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Organic shop in Rotterdam

  1. Where can I buy organic products in Rotterdam? Which stores sell organic meat? Where can I go for fresh and packaged organic ready-made meals and which stores sell fresh fish? Are there also shops with gluten-free products? Which stores sell environmentally friendly cleaning products and where can I pick up organic packages with fruit and vegetables?

Organic shop per district

  1. Rotterdam has thirteen organic shops, most of which are in the center. There are also organic stores in Centrum Noord, Charlois, Delfshaven, Hilligersberg-Schiebroek, Kleiwegkwartier, Kralingen and Vreewijk. There is also a farmers' market with organic products.


  1. In the center of Rotterdam you can choose between a supermarket for natural food and cosmetics, a health food store, a supermarket for sustainable products and an organic delicatessen for your organic groceries. There is also a choice of a farmers market on Tuesdays.

Farmers Market

  1. Every Tuesday there is a farmers market on Eendrachtsplein. Here you can buy organic potatoes, vegetables and fruit, cheese and dairy, fresh meat and bread. You can find not only homegrown fruit, but also exotic fruit. The baker has bread from Menno and from a top German baker.

Farmers Market Opening Hours:

  1. Tue from 8.30am to 5.30pm Applicable to 08/04/2016


  1. At the organic delicatessen and lunchroom Buiten at Nieuwe Binnenweg 100 you can find organic bread (Van Menno) and organic vegetables, salad, cheese, wine, soup, pasta, juice, tea, coffee, honey, jam, chocolate, chutney, mayonnaise, sambal, oil, vinegar, pesto, savory pie and fresh lasagna. The store sells local products as much as possible.

Opening hours Outside:

  1. Mon-Fri 10 am-7pm Sat 10 am-6pm Applies to 08/12/2015


  1. Gimsel is located in the Groene Passage at Mariniersweg 9. This supermarket for natural food and cosmetics has the EKO shops quality mark and sells over 90 types of bread, over 150 types of cheese, 250 types of tea and 100 different types of fish and seafood. You can also go there for fruit and vegetables, household items, animal nutrition, superfood and raw food, such as goji berries and raw chocolate.

Opening hours Gimsel:

  1. Mon-Fri 8 am-8pm Sat 8 am-6pm Applies to 08/12/2015

Marqt Binnenrotte

  1. At the sustainable supermarket Marqt at Binnenrotte 77 you can buy a lot of organic products. For example, the cheese is organic, just like the dairy products of the Weerribben. The bread is partly organic and so is the meat. The meat products and meat products from Deli Harmony are completely organic, just like the beef from Ko van Twillert, the pâté and sausages from Bucherie and chicken from Kemper Landhoen. The fish guide is used for fish.

Opening hours Marqt Binnenrotte:

  1. Mon-Thu 10 am-8pm Fri-Sat 9 am-9pm Sun 12 noon - 6 pm Applies to 08/12/2015


  1. At Prosana at 37a Midellandplein you can buy organic food, care products and organic fruit and vegetable packages from the Landzicht farm. You can pick up the organic packages every Wednesday from 2.30 pm to 6 pm.

Center North

  1. In the north of the center of Rotterdam there has been a health food house that has specialized in gluten-free food for years.

VNR Reform House of Mastrigt

  1. VNR Reformhuis van Mastrigt at Zwart Janstraat 130 sells everything for your daily organic groceries, such as bread, dairy and cheese. You can also go there for gluten-free food, nutritional supplements and homeopathic self-care products. The shop also has a wide range of nuts, dried fruits and tea.

Opening hours VNR Reform House of Mastrigt:

  1. Mon 1 pm-6pm Tue-Fri 9 am-6pm Sat 9 am-5pm Applies to 08/12/2015


  1. In Charlois in Rotterdam South is a health shop that also sells organic products.

G W Health Shop Gea

  1. G W Health Shop Gea G W Asterlo 19-23 offers homeopathy, phytotherapy, vitamins, natural cosmetics, herbs, gluten-free food, sugar-free products, organic food, health books and drugstore items.

Opening hours G W Health Shop Gea

  1. Mon 1.30-5.30pm Tue-Fri 9 am-5.30pm Sat 9 am-5pm Applicable to 08/04/2016


  1. In Delfshaven in Rotterdam West you can go for your organic groceries in the Middelland district and Bospolder-Tussendijken. Here you will find an organic supermarket and a small, cozy organic shop respectively.


  1. An-Dijvie at Jan Kruijffstraat 47-B is a small organic shop with a full range of organic products, including vegetables, fruit, bread and dairy products. The store also sells gluten-free and sugar-free products, care products and cleaning products. In the freezer you will find meat from the Vegetarian Butcher. Various types of organic flour are for sale in bulk packs of 5 kg.

Opening hours An-Dijvie:

  1. Mon-Sat 9 am-7pm Sun 12 noon - 5 pm Applies to 08/12/2015


  1. Bio supermarket EkoPlaza at Nieuwe Binnenweg sells 240 products for your daily groceries as well as delicacies, ready meals, gluten-free products, superfood, raw food, Oriental products, household products, non-food, animal feed, care products, cosmetics, self-care products. EkoPlaza stores have the EKO Shops quality mark.

Opening times EkoPlaza:

  1. Mon-Fri 8.30am-7.30pm Sat 8.30am-6.30pm Sun 12 noon - 6 pm Applies to 08/12/2015


  1. There is no real organic shop in the Hilligersberg-Schiebroek district, but you can go to the sustainable supermarket for many of your organic groceries. There is also a G W Health Shop in this district.

Marqt Bergse Dorpsstraat

  1. At Marqt at 103 Bergse Dorpsstraat you can find organic wine, cheese, dairy products, gluten-free products, groceries (perishable products) and organic meat. The bread is partly organic. The fresh fish comes from the fish guide and the fruit and vegetables come as much as possible from environmentally conscious, regional growers. In the store you can sometimes not always find all fruit and vegetables because they are often seasonal. You can always go there for environmentally friendly cleaning products. Organic products can be recognized by the EKO label on the packaging. Payment at Marqt is only possible with pin and credit card.

G W Health Shop Libra

  1. G W Health Shop Libra is located at Bergse Dorpstraat 72 and sells organic food, homeopathy, phytotherapy, vitamins and natural cosmetics. You can also find gluten-free food and sugar-free products.

Opening hours G W Health Shop Libra:

  1. Mon 1 pm-5.30pm Tue-Fri 9 am-5.30pm Sat 9 am-5pm Applicable to 08/05/2016


  1. In the Kleiwegkwartier you can do your organic groceries at one health food store. This one has enough offer, so you don't necessarily have to go to the center.

Natuurwinkel Zonnemaire

  1. Zonnemaire Natural Food at Kleiweg 125a is an organic supermarket with everything for your daily groceries, such as (gluten-free) bread, vegetables, fruit, care products and cleaning products.

Zonnemaire Natuur Food opening hours:

  1. Tue-Fri 9 am-6pm Sat 9 am-5pm Applies to 08/12/2015


  1. In Kralingen you can do your organic groceries at an organic shop with a varied assortment including many foreign organic products.


  1. Organic at Lusthofstraat 97 is known for its sourdough bread, Spanish hams and olive oils. In addition to delicacies, you can find numerous daily foods, some of which are own brands. The organic supermarket has a wide range of dairy products, fruit and vegetables and domestic and foreign cheeses, such as English cheddar and Italian Parmigiano Reggiano. You can also buy daily fresh ready-made meals. Do you like Asian cooking? Even then you can contact Organic. Just like for fresh fish, by the way. You can also buy organic products that are not commonly available in the Netherlands, such as muesli from Rude Health and soup from Rod and Ben’s. Most of the wines that Organic sells are exclusively available from them. Only the bread from the Vlaamsch broodhuys is not organic.


  1. In Vreewijk you can get your organic groceries at a health food store.

Reformhuis Blok

  1. Reformhuis Blok at Breeplein 2A sells vegetarian cheese and organic vegetables and fruit through the vegetable subscription of the Landzicht farm and the Proef Vitatas.

Opening hours Reformhuis Blok:

  1. Tue-Fri 9 am-6pm Sat 9 am-4pm Applicable to 08/05/2016

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