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Is skyr yogurt healthy? With 6 skyr recipes!

  1. Out of nowhere it has become extremely popular: Skyr. This Icelandic yogurt (which you pronounce as â € Skirâ € ™) is rapidly gaining in popularity. More and more brands are offering the product, in more and more types and flavors.

  1. But is Skyr really worth a try? Is it healthy? And what are the best Skyr recipes to start your day with? You can read it all in this blog!

Icelandic yogurt

  1. Skyr is usually described as â € just no yogurt, but also just no quarkâ € ™. Then what is it? If you look at the production process, it turns out that it is actually a very young cheese. Skyr is made from skimmed milk, to which live bacteria cultures are first added - just like regular yogurt.

  1. Then also rennet is added. The slightly firmer proteins are filtered, and just like cheese, the whey is separated. What you are left with is a quark-like substance with a fresh, sour-sweet taste!

Nutritional value Skyr

  1. In Scandinavian countries Skyr has been incredibly popular for years. But why actually? Is Skyr indeed as healthy as is usually said?

  1. Let's start with the nutritional value of the natural version. Like most yoghurt and curd varieties, Skyr is rich in proteins. The good news for athletes is that in this case it is an exceptionally high amount of protein! Skyr provides about 11 grams of protein per 100 grams. That's about 1.5 times as much as cottage cheese, and as much as 2.5 times as much as regular yogurt.

  1. It also contains some carbohydrates, which mainly come from the lactose that is in milk. After all, many types of Skyr are low in fat, which means that the amount of calories is limited.

  1. Proteins in (Greek) yogurt, quark and Skyr (per 100 grams)

A filling breakfast

  1. All this makes Skyr a great candidate for a healthy and filling breakfast. The main function of breakfast is to give your body a good start for the rest of the day.

  1. It is especially important that you eat enough in the morning to avoid later binges. Skyr can certainly help with this. This is mainly thanks to the proteins. They are digested relatively slowly and thus ensure that you feel full for a long time.

  1. The only thing that the product does not contain is fiber. Fortunately, you can easily add them yourself, for example in the form of fresh fruit, homemade muesli or granola. With the Skyr recipes at the bottom of this article you will find some tasty suggestions!

Skyr with flavors

  1. Until now we have always talked about the natural Skyr. Since many people are not fond of plain yogurt, there are also flavored variants on the market. For example, you can choose honey, vanilla, forest fruits or raspberry cranberry. Are they such a healthy choice? Unfortunately that is disappointing…

  1. As is often the case, the additives make a product a lot less responsible. In this case, it's about concentrated fruit and honey - both basically just sugar. In addition, ingredients such as corn starch and unclear â € aromasâ € ™ are added. The result: 8.3 grams of sugar per 100 grams of Skyr. No longer such an ideal option to start your day.

Is Skyr yogurt healthy?

  1. All things considered, how healthy is that Skyr exactly? The natural version is generally a great option. There are no crazy additives: it contains the same ingredients as yogurt. Due to the alternative production process, only a little more protein remains, which can certainly be a great plus for athletes.

  1. We would advise you to stick with that natural variety! The Skyr with fruit and honey flavor is not nearly as healthy anymore. They hardly offer the benefits of fruit, but all the disadvantages of a large dose of sugar. Nice to ignore, in other words.

Skyr recipes

  1. Don't you think bald Skyr is a perfect breakfast? That is always possible; not everyone likes that slightly sour yogurt taste. Fortunately, there are better ways to do something about that!

  1. Below we give six delicious skyr recipes to eat for breakfast, dessert or snack. So you can continue to vary with that for a long time!

  1. It may be a bit obvious, but no less delicious: you can flavor Skyr with all kinds of healthy toppings, just like yogurt or quark. Depending on what you choose, you will get just a little extra fiber, carbohydrates, fats or proteins, along with a portion of vitamins and minerals. A win-win situation! A few delicious suggestions to spice up your Skyr:

  1. If you're never hungry in the morning, a smoothie is the ideal breakfast. You pour it right in. And if you really can't get a bite down your throat, you can also take it to work. Skyr is a perfect base for your smoothie, thanks to its creamy texture and of course the many proteins.

  1. The easiest recipe is to just throw in a handful of fruit and blend it smoothly! If you want to get some more carbohydrates, a little oatmeal is a good addition. For fats you can use a topping of nuts or add a piece of avocado.

  1. With eggs and Skyr as ingredients, these pancakes are the ideal way to start your day with a high protein content. Grind 80 grams of oatmeal into a fine flour and add a teaspoon of baking powder. Stir in 160 grams of Skyr first and then two more eggs and two egg whites. You can then make delicious pancakes from this batter!

  1. Fill them with a healthy topping, otherwise you will cancel out the effect a bit. Fruit is always a good option here: go for apple and cinnamon, for example. Or make savory pancakes, for example with cheese, bacon or vegetables!

  1. Skyr is not only ideal for your pancakes. Thanks to its firm, creamy structure, you can also use it as a fresh addition to a sweet dish. With banana pancakes, for example. Make a batter of 1 mashed banana and 2 eggs and bake small pancakes. Serve with a few large spoons of Skyr.

  1. You can make it even better by serving some strawberries or forest fruits. Or add a drop of honey if you really feel like something sweet!

  1. Do you already know the phenomenon of frozen yoghurt? You can use the same recipe very easily to make a tasty snack with Skyr! The idea is very simple: put a bowl of Skyr and possibly some vanilla aroma in the freezer and stir every hour. After a few hours you will have an ice cream-like substance - but a lot healthier.

  1. And then you can get started with toppings like fruit, cookies, chocolate and homemade granola. Of course you can also mix the fruit with the skyr before it goes into the freezer. This way you can easily make strawberry ice cream, banana ice cream, forest fruit ice cream or even lemon ice cream yourself.

  1. And finally, what would this list of Skyr recipes be without cheesecake? Okay, not the healthiest option ... but we can put a healthier twist on it. For the bottom you use 80 grams of nuts of your choice, 50 grams of dates and a spoonful of coconut oil. Chop into pellets in a food processor and cover the bottom of a springform pan with it.

  1. While this is in the refrigerator, mix 450 grams of Skyr with honey to taste. Soak 2 gelatine sheets in cold water for five minutes and mix them through the Skyr as well. Pour the mixture onto the cake base and let the cake stiffen in the fridge for a few hours. Finally, decorate with fruit or other toppings of your choice! Enjoy your meal!

  1. Looking for more recipes with Skyr? Then you will also find some surprising recipes on our FitChef platform!

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