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Ingredients for High Blood Pressure

  1. Having high blood pressure is partly in your genes, now you would say that you have no influence on it.

  1. However, especially if high blood pressure is common in your family, it is extra important to compensate for this with a lifestyle that counteracts it.

  1. Because no matter how you turn it, high blood pressure has a lot more to do with your lifestyle and what you eat in nine out of ten cases.

  2. Because no matter how you turn it or turn it around, nine out of ten cases high blood pressure has a lot more to do with your lifestyle and what you eat.

  1. In this article I would especially like to inform you about the ways how you can adjust your diet and how to use those ingredients that lower your blood pressure.

  1. Because you probably don't need extensive lists, I will give you five foods that you should not eat in this article and after that you will get alternatives per food group that you can use to replace these unhealthy foods. .

  1. The most important thing is to provide your body with extra nutrients. Minerals and antioxidants in particular are especially important for lowering your blood pressure.

  1. In total you get 43 healthy alternatives for the five culprits, so for every unhealthy choice I give you almost ten healthy alternatives, shouldn't you?

What should you not eat?

  1. First of all, it is of course important that you know that there are a number of foods that are disastrous for your blood pressure. As you may know, the best known is salt  (1).

  1. Check your diet and see how much salt you eat per day, a teaspoon of salt per day is more than enough! By the way, we get the most salt without realizing it, almost all processed products from biscuits to bread and from cheese to ice cream, there is salt in everything.

  1. So if you want to eat less salt, you will have to forgo processed foods anyway. The only way to keep your salt intake low is to stop eating pre-marinated, processed, or ready-to-eat foods.

  1. Even all those sauces are real salt bombs, if you really want a sauce with your food then choose apple sauce or mayonnaise, not optimal either but always better than all those other sauces.

  1. Besides salt, sugar is also not good for your blood pressure. Sugar also has a negative effect on your blood pressure. First of all, sugar makes you produce large amounts of insulin (2).

  1. Insulin allows the sugar to go to the cells as fuel. However, insulin also triggers another signal. That signal is to convert the excess energy you take in and store it as fat.

  2. Insulin allows the sugar to go to the cells as fuel. However, insulin also triggers another signal. That signal is to convert the excess energy that you take in and store it as fat.

  1. So sugar gives you those nice fat edges on your stomach!

  1. In addition to "normal" sugar, you also have the extra unhealthy variant: artificial sugars. These sugars have all the properties of regular sugar, but ten times as unhealthy! This is because the body is not able to process these sugars properly.

  1. Normally your body would make insulin and convert sugar into glucose, glucose is the ultimate fuel that your cells can use. This system does not work with artificial sugars.

  1. If you eat artificial sugars, the body can produce as much insulin as it wants, the artificial sugars are not converted into fuel that your body cells can use.

  1. This leads to two additional negative consequences:

  1. 1. Your blood sugar decreases as a result of the extra insulin production, after all that insulin ensures that all natural sugars are burned.

  2. 1. Your blood sugar drops as a result of the extra insulin production, after all that insulin ensures that all natural sugars are burned.

  1. 2. Your body sends out a signal that you need to eat sugar, because your blood sugar level is very low (or so your body thinks). That's why you start eating extra sugar because your body has no real sugars in the bloodstream.

  1. In actuality, all those artificial sugars roam through your body and cause inflammatory reactions.

  1. Sugar, whether artificial or not, is very reactive. That means that a sugar molecule has a very strong tendency to stick to other molecules. So such a sugar molecule will stick to, for example, a molecule that is part of the cell wall.

  1. The result is that this cell becomes irritated and thus the inflammation in your body increases. This can happen anywhere in your body, including your brain (3)!

  1. To get these harmful substances out of your system as quickly as possible, the body has a sort of emergency solution, it stores those artificial sugars as fat as quickly as possible.

  1. Your liver has to convert all those artificial sugars into fat, so those artificial sugars are an extra burden on your liver, it can even lead to fatty liver and you get fat very quickly, which also again has a negative effect on your blood pressure.

  1. You can recognize the added sugars in two ways.

  1. First of all, be aware of the names under which the artificial sugars appear on the label:

  1. Â € ¢ Sucrose â € ¢ Glucose â € ¢ Fructose â € ¢ Maltose â € ¢ Dextrose â € ¢ Fruit juice â € ¢ Molasses â € ¢ Hydrolyzed starch â € ¢ Invert sugar â € ¢ Glucose syrup â € ¢ Honey

  1. The goal of the food industry is to put as many cheap ingredients into your food as possible without being able to tell from the labels.

  1. After all, if the label would simply say that the product contains a lot of artificial sugars, chances are you won't buy it, hence the euphemisms.

  1. Another useful trick to determine if a product contains artificial sugars is to look at the E-numbers:

  1. E420 Sorbitol (syrup) E421 Mannitol E422 Glycerol

  1. The rest of the added sweeteners are classified under E950 to E969.

  1. E950, Acesulfame-K E951 Aspartame, E952 Cyclaamic acid, sodium cyclamate and calcium cyclamate E953 Isomaltitol E954 Saccharin E955 Sucralose E957 Thaumatin E959 Neohesperidine DC E960 Steviol glycosides E961 Neotame E962 Acesulfame E964 Polyglycitol syrup E965 Maltitol (syrup) E966 Lactitol E967 Xylitol E968 Erythritol E969 Advantame

  1. Trans fats are actually just like artificial sugars, but in the fat variant. Also trans fats cannot be properly processed by the body and therefore cause a lot of damage to your health.

  1. Trans fats are linked to obesity, high cholesterol, Alzheimer's, dementia, a whole list of cardiovascular diseases, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and arteriosclerosis and clogging of your coronary arteries (4).

  1. In addition, the trans fats in your food also cause inflammation all over your body!

  1. By way of illustration: 1 gram of trans fats is the maximum safe dose that you can have per day. In other words, trans fats are not nutrients but poison!

  1. The crazy thing about Dutch legislation is that if a product contains less than 1% trans fats, it does not have to be included in the ingredient list.

  1. In fact, producers deliberately mislead consumers by offering a product as trans fat free, while it really does contain trans fats!

  1. A very handy site that keeps track of the products containing trans fats can be found below:

  1. Recognize trans fats, read the label.

  1. A very good indication of whether the product contains trans fats is if it says on the label:

  1. Â € ¢ Hardened palm fat â € ¢ Hydrogenated vegetable oil â € ¢ Hardened vegetable oil â € ¢ Hardened vegetable fats â € ¢ Hydrogenated vegetable fats â € ¢ Trans fatty acids â € ¢ Trans fats

  1. Now saturated fats are not unhealthy. Certainly not when you compare the saturated fats with the artificial fats I just talked about.

  1. The whole reason why we find so many trans fats in our diet is that about 60 years ago, on the basis of incomplete or simply incorrect studies, saturated fats were dismissed as a cause of high cholesterol.

  1. These saturated fats were then replaced by artificial fats, which are said to be much healthier. Also not true afterwards.

  1. The reality is that also with regard to fats the answer can be found in the ignition values. You have the saturated fats that, if you eat too much, increase your bad cholesterol. To counter that, you have to eat more unsaturated fats.

  1. Think of saturated fats as fat and unsaturated fats as detergent. The unsaturated fat therefore ensures that the saturated fat does not stick to your artery walls.

  1. Those unsaturated fats can be divided into omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 6 is mainly found in vegetable fats and oils. We usually get more than enough of that omega 6.

  1. However, too much omega 6 will cause your ignition levels to rise (5).

  1. The only way to counter that is more omega 3. To cut a long story short, it comes down to the best way to start with eating the omega 3 fats in instead of compensating for the other fats, you can omit the whole omega 6 and saturated fat story!

What should you eat?

  1. First of all, I want to remind you again that the basis of a healthy diet should be unprocessed food, otherwise you really won't get rid of all those unhealthy additives! So from now on you are going to put your herbs on your meat and put together your own meal.

  1. Unprocessed really does not mean that you spend longer in the kitchen. On the contrary, putting a few chicken breasts in the pan, a handful of healthy herbs over it and adding some frozen vegetables is not only the healthiest solution, it is practically as quick as that ready-made meal.

  1. Those two minutes gain in time do not outweigh the major disadvantages to your health. In fact, if you add all the time you spend later in line at the pharmacist for your medicines to the `` time savings '' of the ready-to-use products, I really think that the healthy meal will cost you less time on balance!

  1. Unsaturated fatty acids are very important in bringing your blood pressure down. In the first place, of course, to neutralize all those saturated fats and omega 6 fatty acids. You can only get omega 3 fatty acids from a few types of food.

  1. Almost all nuts and seeds are a good source of omega 3:

  1. 1 Almonds 2 betel nuts 3 Cashews 4 Hazelnuts 5 Pistachio 6 Macadamia 7 Brazil nuts 8 Pecans 9 Walnuts

  1. 10 Chia seeds 11 Pomegranate seeds 12 Hemp seeds 13 Linseed 14 Moon seeds 15 Pine nuts 16 Pumpkin seeds 17 Sesame seeds 18 Wheatgrass 19 Sunflower Seeds

  1. Fatty fish like:

  1. 20 Trout 21 Herring 22 Halibut 23 Krill 24 Mackerel 25 Eel 26 Sardines 27 Tuna 28 Salmon

  1. The most important vegetables against high blood pressure are the green leafy vegetables in particular (6). You can already get a very large part of your potassium requirement from fruit. But it is also very important that you get enough other minerals in order to positively influence your blood pressure. Minerals are very important for your nervous system.

  1. Take magnesium for example, this mineral plays a very important role in regulating your blood pressure, because magnesium has the property that it makes the blood vessels dilate. The smoother your veins, the better your blood pressure will be.

  1. The most important sources of important minerals are green leafy vegetables:

  1. 29 Spinach 30 Broccoli 31 Endive 32 Save

  1. The choice of fruit is very large. But to lower your blood pressure you have to make the right choice and eat those fruits that contain a lot of potassium. In addition to the important potassium, fruit is also a very good source of fiber and vitamins.

  1. 33 Sanguinelle 34 Bananas 35 Kiwi 36 Strawberries 37 Apricots 38 Passion Fruit

  1. Important: it is of course true that fruit is healthy. However, in moderation because the fruits in this article contain quite a lot of sugars in addition to potassium. My own guideline is to eat more vegetables than fruit, finding the right balance between the two is going to make the difference.

  1. Not only fruit and vegetables are the right foods for high blood pressure, certain herbs also lower blood pressure. Various studies have shown that there are different herbs that you can add to your meals that provide more flavor and less blood pressure. This in stark contrast to salt (7).

  1. The great thing about the herbs is that they give a meal a lot more flavor than salt, so it is not only healthier, but even better!

  1. Many of the herbs contain unique substances that ensure that they lower blood pressure. I could inundate you with difficult scientific studies that highlight the active ingredient in a particular herb.

  1. But it is of course much more convenient to give you a summary of herbs that have been shown to lower blood pressure, it does not matter at this time.

  1. The goal is that you first add those herbs to your diet.

  1. The most important herbs against high blood pressure are:

  1. 39 Ginger 40 Ginseng 41 Cinnamon 42 Basil 43 Celery Seed


  1. There are several ways to lower your blood pressure. It is best to start with your diet. Food is the basis for good health. If you eat healthy you don't have to go to the gym for hours to burn off the excess energy, which is very difficult in practice.

  1. So the first step to lower blood pressure is not to eat the foods that negatively affect your blood pressure:

  1. Â € ¢ Salt â € ¢ Sugars â € ¢ Artificial sugars â € ¢ Saturated fats â € ¢ Trans fats

  1. This means in practice that you should no longer eat the processed food, processed food is nothing more than a mix of all the above ingredients with different flavors added to it. It doesn't bring anything to your body.

  1. You can continue to eat your piece of meat, only the potatoes and pasta will have to make way for more vegetables and fiber-rich carbohydrates, that is the whole grain products.

  1. You will supplement these basic eating habits as much as possible and vary them with the above 43 ingredients, so that what you eat no longer works against you but actually helps you to maintain good health and lower blood pressure. to get!

  1. Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Discover the most complete total solution to lower your blood pressure! .

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