vessels than, for example, a pat of butter.

Disadvantages Smart Cooking Spray

  1. It must be said, however, that these fats mainly come from rapeseed oil. This is indeed a vegetable oil, but one that mainly supplies omega 6 fats. Most people consume too much of it in relation to omega 3 fats.

  1. If you already use rapeseed oil anyway, that's not that much of a problem. In that case, the spray mainly helps you to use less of it. However, it is important to ensure that you also get enough omega 3.

Coconut or Original?

  1. In principle, such a Smart Cooking Spray is often quite useful. Now there are two variants available at Body Fit, Coconut and Original. Which of the two is the best choice? We compared them on three important aspects:

  1. Most people just use such a spray to get fewer calories. In that respect, the Original scores better than the Coconut. Where the first delivers 2 kcal per spray, that is 4 kcal with the second. In small quantities not a big difference, but of course it can add up.

  1. What about the health value of the Cooking Spray? You would expect the Coconut to be healthier, but since it contains only 10% coconut oil, that will be a bit disappointing. The Coconut also contains more saturated fat: 7.5 grams against 6.3 grams.

  1. Finally: which ingredients have been added to the Smart Cooking Spray? Fortunately, nothing contains sugar or salt. The Original contains further thickener and some water. Ethanol, an alcohol, has also been added to the Coconut. Unfortunately we do not know what quantity that is.

So… Buy Smart Cooking Spray?

  1. All in all, should you buy a Smart Cooking Spray? If you have trouble dosing cooking fats, it can be useful. In that case, the Original is a slightly healthier choice than the Coconut, which also provides a little less calories.

  1. You buy a Smart Cooking Spray for €3.90 per 200 ml. So that is slightly more expensive than a bottle of olive oil, but cheaper than most other baking sprays. You can order them here.

  2. You can buy a Smart Cooking Spray for €3.90 per 200 ml. So that is slightly more expensive than a bottle of olive oil, but cheaper than most other baking sprays. You can order them here.

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