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Aloe Vera special part 3: Frequently asked questions about Aloe Vera

  1. Click below to read Part 2: Aloe Vera special part 2: Benefits of Aloe Vera for health

  1. As you have read in the previous two parts of this special about Aloe Vera, there are many advantages of using this natural product. Some applications have already been scientifically proven, others are still under investigation. The positive results of this will not be long in coming, given the number of high-quality substances in the gel.

  1. Below we have made a list of the most frequently asked questions about Aloe Vera and its use:

Why should I drink Aloe Vera every day?

  1. Of course you don't 'need' anything, but if you drink Aloe Vera every day it can have a very positive effect on your general health. Let's list them again:

  1. Seeing all these benefits now, you probably now realize that you can get a great health benefit by simply drinking one glass of Aloe Vera a day.

  1. Aloe Vera is available in liquid form (Juice), powder form and as capsules. All these forms are offered commercially, whether or not supplemented with other ingredients such as extra vitamins or folic acid.

  1. Aloe Vera in its purest form can be ordered online. If you search with Google for the words “Aloe Vera”, you will get a whole list of distributors. Given the proliferation of distributors, it is important that you check carefully whether the relevant distributor is still active, and therefore guarantees correct processing of your payment and delivery. Also for the future it is nice to know that you can rely on your supplier.

  1. In the normal shops, especially in cosmetics, you can buy many products containing Aloe Vera. Please take a moment to read the label as the amount of Aloe Vera used is sometimes very minimal. The latter is especially the case with the cheaper products. With a very small amount of Aloe Vera in the product, the effect of this is very minimal, and probably negligible.

  1. This depends very much on the goal. If you take Aloe Vera Juice to improve your overall health it should be at least 60 ml. To be enough. But if you really want to give your body a big boost, this can go up to 180 ml or more per day.

  1. On average, people take about 120 ml per day.

  1. This is even recommended! Many people don't like the bitter taste of Aloe Vera, so they mix it with orange juice or some other fruit juice. You can also add a little honey for a sweeter taste.

  1. The best time to drink Aloe Vera is in the morning, on an empty stomach. Then wait 20 minutes before you start your breakfast. In this way, all active substances are first absorbed by the body, without it being â € contaminatedâ € ™ with your breakfast and coffee.

  1. Tip: Have your glass of mix ready next to your bed. When you wake up, drink it first. In the 20 minutes that you can't eat anything for a while, you can shower, shave and brush your teeth. This way, you don't waste time waiting.

  1. This depends on the amount you take, in addition to the fact that it is different for each person anyway. Some people feel a marked improvement in 2-4 weeks. But in general it is longer. If you start drinking Aloe Vera, do this for at least 2 months.

  1. As with all natural products, this must also be kept in the refrigerator after opening the package. Don't forget to shake the bottle before pouring. The pulp always drops, as with fresh orange juice.

  1. In excessive amounts Aloe Vera can have a laxative effect.

  1. In the first days of use, you may have a mild headache, a rumbling stomach or a few spots. This is all harmless and will disappear after a few days. Your body is adapting.

  1. Aloe Vera is also very suitable for (pets) animals. Adjust the dosage to the weight of the animal, otherwise the laxative effect (if the dosage is too high) will play tricks on you.

  1. Aloe Vera contains substances that can potentially harm an unborn child. It is therefore wise not to use Aloe Vera if you want to become pregnant or if you are pregnant.

  1. The Aloe Barbadensis Miller provides the highest quality gel. There are also other Aloe plants that are used for production, but these are of a lower quality and are generally used in cheaper and sometimes inferior products.

  1. Yes, that's no problem at all. Keep in mind that they can get very large, so putting them indoors in winter to protect them from frost will stop at some point and the plants will die. Therefore, make sure you always take small cuttings from the plant so that you always have new growth.

  1. It is also important that they get as much sun as possible and as little water as possible. Overwatering is detrimental to the plant and the quality of the gel.

  1. In order to use the gel, it is in principle sufficient to cut off a leaf and process it directly in a juice and drink it immediately afterwards. The benefits begin to diminish within 6 hours, and within 12 hours the gel has become worthless.

  1. Does it all sound too good to be true? Everyone has their own thoughts on this and in some areas the gel will be more effective than in others.

  1. But after reading these three articles, it is inevitable to conclude that at least there is no harm in trying. It is a completely natural product with no side effects.

  1. If it doesn't help, it won't hurt!

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