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Pregnancy Tips

  1. Congratulations! You are pregnant or maybe you are thinking about getting pregnant. You are going to have a very nice period, which sometimes demands something from you. Here are some tips for the most common ailments during pregnancy.

Morning sickness

  1. To work ... You may not hang on the pot all morning, but you are still very nauseous. Unfortunately, some women can even have both. Whatever it is, you better take it into account. So also how you get to and from work. Some women benefit from having something to eat immediately after getting up. Taking a deep breath can also keep the nausea away. Do not drive if you are too nauseous or dizzy, carpool or drive public transportation. If you do go by car, always bring a bottle of ice water and keep your window open. For emergencies: make sure you always have plastic bags with you. If you throw up in the worst case, you can certainly freshen up at work.

Behind your desk ...

  1. Map out the fastest route to the nearest toilet at work. Even a trash can can come in handy and they are everywhere. You will also feel better if you put some wet cool towels around your neck and forehead.

Refresher turn ...

  1. If you have been nauseous or have vomited outside the door, it is useful to bring your toothbrush or a travel toothbrush. If the toothpaste also makes you nauseous, it is better to take children's toothpaste for now, which comes in various flavors. Don't forget to have some extra chewing gum with you;)

Help from colleagues ...

  1. Help has never been taken away. Your colleagues can help you with a number of things, for example they can jump in as soon as you have to run to the toilet again. Only if you want to keep it a secret for a while, your pregnancy can work to your disadvantage. Then choose which colleagues you can confide in and who can possibly support you.

Peppermints ...

  1. Peppermint oil or peppermint tea can help you against nausea, they also provide extra energy. Chewing gum is also a great alternative if you don't have peppermint with you.

Sour troves ...

  1. Lemons and other citrus fruits also work very well. A little grated lemon or orange zest in your glass of water or in the salad will help get rid of nausea quickly. Don't like salads? then you can also smell a lemon cut in half as an alternative. Lemon tea also works wonders or smoothly on a slice of lemon. Or take a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar - also called cider vinegar - (no other vinegar) diluted with warm water when you wake up.

Good food is essential ...

  1. Many women do their best in the beginning to eat as nutritious as possible for their baby. And eventually they spit everything out again! Healthy eating is of course important, but if you still don't keep those 'healthy' things in, you should start eating what you really want. Even if it is chocolate, ice cream and steak, eat it !!! Money in this period: better than nothing! and who knows, you might feel well enough to eat a banana or a salad afterwards.

Make your stomach work overtime ...

  1. If you have a peanut butter sandwich and a warm cup of milk before going to bed, your stomach will have something to do again and hopefully you will sleep through until the next morning. You can also put some bread or crackers by your bed so that you know what to eat. If you don't want to gain too much weight, you will have to unlearn it quickly in the next trimester.

Sleep mama, sleep ...

  1. You can also fight your nausea with sleep! That is of course only possible if you have time or are unemployed, but if you think the time is a good solution. Sometimes just lying down and not moving is a very good and effective remedy, not to be really proud of, but it really works!

* Ping * microwave food ...

  1. Sometimes you feel so nauseous or just not well that you really can't cook anymore. Fortunately, most frozen food supermarkets have a wide variety of quick meals. And maybe your girlfriend or family member can prepare something for you. Also a lot of making and freezing is a godsend for you and your family.

Popsicles ...

  1. You have delicious popsicles in many different flavors. You can also easily make them yourself from natural extracts such as: ginger, mint and lavender, all tasty and very good against nausea. You can buy the essential oils at most herbal and natural stores.


  1. Drink ... If you suffer from heartburn, it is better not to drink anything while eating, as swallowing air can only make heartburn worse. Preferably no alcohol, and caffeine drinks such as: coffee, cola and tea. The muscle of your stomach entrance weakens because of those kinds of drinks and then the stomach acid can escape. For those who cannot do without carbonated drinks, drink fruit juices with mineral content.

Gastric acid inhibitors ...

  1. Nowadays you can get a lot of gastric acid inhibitors in drink and tablet form at many chemists. They are not absorbed by your body and are therefore not harmful to your baby. Please note: tablets such as cimetidine, ranitidine and famotidine do end up in your blood and it is therefore unclear whether it is harmful in pregnancy, yes or no. Milk and yogurt soothe your stomach for a short while, great to drink a cup of milk before going to sleep. Not all milk products are also acid inhibitors because cheese, for example, is a stomach acid generator.

Empty stomach to bed ...

  1. Don't eat anything about three hours before going to sleep. An empty stomach therefore produces less acid, so you have a better chance of relaxing better. But it doesn't work if you also have nausea! A nice cup of milk with honey works wonders! If you don't like milk, you can also put honey in your (herbal) tea.

Dizziness and fainting

  1. Just relax ... When you get up, always take it very slowly, you will get dizzy if you get up quickly and quickly. By doing some leg and buttock muscle exercises by tightening your muscles and then letting them relax, the blood flows to your head a bit more easily. When you are in the bath make sure you get out of the bath very carefully, maybe it is better to ask for help or to fit a handle.

The hot sun ...

  1. It is best to stay in the shade, which is very important if you suffer from swollen feet and sun stings or just for prevention. Drink plenty of ice water and keep your cool. Eat small snacks throughout the day that are rich in protein to keep your blood sugar level. Milkshake or a banana can do you very well!

Standing too long is not good ...

  1. To prevent cramps and varicose veins, do not stand too long. And it can also make you dizzy. Wherever you are, don't hesitate to sit down if you feel lightheaded. First take a quick look around when you see a chair or bench, if not just sit on the floor! After all, it is always better than passing out.


  1. Sometimes hemorrhoids can cause itching and that is quite difficult. You can treat it by dabbing with a damp cloth or with some baking soda in 225ml water and keep it in a bottle with a sprayer in the toilet. Then you can spray on your paper every time you visit the toilet and dab it if it itches. Some people seem to benefit from dabbing some lemon juice on a piece of paper to relieve the swelling. As soon as blood comes in handy, see your doctor immediately.


  1. Now that you just need the rest so badly, it just doesn't seem to work at all. You sleep badly, and wait when the baby is there, hahah. Do not eat or drink any more caffeine a few hours before going to sleep. Make sure your bedroom is well ventilated and your bed is comfortable. Head and neck massages are wonderful in preparation for falling asleep. Also take afternoon naps of 20-90 minutes (no longer!). The best times to rest are between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM. Research has shown that women took naps that afternoon, slept better and longer at night.

Back pain

  1. Shake the hips ... Rotating your pelvis is a good and effective exercise for your back. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and one leg slightly forward (for balance). Then turn your pelvis very slowly a few times forwards, to the side, back and to the side without moving your upper body. Do this a few times a day until the back pain is gone.

​​Wonderful massage ...

  1. ​​Of course your partner would like to massage your back, if not you can also make an appointment with a masseur. If you do not have a partner to go to a masseur, you can also try something, moving a tennis ball over your back. Or better buy a practice ball, you can now get it everywhere for a low price. You can then lie with your back on it and push yourself back and forth with your feet. Sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees also takes some back tension.

Bye bye stilettos ...

  1. Time to give your low heel shoes a chance. Because they give you more support. Well, being fashionable and pregnant is quite difficult. But it is really a plus to wear good shoes during pregnancy. Prefer often possible good sports shoes, if you want to look neat than shoes with a low heel.


  1. Directly to toilet ... Stool withdrawal is the number one culprit! So do not hold it (unless there is no toilet nearby of course), because that gives rise to constipation, and it even increases the risk of hemorrhoids in the long run. Listen to your body at all times. whatever it asks of you! Pressing hard is also not good, in fact it is preferable not to press at all (not a nice subject, but quite necessary!). Also make sure you don't spend too much time on the toilet to reduce the risk of hemorrhoids.

Fiber and so ...

  1. It goes without saying that you should eat healthy and consume plenty of fruit and vegetables, especially if you suffer from blockages. Take products that you like, it makes no sense to eat things that you don't like. So buy what you think and nowadays you have a lot of products with added fiber, is also a solution if you don't think you are getting too much of it.

Move ...

  1. Exercise a lot, keep your bowels active! Do squats, swimming, biking, walking, and dancing. Works great against blockages. The temptation to stay seated may be present, but not a good remedy. You don't have to run a marathon, but get some exercise. Moving is also good to prevent leg cramps.

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