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What zodiac qualities do you have? An anthroposophical view

  1. Anthroposophy assumes that as a human being you can have several lives. On the way to a new earth life, the human being born again passes the cosmic spheres of the zodiac, is the assumption here. From this he or she takes with him what may be necessary to be able to live the new life meaningfully. The biologist Frits Julius has made a description of the animals of the zodiac. Not from the astrological constellations, but from the way the animals of the zodiac relate to their environment based on their natural drives. It is about the ecology of the animals.

The natural drives

  1. The description of the zodiac signs by the biologist Frits Hendrik Julius (* 1902, Gulpen - † 1970, The Hague) is based on the natural drives of the twelve animals of the zodiac. This is separate from astrology, where your day of birth determines which zodiac sign you belong to. The insight gained by using the drives of the zodiac signs as the basis for how they interact with their environment can be used very well by humans to learn something from their own dealings with the environment.

The way of the zodiac signs

  1. The twelve signs of the zodiac each offer their own view of the world around them. By immersing yourself in this you can choose your own way in which you relate to the world. And how you connect with everything and everyone around you. By mastering the qualities of each sign of the zodiac, and identifying yourself with the drives of the animal concerned, you can penetrate into the purpose and ideals of your life, as well as how to achieve this with the specific zodiac qualities. For this it is necessary that you learn to convert the natural urges into a pursuit, a focus on your life purpose. As mentioned, it is not about wishes or thoughts, but about concrete behavior. What do you do to achieve your life purpose. Which zodiac qualities do you use for this?

The circle of the zodiac signs

  1. The twelve zodiac signs are connected to each other and form a unit, like a circle. The movements of the sun make clear the wavy movement of the zodiac. You will also see a high and a low wave of the signs. Along each (imaginary) line are two zodiac signs that form each other's polarities. The strength of the one is the inability of the other.

Looking at yourself without judgment

  1. To "determine" your zodiac sign, read all the descriptions and choose one with whom you feel most connected. Regardless of a judgment about good or bad or useful or not important. And also regardless of your astrological zodiac sign (which is related to your birthday). Which characteristics do you recognize? How do these contribute to your life purpose or your ideals? What would you like to develop or change? Try to come up with as many concrete situations as possible in which you show the behavior that belongs to a particular animal.

A description of the zodiac signs

  1. For each zodiac sign, the behavior of animals and humans, respectively, and which instinct is involved. As mentioned, these are observations and descriptions by the biologist F.H. Julius. The zodiac signs are grouped by opposite pair and the polarity is also briefly discussed per pair.


  1. Taurus Animal


  1. Animal


  1. Man who searches too much does not get around to 'digesting', while man who keeps 'chewing' on (the same) matter forgets that there is more.


  1. Leo Animal


  1. Draw


  1. When you think about yourself you can take care of the other, but when you think about the other you don't take care of yourself.


  1. Sagittarius Sign


  1. Draw


  1. When you do something from within yourself, without goal or competition, the result does not matter to feel fulfilled while doing it, but are you focused on a certain goal or are you competing with others, there is no time to play and only the result counts.


  1. Virgo Sign


  1. Animal


  1. Unity versus multiplicity, inside versus outside, in other words: staying close to what is your own or mastering everything around you.


  1. Capricorn Animal


  1. Animal


  1. This is about the difference between showing / making you know and covering / hiding you.

Ram Libra

  1. Aries Animal


  1. Draw


  1. This is a choice between choosing for yourself and choosing for the other, between standing up for yourself and attuning to the other.

Is that correct?

  1. Whether it is true or not, it cannot be proven (yet). That does not mean that you cannot benefit from it and have to put it aside immediately. This way of looking at yourself and your surroundings also holds up a mirror to you. A mirror in which you can see yourself. By looking closely at yourself and comparing yourself to the descriptions of the zodiac signs, you can learn something about yourself, regardless of the truth content. About who you are and who you want to be. About what you do and what you want to do. After all, life is not always about knowing, but mainly about experiencing. If you can look at yourself that way, and experience yourself differently, it is in any case instructive.

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