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Parsley Healthy: The 12 Most Powerful Uses

  1. Did you know that parsley not only makes a tasty side dish, but is also ideal as part of a healthy disease-fighting diet?

  1. What many people don't know is that parsley is one of the most powerful herbs in terms of nutritional value. In this article, I'll show you how you can use this herb to improve your health!

  1. Let's get started ...

1. Parsley prevents diabetes

  1. Most everyone knows that parsley is healthy, but did you know that this herb is used as a natural treatment for diabetes in some countries?

  1. Scientists found this discovery very interesting, which prompted them to investigate further. Through controlled studies it was indeed found that parsley is powerful in diabetes.

  1. So if you already have diabetes or pre-diabetes, try to consume parsley every day. This herb is especially delicious in hot meals, but it also provides a rich flavor in a green smoothie.

2. Protect yourself from osteoporosis

  1. The fact that parsley can be used in osteoporosis is of course very surprising.

  1. Osteoporosis makes your bones weaker, which naturally increases the risk of injury. Fractures are also more common when you suffer from this condition. Osteoporosis can occur when your calcium reserves in your body are depleted.

  1. Osteoporosis can also occur when a certain protein leaks into the bones. This makes your bones more susceptible to damage.

  1. Parsley contains a lot of calcium and can also prevent the protein that can cause osteoporosis from getting into the bones.

  1. If you have osteoporosis yourself and you want to treat this condition naturally, try to include parsley in your diet every day.

3. Parsley is cancer-fighting

  1. It sounds extreme, but parsley has a powerful anti-cancer effect. Parsley contains certain flavonoids that have preventive effects against cancer, in particular skin cancer. This means that parsley can directly counteract the growth of cancer cells. In addition, the green herb also contains a lot of chlorophyll, which has proven to be very effective in combating the carcinogenic effects that occur when you heat up food on the grill, for example.

  1. Parsley thus has a two-sided effect and should not be missed in your diet.

4. Stronger Bones

  1. Parsley is a rich source of vitamin K. A vitamin K deficiency can actually cause your bones to be more sensitive and cause you to break more quickly. The combination of vitamin K with calcium provides a powerful combination to protect your bones. Research has also shown that your bone density increases with regular consumption of parsley.

5. A stronger immune system

  1. Parsley has such powerful properties that it is considered one of the best antioxidant herbs. This makes the herb very capable of helping your body to fight disease. What's more, research has shown that the green herb can help boost your immune system.

  1. If you find yourself with a weak immune system and often get sick and cold, try using parsley oil regularly to boost your immune system and fight disease and allergies.

6. Fight Arthritis With Parsley

  1. Arthritis is characterized by swelling of the joints. Of course, this can not only hurt a lot, but also causes immobility.

  1. Research has shown that parsley contains a certain oil that prevents arthritis and can reduce swelling. Thus, parsley also has pain-relieving effects.

  1. If you want to take advantage of these pain-relieving effects right away, apply parsley oil to your joints.

7. Prevent toothaches

  1. Who would have thought that parsley could help with a toothache?

  1. However, research has shown that parsley is not only powerful for toothaches, but can also reduce burns. It can even be used on insect bites.

  1. Parsley contains substances that kill the bacteria that cause inflammation, reducing pain and swelling. Even if you have an insect bite, applying parsley oil to your skin can prevent your insect bite from getting infected.

  1. Parsley can also have a pain-relieving effect on burns and also provide protection against bacteria. To do this, apply parsley oil to your skin and let it sit for several hours without washing up.

8. Parsley removes excess moisture

  1. Do you retain moisture more often and nothing you do seems to help? Then you're not alone.

  1. Many women retain water not only during their menstruation, but also at other times during the month. This is mainly due to hormone fluctuations.

  1. Parsley, however, can help you wick away moisture naturally. The herb has also been used for hundreds of years for kidney stones, inflammation of the urethra and many other conditions.

  1. Even edema can be treated with parsley, a recent study found.

  1. Edema causes a special accumulation of fluid, which is more than other people could retain. This moisture causes local swelling.

  1. Whether you suffer from edema, kidney stones or other conditions, parsley is a great addition to your diet to combat these conditions.

9. Stronger blood vessels

  1. Did you know that cardiovascular diseases are not just caused by high cholesterol, but by damaged blood vessels? Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death in the Netherlands and this is often combated by means of heavy medication, which has all kinds of side effects.

  1. However, with the help of parsley you can combat the real cause of these diseases, which are damaged blood vessels.

  1. Because parsley is rich in folic acid, it can reduce the production of a certain protein that damages blood vessels. This protein is suspected to be the culprit behind blood vessel damage, as well as blockages in the vessels. These, again, are responsible for the chronic illnesses we talked about earlier.

  1. However, you can easily strengthen your blood vessels with a regular consumption of parsley.

10. Pure skin

  1. Did you know that parsley can deeply cleanse your skin from the inside? In general, when we think of parsley, we think of an herb that may have internal health benefits, but could do little for our skin. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Parsley has been used for pustules and other blemishes on the skin for years. Because parsley tackles the underlying problem, you can cleanse your skin deep inside.

  1. The main cause of skin problems is that your liver can no longer remove all toxins from your body equally effectively. This may be due to hormones, but more often than not, also an unhealthy diet. Parsley stimulates your liver to remove these toxins more effectively.

  1. In addition, the green herb is also rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin K, as well as Vitamin C. These vitamins also play a major role in combating acne and pimples, among other things.

  1. In addition, parsley is anti-inflammatory and has antioxidant properties.

11. Less wrinkles with parsley

  1. This will most likely surprise most.

  1. But don't hesitate, because parsley can reduce lines and wrinkles is a scientifically proven fact.

  1. The reason for this is the high content of vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to be a true beauty vitamin as it prevents skin aging.

  1. In addition, this vitamin ensures an increased production of collagen, which makes your skin more flexible and tighter.

  1. Parsley can thus help repair damage to your skin and make your skin softer and more radiant. The best way to take advantage of this is to drink parsley juice or use parsley in a green smoothie.

  1. Cell walls are opened better as a result, so that the nutrients are more accessible to the body.

12. Parsley fights acne

  1. Youth pimples are generally caused by hormone fluctuations. Nonetheless, external factors can also play a role in worsening pimples and acne. With parsley you can give your skin a nice care, and by means of the anti-inflammatory properties, parsley also prevents the formation of new youth pimples. This also prevents possible inflammation.

  1. To do this, make a mixture of parsley juice, honey and a few drops of lime juice and apply the mixture to your skin. Let sit for 15 minutes and then wash your face thoroughly with water.

Finally ...

  1. Food has a powerful effect on our health. Often it is not necessary at all to take medication for certain conditions if you simply eat healthy.

  1. By adding certain foods to your diet, the anti-disease effects are even more powerful. Parsley is one of these foods.

  1. Eat it on your sandwich, in your salad or in a smoothie. Parsley can be used in all kinds of dishes.

  1. What's your favorite way to eat parsley?

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