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Dairy and high blood pressure: milk, cheese or yoghurt: which is the best?

  1. If you suffer from high blood pressure, it is often important to adjust your diet. To see whether or not dairy is good for high blood pressure, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of several dairy products for high blood pressure.

What is dairy?

  1. Dairy is the collective name for all products made from milk, such as of course milk. Yogurt and cheese are also dairy products.

  1. This does not only concern dairy products made from cow's milk. It is also milk from goats and sheep that is used as a base.

Dairy is healthy

  1. Dairy is one of the five ingredients. Dairy is an important source of calcium and vitamin B12. These two substances are less easy to obtain from vegetable sources and that is one of the reasons why dairy is healthy.

  1. If you take dairy products in a normal way, as recommended, you already get at least 60% of the recommended amount of calcium you need and 40% of the minimum amount of vitamin B12 through the dairy.

  1. Calcium is an important mineral that has several functions, such as keeping your bones and teeth strong. A lesser known function is that calcium also plays a role in your nervous system. The molecules of calcium, for example, together with other minerals, provide for the transmission of signals and the commands that your brain gives you are also carried out because you eat enough calcium.

  1. Calcium is often also found in nuts and vegetables, but to a much lesser extent.

  1. Vitamin B12 is known among others by people who love alcohol because it can minimize its damage. This reduces the chance of Korsakov a little. This is because vitamin B12 is required to keep your nervous system strong and healthy.

  1. If you have a vitamin B12 deficiency, you will also notice this by tingling in your fingers, muscle weakness in the legs, memory loss, uncontrolled muscle movements and also concentration problems.

  1. In addition to the role that vitamin B12 has for the nervous system, it is also an important vitamin for the red blood cells. If you eat too little vitamin B12 you can therefore also suffer from anemia.

  1. Vitamin B12 can only be obtained from animal products. Krill oil is therefore also used by vegans for vitamin B12. That is a kind of plankton. However, it is the plankton that whales need to live.

  1. If you don't eat meat, it can be very healthy to still use dairy products.

  1. Fuller products with more fat can also contain vitamin A. That is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are important for protecting your DNA from free radical damage. These are molecular particles with a certain charge so that they can still be coupled to another molecular particle, such as that of vitamin A.

  1. However, if it binds to your skin or tissues, it can actually affect your DNA in your cells.

  1. Vitamin A is mainly found in animal products and orange vegetables, such as carrots and sweet potatoes.

Benefits of dairy

  1. Dairy products, especially probiotic products, such as yogurt, have all kinds of health benefits. An important advantage, for example, is that it can support the functioning of your intestines. For example, yogurt works against diarrhea.

  1. In addition, yogurt can reduce the risk of allergies and also lowers the risk of bladder cancer.

  1. Dairy products such as milk also contain whey. This causes ignition values ​​to decrease.

Disadvantages of dairy

  1. Other research, also known as the China Study, shows that dairy, and especially milk, is actually not that healthy at all. Milk and cheese, for example, contain the substance casein. This substance ensures that you suffer from inflammation. The whey can reduce this effect, but the research shows that in cultures where less animal protein, such as from milk, was in the diet, people had less cardiovascular disease.

  1. Inflammations can in turn damage the veins, making them less flexible, which can actually increase blood pressure.

  1. In addition, this kind of inflammation can also cause more cholesterol and plaque. So inflammation is generally not good for cardiovascular disease.

  1. It is therefore very important to get the ratio of casein and whey right. That is why dairy in itself is healthy, but you should not drink a carton of milk a day.

  1. A nice advantage is that yogurt contains little casein, so you can eat a small bowl a day.

Benefits of dairy for your blood pressure

  1. The benefits of dairy for your blood pressure have been studied in young people between 13 and 17 years old. This study showed that girls in particular benefit from eating dairy products to lower blood pressure. This was true of both milk and cheese.

  1. Both sexes at that age benefit from eating yogurt to keep the blood vessels wide and flexible.

  1. For adults, there are signs that taking dairy products can lower blood pressure. For example, if you generally eat too little dairy, an intervention in which you eat enough dairy for 2 weeks can improve your cadiovascular system, such as by lowering the inflammation levels by eating yogurt. However, this does not always lead to a lowering of blood pressure.

  1. There is also not enough research into consuming enough dairy products in the long term and whether it has long-term benefits.

  1. Researchers do think that eating dairy products is good for your cardiovascular system and does good blood pressure. Provided that eating dairy does not ensure that you leave other healthy products, such as a piece of fruit, alone.

  1. A long-term study shows that eating yogurt can lower blood pressure.

  1. A study of adult men who have been followed for 22 years also offers interesting insights into the benefits of eating dairy products. Taking dairy as a group does not necessarily mean that your blood pressure drops, but you can also look at the different types of dairy.

  1. For example, this study showed that blood pressure in men who drank milk was lower than blood pressure in men who did not drink milk.

  1. When they looked at the whole group of dairy products, in this case milk, cheese and cream, there were no obvious differences. Your blood pressure will neither improve nor get worse.

  1. A meta-study on the effect of fermented prebiotic milk, or buttermilk, shows that drinking buttermilk can lower your blood pressure. This occurred both in Europe and in studies conducted in Japan. However, the reductions were greater in Japan than in European studies. This may be due to the interfering effect of the diet. A healthy diet with fish, vegetables and fruit, in addition to drinking buttermilk thus enhances the blood pressure lowering effects of buttermilk.

  1. Other research also shows that if yogurt is eaten in addition to a diet that also contains a lot of fiber, as is the case in vegetables and fruit, this enhances the antihypertensive effects.

  1. Only with butter consumption was there a clear negative effect on blood pressure and stiffness of the veins.

  1. If you look at all these studies together, you can draw the following positive conclusions about dairy products:

Disadvantages of dairy for your blood pressure

  1. Some dairy products contain a lot of casein which can promote inflammation. This increases the risk of arteriosclerosis, which in turn can lead to higher blood pressure.

  1. As can be seen there are several types of dairy products, namely:

  1. The studies show that yogurt, milk and buttermilk can have a good effect, but this also means that not all dairy products are good for lowering your blood pressure.

  1. For example, cheese is a dairy product that is of no use to lower your blood pressure.

  1. This is because cheese, and especially older cheese, contains a lot of sodium. Sodium is very similar to salt. Due to the sodium, your body retains more water than it needs.

  1. This overloads your cardiovascular system, in fact it is very much like a balloon filling you with water. Because your body retains more water, there is also more blood in your cardiovascular system that makes your veins swell. This also increases the pressure on the artery wall and therefore eating cheese has a significant negative effect on your blood pressure.

  1. Studies of the influence of cheese, such as cheddar cheese, on blood pressure also show that compared to a placebo cheese it has no blood pressure lowering effect.

  1. If you only look at people who only suffer from high blood pressure and nothing else buttermilk can lower blood pressure, but additional research on buttermilk and its antihypertensive effects in people with type 2 diabetes shows precisely that in that case it has no blood pressure lowering effect.

Dairy Recommendations for Lowering Blood Pressure

  1. A few things have become clear from the data from the studies. Dairy products such as yogurt, milk and buttermilk can lower blood pressure. The effects of this are especially noticeable and are enhanced if you also follow a diet with sufficient fruit and vegetables.

  1. Cheese, butter and cream are dairy products that you should avoid if you want to lower your blood pressure.

  1. A mug or glass of buttermilk every day certainly does no harm in lowering blood pressure. In addition, you can combine the yogurt with other healthy foods to enhance the blood pressure lowering effects.

Yogurt Recipes for Lowering Blood Pressure

  1. Eating yogurt every day without variation can be very boring, that's why I came up with three nice yogurt variations for you.

  1. Blueberries are very tasty to put in yogurt. The blueberries also provide a sweeter taste and extra color. The color is actually quite important because it is caused by polyphenols. These are powerful antioxidants.

  1. These protect your blood against oxidation damage so that your blood vessels remain flexible for longer.

  1. Pear is also very tasty in yogurt. The pear is quite a sweet fruit that sometimes resembles a melon. The advantage of pear in the yogurt is that you also add a lot of fiber to your meal. Fiber ensures that the energy from the yogurt and pear is distributed evenly to your body.

  1. In addition, this combination is very healthy for the intestines. The yogurt supports the good bacteria and the fibers ensure that all nutrients are properly absorbed by your body.

  1. Moreover, the pear also reduces the risk of constipation.

  1. The pear also contains a lot of potassium, which is an important mineral for lowering blood pressure.

  1. Another delicious sweet combination is yogurt with mango pieces. The mango is nice and sweet and, like the pear, also has fibers that ensure that everything is gradually absorbed by your body.

  1. In addition, mango also contains a lot of vitamin A which is very important for healthy tissues and it is a good source of magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that is important for muscle relaxation. This also helps to lower blood pressure.

Finallyâ €!

  1. Dairy products are not all good for lowering blood pressure. This is due to the casein and the sodium it can contain. Yogurt is low in casein and sodium, so yogurt is actually the best dairy product for lowering blood pressure, if you eat it in combination with a diet rich in fiber.

  1. Buttermilk is also a good dairy product for lowering your blood pressure. A glass of buttermilk or a bowl of yogurt with fruit daily is recommended to lower blood pressure.

  1. You should definitely leave cheese alone. As far as milk is concerned, I tend to leave it as well, because the China Study is a very large-scale study, making the result very valid. The other studies are also not always clear.

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