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Aloe Vera and its healing effect on acne

  1. The power of the Aloe Vera plant is underestimated by many people. When we are sick or complaints such as acne surface, the first reaction is â € œoh, I will go to the doctor and he will prescribe a prescription medicine ”.

  1. Yet there are other ways to get rid of acne. We humans are â € œwiredâ € to look no further than our nose and we are not always open to natural remedies to get rid of certain complaints!

  1. Aloe Vera plant

  1. In this article I want to tell you that the well-known acne problem can also be tackled with aloe vera. A long time ago (I think last summer) I once wrote an article about aloe vera and its healing effect on the complaints of the skin condition psoriasis.

  1. I can discuss the effect of aloe vera and acne.

What does aloe vera do?

  1. I'm not going to write a technical story about what this plant is now. I will tell you how you can apply this plant to prevent acne complaints.

  1. The substance of the aloe vera plant that has the healing effect is â € œaloeâ €. The cause of acne is different for every person, but what applies to everyone is that good skin care is very important to stop and prevent acne complaints.

  1. Most acne creams contain not only acne-dissolving substances, but also substances that are bad for the skin in the long term. In addition, the cream only prevents acne instead of taking care of the skin.

  1. Heals the skin

  1. Aloe vera not only cleanses the skin and prevents the acne problem, but also heals damaged skin (caused by acne). It is also a nourishing and moisturizing substance. In conclusion, we can say that aloe vera products have all (and more) of the benefits that the most commonly used creams have, without the additional drawbacks.

  1. Why doesn't everyone use it? Well, this is still a question to me. With this article, I hope more people will make the switch!

  1. In the past, I am talking about hundreds of years ago, people used the juice of the aloe vera plant and smeared it directly on the skin. Aside from the fact that this is still possible, there are many different products today where the basic ingredient is nothing else that plant aloe from aloe vera. This saves a lot of money ...

  1. Gels, creams, juices and tablets

  1. The products containing aloe vera vary widely. There are gels, drinks, supplements and creams that contain this ingredient.

  1. Which one should I use?

  1. This is difficult to answer. I personally love to drink a drink based on aloe vera. I come across these more and more in supermarkets. You can also order this in certain lunch restaurants (Bagel and Beans for example).

  1. For people with acne, a soothing and repairing cream based on aloe vera is recommended. Wash your face thoroughly every evening and morning, then apply the cream and thinly.

  1. It doesn't matter which way you use this plant! Research has proven that using aloe vera products every day will dramatically reduce acne symptoms!

  1. Ps For medical issues, always consult your doctor first!

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