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Is Brinta healthy? And what are the best Brinta recipes?

  1. Brinta, like oatmeal porridge, is one of those breakfasts that many people grew up with. Where oatmeal is now extremely popular again, many health blogs have not yet embraced Brinta. Many people conclude that Brinta may not be that good for you.

  1. But is that justified, or is it actually an excellent breakfast? In short, is Brinta healthy, or is it really disappointing? In today's blog we discuss the main properties of this well-known porridge. You can then decide for yourself if Brinta is something you want to add to the menu more often!

Fibers in Brinta

  1. Fiber is extremely important, especially in your breakfast. In general, these indigestible carbohydrates help keep your intestines healthy and clean. In addition, they lower the bad LDL cholesterol in your body, and they actually increase the good HDL cholesterol. They are also essential in your breakfast as they keep you feeling well filled all morning.

  1. This way you avoid walking around with a growling stomach hours before lunch. Fortunately, Brinta does, with 10.5 grams of fiber per 100 grams. That is particularly high in fiber: from just 6 grams a product can be officially called â € rich in fiberâ € ™!

Glycemic index Brinta

  1. Besides the amount of fiber, the glycemic index for a breakfast is also important. This GI indicates how quickly the carbohydrates from a product such as glucose enter the blood. If the GI is very high, it means that a food is causing a huge sugar spike. The valley that follows makes for a hearty sweet appetite and binge eating.

  1. Of course you'd rather avoid that! A low GI breakfast provides a stable start to the day. With Brinta you don't have to worry about that either, with a GI of 40. That's low enough to be able to eat it every day without any problems.

  1. Note: for people with diabetes, the GI is still a bit too high. It is therefore better for them to opt for a slightly lower carbohydrate breakfast.

Is Brinta healthy?

  1. To answer the big question of this article: is Brinta healthy? Yes, all in all we can say that this porridge is a great choice for breakfast. It contains important nutrients, has no disadvantages, and can be combined with extra healthy ingredients.

  1. Of course it is still advisable to vary with your breakfast. Don't eat the same thing every day, but also alternate with oatmeal or a smoothie. This way you avoid getting too much or too little of something.

And Brinta Wake Up?

  1. Now Brinta doesn't just sell old-fashioned porridge. The product Brinta Wake Up was also recently launched on the market. That can be seen as Brintaâ € ™ s answer to the increasingly popular drinking breakfast trend.

  1. Just like with the old Brinta you simply mix a sachet of powder with a portion of milk; the difference is that Brinta Wake Up is a bit less thick. So you can just drink it, which is useful if you are in a hurry. The idea is, however, that breakfast is still filling enough to last a whole morning.

  1. The drinking breakfast is available in two varieties, natural and banana. But how healthy is Brinta Wake Up? The nutritional values ​​of the two flavors are almost identical, so we'll discuss them together below.

Nutritional Value Brinta Wake Up

  1. Brinta Wake Up is certainly useful, but what about that health value? To assess that, we look at a few different factors: sugars, proteins, fiber and flavorings.

  1. The amount of sugar is perhaps the main difference between the old fashioned Brinta and Brinta Wake Up. This drinking breakfast contains no less than 23 grams of sugar per 100 grams. In other words, that means that sugar is the second most important ingredient after whole grains. This is not recommended in a breakfast: such a glucose peak can cause binge eating all day long.

  1. Brinta Wake Up is also quite disappointing with the proteins. As mentioned, the traditional porridge contains about 14 grams of protein per 100 grams. In the drinking breakfast this has been reduced to a good 5 grams. That means that it fills a little less, and certainly also that it is of less use to you as a fanatic strength athlete.

  1. Extra dietary fiber has been added to Brinta Wake Up, which is not done with regular Brinta. The drinking breakfast therefore contains just a little more fiber: 13 grams compared to 10 grams per 100 grams. That's a small plus!

  1. Finally, one more point that only applies to Brinta Wake Up Banana: the flavorings. On the basis of the packaging, you would suspect that this drinking breakfast actually contains banana. However, that is not the case: it concerns a small percentage of banana powder. Obviously, this does not provide the same benefits as real, fresh fruit.

Is Brinta Wake Up healthy?

  1. All in all, Brinta Wake Up is not nearly as healthy as the Brinta porridge you already knew! The enormous amount of sugar and the lack of protein are reasons for this drinking breakfast in particular. If you're looking for a nutritious start to the day, stick with the traditional porridge.

Brinta recipes

  1. Unfortunately, Brinta's typical porridge taste is not immediately a favorite with everyone. Certainly people who did not eat porridge often as children, will really have to get used to it. But don't the health benefits sound too good to you to put that porridge aside for the sake of taste?

  1. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make this breakfast more attractive. Below we give you a handy list of ingredients you can add, plus some combinations that are sure to please!

  1. Fruit is actually always a perfect ingredient when you want to sweeten your food, without having to use sugar or other sweeteners right away.

  1. Of course, apple and banana are always good options, but if you really want a soft, sweet taste, you can also buy forest fruits - some supermarkets sell frozen ones, which is a lot cheaper and very easy to quickly stir through your porridge. Also great for an extra fresh accent: add a splash of lemon juice or lime juice at the end!

  1. Brinta contains slow carbohydrates and proteins, but the third group of macronutrients, that of the fats, is largely missing. Depending on your goals, it may be nice to add it to your breakfast too! Nuts or nut butters can be ideal for getting in some healthy fats, which will also give your Brinta a richer flavor.

  1. Please note that these fats naturally contain a relatively large number of calories; they are healthy calories, but it is important to see if they fit into your diet.

  1. Who doesn't like chocolate? True enthusiasts can easily throw a spoonful of cocoa through their Brinta, with that you immediately get a lot of minerals and antioxidants. There are also chocolate flavored protein powders that you could use in this case, and grated extra dark chocolate is also a useful ingredient to make your Brinta more delicious. Avoid using chocolate spread, it contains a lot of sugars!

  1. Of course there are many more options to flavor your Brinta for those who think creatively. Cinnamon is a popular ingredient, and honey and grated coconut are also good for many people. Also try to get started with tasty combinations! â € ˜

  1. Apple pie-Brintaâ € ™ with apple, cinnamon and raisins, for example, is a favorite with many people. Or how about â € ˜ snickers â € ™, with cocoa, peanut butter and banana pieces? Coconut with mango and forest fruits? Everything is possible!

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