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The Shangri-La Diet

  1. Losing weight is not easy. If you are on a diet, you have to be strict with yourself. The diet limits you in what you can eat, you have to count calories or points, and you also have the feeling that you are constantly starving yourself. Fortunately, Professor Seth Roberts has a solution for this: The Shangri-La Diet.


  1. The truth of the donut The hole in the donut Tasteless Method Sugar water Advantages and disadvantages of sugar water Olive oil Advantages and disadvantages of olive oil What can you expect? Frequently asked questions My experience with Shangri-La Closing

The truth of the donut

  1. We have always been told that if you want to lose weight, you should eat less. Every pound goes through the mouth. And it is also advisable to exercise a lot. But for a lot of people, including myself, this is more difficult than anyone makes it sound. And isn't it the case that two different foods with the same amount of calories can have a completely different effect on your body weight? We have never heard the complete truth about weight loss. It is not true that you have to eat less to lose weight. The Shangri-La Diet is based on a new weight loss theory, and you can even add to your diet!

The hole in the donut

  1. It is partly true that every pound goes through the mouth. If you take in too many calories, they are converted into fat. And then it doesn't matter from which food these calories come. But the missing piece of truth, the hole in the donut, is this: Food affects your weight in a different way, too. It affects your set point. This is the weight that your body "wants" to be. Your body temperature works in a similar way: when you are hot, you sweat to cool down, when you are cold, you tighten your muscles (shaking, chattering teeth) to get it warmer. This works the same with your weight. If you want to get an idea of ​​what your set point is, see the table below.


  1. The taste of a food determines the effect on your set point. We naturally love sweet and salty foods, but most flavors (like spinach) we need to learn to eat before we like them. This is because we learn to love a taste when our brain starts associating it with calories. The more often you eat something and get to know its taste, the more your body associates it with calories, and the more you like it. A food that you know well, such as cola or chocolate, will increase your set point. A food that you don't know or that has little flavor will lower your set point. A food with no flavor and therefore no association with calories will lower your set point even more. If you were to rate foods on a scale of 0 to 10 on how they affect your set point, raw vegetables would get a 4 and junk food a 10. There are even two foods known with a 0. You don't need these foods in large quantities. take - even a small amount will lower your set point a lot.

1. Sugar water

  1. You would expect sugar to be associated with calories, because it has flavor. However, research has shown that your brain deals differently with sugar than with other flavors. Drinking sugar water has the same effect as eating unflavored food: it lowers your set point and makes you lose weight.

2. Olive oil

  1. This is olive oil with as little flavor as possible. So don't use Extra Virgine, but for example Bertolli Delicato, I use this myself too. The color olive oil often shows whether it is suitable. The following applies: the lighter, the better. How you react to a particular brand of olive oil can vary from person to person. Each brand has a type of olive oil that is slightly lighter in taste.


  1. To follow the Shangri-La diet, you only have to stick to two rules.

Line 1. 100 to 500 calories per day in sugar water and / or oil.

  1. This is the amount of calories. 100 calories of sugar water equals 100 calories of oil. The choice of sugar water or oil is yours, it can also be combined. Later I will mention the advantages and disadvantages of sugar water and oil and the preparation method. It may sound crazy, but the more calories you consume in sugar water and / or oil per day, the more weight you will lose. You can play with the amounts, but try not to lose more than a kilo per week. Diets where you lose more than one kilo per week usually make you lose a lot of water, not fat.

Line 2. One hour before and one hour after the sugar water and / or oil no flavors.

  1. Suppose you plan to have lunch from 12 noon until 12:30 am, have your sugar water and / or oil at 11 am or 1:30 pm. So make sure you don't get any flavor at all an hour before and an hour after consuming the tasteless calories. These are meals, but also chewing gum, a cigarette, and you cannot brush your teeth during this time. You should take sugar water a little more slowly - as slowly as drinking hot tea, but oil can be taken just as quickly. It does not matter at what time of the day you take your sugar water / oil, because it has a long-lasting effect.

Sugar water

  1. If you want to use sugar water for your tasteless calories, remember that it is sugar water with no added flavor. So don't add anything, not even a little lemon juice. In addition, you must use real sugar because there must be calories in the sugar water, so you cannot use sweeteners such as aspartame or saccharin. The best choices are sugar cubes (sucrose) and fructose (fruit sugar).

How do you prepare sugar water?

  1. The table below indicates how much sugar you need for a certain sweetness of the water. Work with 15ml tablespoons. One tablespoon of sugar is approximately 45 calories, and is equal to 3 teaspoons and 3 medium sugar cubes.

Advantages and disadvantages of sugar water

  1. Benefits of sugar water Sweet taste

Disadvantages of sugar water

  1. Takes longer to take

Olive oil

  1. Besides sugar water you can also choose olive oil. Again, remember that it should be a type of olive oil with a light flavor, such as Bertolli Delicato. Because every olive oil has some flavor, it is advisable to keep your nose closed (with your hand, or with a nose clip for swimmers) while taking the oil. I myself have found a convenient way to take the oil through experimentation.

Advantages and disadvantages of olive oil

  1. Benefits of olive oil Healthy, also for your skin and hair

Disadvantages of olive oil

  1. Is sometimes considered strange or dirty

What can you expect?

  1. Some quickly notice the beneficial effects of the Shangri-La diet, others take a while to catch on. Often it depends on how much weight you want to lose. Do you want to lose a lot? Then you often quickly notice that it works. Do you already have a healthy BMI but want to lose a little more? Then it often takes a little longer before you notice the effects. Despite this, anyone on the Shangri-La Diet can lose weight. Besides weight loss, these are the effects you can expect from following the Shangri-La diet.

Frequently asked questions

  1. I find it difficult to drink oil. There are many ways to take the oil, including the technique I described earlier. As a result, you do not taste, smell and feel the oil at all. In addition, it may be a good solution to take a little bit of oil every time, it does not have to all at once. After taking the oil you can drink some water to get rid of the taste.

Can I combine the Shangri-La diet with another diet?

  1. Yes, it can be combined with other diets. Often times, Shangri-La makes it easier to follow a different diet because it curbs your appetite!

I have a headache since following this diet.

  1. This can happen. This is probably because you are taking less sugar / caffeine than normal. This usually resolves after a few days or a week.

I have a stomach ache.

  1. When using fructose for sugar water it can happen that you suffer from stomach pain. In that case it is better to use sucrose (normal sugar cubes). Even when taking olive oil you can suffer from stomach pain or even diarrhea in the beginning. This is because your intestines are not yet used to taking in oil. This is usually over after a week.

I'm more hungry than before.

  1. If you've chosen sugar water for your calories, your body may react in a way that makes you feel more hungry than before. Should this happen, it is wise to continue with oil.

My experience with Shangri-La

  1. I believe that a diet proves its power all the more when you know someone who has followed the diet successfully. I would like to share my experiences with you. From the end of June to the beginning of November 2009 I followed the Shangri-La diet for the first time, with the result that I reached my ideal weight!


  1. Give the process time. Many diets promise you a weight loss of 5 pounds per week, but this is not healthy. Shangri-La is not a panacea in the sense of extremely rapid weight loss, but it is a diet that you can continue with and you will continue to lose weight to whatever weight you want. Once you have reached your goal weight, taking sugar water or oil every day is no longer necessary. You probably already lose weight in your first week. It is common to lose a little more at first, then slow down a bit afterwards - that's normal.

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